11 Careers Eminem Ruined (And 9 People Who Might Ruin His)

Don’t mess with Eminem. Whether it’s about something he said in public or the quality of his music, the popular rapper is not keen on receiving criticism. There are certain artists and celebs who, for whatever circumstances, got on the rapper’s radar. Not long after they usually end up in his lyrics painted in an unflattering light.

Eminem has a long history dissing others in his songs. These songs can even end up having huge repercussions on those he targets, putting some out of a job. It’s time to look at celebs Eminem dissed and ended their careers, along with others who just may end up closing the book on Marshall Mathers’ long career.

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20 Ruined: Benzino

via Page Six

Eminem dissed Benzino on the song “Nail In The Coffin,” essentially putting a nail in the coffin of Benzino’s career. According to the site Hot New Hip Hop, Benzino’s reputation took a major dive once Eminem’s song came out, proving that the rapper has a huge influence on where others’ careers end up.

19 Ruined: Mariah Carey

via CBS News

Eminem and Mariah Carey went on some dates, but now they’re at odds and have been for a long time. Over the years, Eminem has dissed Mariah in lyrics and even played old messages of her supposedly saying, "Why won't you see me?” While Eminem’s career has stayed strong, hers went down the drain (Throwbacks).

18 Ruined: Ja Rule

via HelloBeautiful

Was it really Eminem or was it choosing to exit the Fast and Furious franchise that hurt Ja Rule’s career the most? After singing about Eminem’s daughter, Ja Rule got dissed by the rapper in songs such as "Like Toy Soldiers.” That song came out in 2004, just before Ja Rule went on hiatus.

17 Ruined: Canibus

via Atlanta Black Star

The real beef started between LL Cool J and Canibus. Yet according to OntheASide.com, once Canibus thought Eminem ghostwrote “The Ripper Strikes Back"— an LL Cool J song— Eminem got involved. Confused yet? From there on, Eminem aimed his cross-hairs at Canibus starting with the song “Role Model” from his second studio album.

16 Ruined: Limp Bizkit

via Loudwire

If someone says something bad about Eminem, he goes back at them in his lyrics. According to Billboard, the song “Girls” goes off on Limp Bizkit's members after Lethal said Everlast could take Eminem on in a fight. That was the start of a long conflict between these two sides, which resulted in Eminem dropping the mic.

15 Ruined: Moby

via Music Feeds

When Moby spoke negatively of Eminem, he got a taste of his own medicine in return. Billboard reports that Eminem went back at Moby in the song “Without Me.” Instead of settling the beef between these two though, it only put fuel on the fire. Moby found things to still criticize Eminem about and would even compliment him at the same time.

14 Ruined: Everlast

via aleksanderwicherski.com

Eminem and Everlast’s problems with each other have been out in the open. According to the site Eminem.net, the rapper said some unpleasant things about Everlast on the song “I Remember.” That song came out in 2001— Eminem made points in the lyrics that suggested the best parts of Everlast’s career were behind him.

13 Ruined: Nick Cannon

via Entertainment Tonight

When he was still with Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon stood by his woman at the time and traded barbs with Eminem. He even went after the rapper on his record The Great Adventures of Slick Rick. By putting himself in the crossfire, Nick ended up getting roasted by Eminem in plenty of song lyrics (HipHopDX).

12 Ruined: Joe Budden

via VH1.com

Joe Budden is busy these days being a father and having a podcast. He used to rap though, and Eminem may have something to do with the fact he doesn’t anymore. Budden talked smack on Eminem’s album Revival. That in turn led to Eminem rapping unfavorably about Budden on the song “Fall.”

11 Ruined: Insane Clown Posse

via Time Magazine

Eminem's diss was simple, but it may have had consequences for Insane Clown Posse’s career. In the song "Till Hell Freezes Over,” Eminem sang, “{Expletive} ICP, buy my CD!” If there’s one thing Eminem and rappers illustrate, it’s that they can write lyrics to vent about frustrations they bear towards others (OntheASide.com).

10 Ruined: Cage

via Wikipedia

Cage, who dubs himself an “underground rapstar,” got on Eminem’s bad side and paid the price for it. Billboard reports that after he said Eminem copied him, the latter dissed him in songs such as "Role Model" and “Drastic Measures.” Even though Cage collaborated with artists such as Kid Cudi, he never reached the heights Eminem's career did.

9 Might Ruin Him: Machine Gun Kelly

via Page Six

Eminem has been going at it with Machine Gun Kelly for some time. Alt Press reports that Eminem threw shade on MGK with the song “Not Alike," which kicked off a back and forth diss battle between the two. While the past may have favored Eminem more, now some are siding with MGK such as Young Thug. On Instagram, he called MGK, "The one guy that murdered 'M'.”

8 Might Ruin Him: Kim Kardashian

via Channel 3000

In the song “We Made You” from 2009, Eminem sang, “I think Kim Kardashian’s a man,” and then went on to talk about her “gluteus maximus.” The whole diss backfired though when Kim wrote on her blog that the reference flattered her. “He’s a bit harsh about some other celebrities, but you just have to let it go and have a sense of humor,” she wrote.

7 Might Ruin Him: Justin Bieber

via CNN.com

Justin Bieber may be on a break from music, according to Today, but his career isn’t over yet. He did, however, have some things to say about Eminem. “I just like Em’s flow but don’t like that he’s dissing new rappers,” Bieber shared via Instagram, in a quote provided by Consequence of Sound. "I like the new generation of rap, he just doesn’t understand it.”

6 Might Ruin Him: Ellen DeGeneres

via WCAI

Ellen DeGeneres might seem like the last celeb associated with Eminem. He mentioned her in the song “We Made You,” singing “Sorry Portia, but what’s Ellen DeGeneres have that I don’t?” With as big of a fan base and as much influence as Ellen’s got, Eminem may rethink who he’s calling out (The Atlantic).

5 Might Ruin Him: Ben Shapiro

via Vanity Fair

Eminem released a freestyle that managed to both garner support and upset others. Political commentator Ben Shapiro was part of the last camp. He went to Twitter in response to Eminem’s freestyle and wasn’t afraid to point out issues he sees in the rapper and those who support him (VT.co).

4 Might Ruin Him: Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog

via Tubefilter.com

Eminem and Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog have something in common: they love dissing other celebs. Instead of recognizing this commonality though, Eminem gave the puppet a taste of its own medicine instead. “I am Triumph, The Puppet Dog, I am a mere puppet. I can get away with anything I say and you will love it,” raps Eminem on his album Encore (The Atlantic).

3 Might Ruin Him: Khloe Kardashian

via Allure

Eminem went too far when he called out Khloe in “Berzerk,” referring to her as the “ugly Kardashian” in the lyrics. The Kardashians are masterful when it comes to painting themselves in a positive light. According to The Atlantic, however, Khloe didn't even have a rebuttal to this lyric. With as much power and influence as the Kardashians have, Eminem may have to find someone else to pick on.

2 Might Ruin Him: Lord Jamar

via 105.3 RnB

Has Marshall Mathers found his match? Lord Jamar is the latest one to go at it with Eminem. In a recent Tweet, Eminem said, “People think they want this problem ’til they get it.” While most would’ve come back with an inferior response or backed down altogether, Lord Jamar Tweeted back: “Every problem has a solution” (HipHopDX).

1 Might Ruin Him: Lady Gaga

via Vogue

Eminem made a dig at Lady Gaga. In the song “A Kiss,” the lyrics go, “Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office. She’s still a male lady.” With Lady Gaga breaking into acting and becoming a bigger star than ever though, he might have second thoughts about dissing her all those years ago.

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