Cash Me Outside Girl Slams DJ For Saying Her 15 Minutes Are Up

It looks like Danielle Bregoli is hanging on to her moment in the sun with all her might and isn't ready to give it up without a tussle. The 14-year-old's mother, Barbara Bregoli, who also rose to fame when she appeared on The Dr. Phil Show alongside her trash-talking daughter, has recently filed a lawsuit against DJ Suede claiming unpaid royalties after he used Bregoli's (known "professionally" as Bhad Bhabie) voice along with her famous catchphrase of "cash me outside" on his 2017 "Cash Me Outside" remix.


TMZ obtained official paperwork that showed that Bhad Bhabie had originally accepted a deal in which she would have received a fifty-fifty cut of any profits that DJ Suede earned from the remix but according to the claim, the DJ has refused to give Bhad Bhabie any profits when he found out that he was not hired to DJ during her tour. The elder Bregoli claims that her daughter is owed $250,000 which is what she would have and should have received since the remix was based on her likeness.


“Every remix I say I'm not gonna do are the ones that go viral the fastest," DJ Suede said on the situation. "I told my lady friend how a bunch of people wanted me to remix that clip of her on Dr. Phil. She was like ‘Don't do that. It's so lame and that will send a bad message to the kids. I didn't really think the kids would care like that, so a day went by and my DMs went crazy. [Bregoli's "Cash me ousside" meme] was already pretty popular online, and I decided to make the mix because I had a lot of fans asking for it. After a hundred times hearing that, I did it. I didn't think it was going to do anything because that particular video had been out for a long time. So I dropped, and I guess no one had seen it coming. It just blew everybody away I guess.”


When asked specifically about the lawsuit that Barbara Bregoli had filed against him, the DJ replied, "My team/lawyer already read y'all the contract several times for months and we have everything on paper! How bout dat. Smh, lol, fifteen minutes went by pretty fast, huh."

When a TMZ camera crew caught up with The Dr. Phil Show guest-turned-rapper, they asked her what she thought of DJ Suede's comment about her fifteen minutes being up. She responded with, "F*** him, no one even knows who he is." It doesn't seem that turning one year older than she was when she first uttered her now-famous catchphrase on The Dr. Phil Show has mellowed out this feisty fourteen-year-old at all.

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