Cardi B Shows Off Timely Tattoo In Response To Nicki Minaj's Not-So-Subtle Shade

The passive aggressive (and sometimes, actively aggressive) feud between rival female rappers Cardi B and Nicki Minaj continues. Last week, Nicki released an entire line of merchandise with clear intentions of throwing shade at Cardi. Of course, Cardi will not stand for this—she posted a photo on Instagram earlier this week of a fan’s new tattoo accompanied by a triumphant “We gone win” caption, and fans have speculated that she may be referring to her ongoing fight with Nicki.

While it is possible that Cardi may have just been appreciating a fan with her post, the timing of the post is a bit suspicious, and the rapper’s choice of caption is suggestive. In black ink, the tattoo simply reads “get up 10,” which is a song off Cardi’s Invasion of Privacy album. “😤😤😤WE GONE WIN KNOCK ME DOWN 9 TIMES !! Love my fans❤️,” the full caption read. Cardi isn’t going to let Nicki knock her down with a shady merch line.

Nicki dropped the seven-item collection, comprised of four t-shirts, two jackets, and a backpack, on Friday on her website. Each piece bears the phrase “Nicki stopped my bag,” a very obvious mockery of Cardi, who used the same phrase in a post shortly after the rappers’ physical altercation at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party during New York Fashion Week in September. Most of the merchandise also reads “QSA” in bold lettering, which stands for Queen Security Administration. During the big fight last month, one of Nicki’s security guards accidentally elbowed Cardi in the face and left a big, swollen bruise on her eye before escorting her out of the party. Coincidence? No way.

Since “Nicki stopped by bag” first appeared on Cardi’s feed, the good ole’ internet has turned it into a meme. #NickiStoppedMyBag has appeared on multiple social media sites and cited as a reason why fans can’t pay their phone bills, can’t get to work, can’t register to vote, and more. Darn you, Nicki.

Aside from the Fashion Week argument, Cardi has remained subtle with her digs at Nicki. Although unconfirmed, fans believe that Cardi’s Milan Fashion Week outfit (a leopard- and cheetah- print look from head to toe) was meant to be an “I wore it better” statement. The outfit was strikingly similar to a look that Nicki pulled off for the 2011 Grammy Awards.

The big merch release has been Nicki’s only fuel to the fire since New York Fashion Week. Is she planning anything else? Will Cardi make a bigger statement about the merch? No matter who makes the next move, we’re sure this fight isn’t over. Let us know in the comments if you’re Team Cardi or Team Nicki!

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