15 Signs You're Not Ready To Get Married

If you’re unsure about whether you should take that walk down the aisle, don’t worry, you’re not alone. A recent study concluded over half of divorcees had doubts on their wedding day, with many even ...

15 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You

Many of us spend way too much time beating ourselves up for making what we think are poor choices or indulging in bad habits, whether that be going out for ice cream when we’re trying to stick to a di...

15 Wild Facts About Your Stream

We do it every day, several times a day, so why are we still curious about our own pee? Probably because scientists, researchers, and doctors are still learning more new things about urine every day. ...

15 Crazy Powers Pregnant People Have

Women who have never been pregnant think that carrying a growing human inside their uterus is something of immense trepidation. Who wants to have a protruding stomach, bloated hands and feet, and not ...

15 Things That Change In Your 30s

In your 20s you come to believe that life will forever be filled with energy, great skin and it will be absolutely fantastic forever. You’re young, beautiful and have the world at your feet because you have all this time to figure life out.

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