Cardi B Thanked Her Fans And Haters In iHeartRadio Speech

Cardi B hilariously delivered her acceptance speech at the iHeartRadio Music Awards!

The iHeartRadio Music Awards took place Sunday night March 11, 2018, where rapper Cardi B walked away with Best New Artist. The night included some amazing performances, from Camila Cabello, Eminem, to Cardi B herself. The event, which was hosted by Hailey Baldwin, celebrated the past year of incredible music. With countless awards handed out and acceptance speeches delivered, there is one that takes the cake!

The rapper, who came out with some of the last year's most popular songs, including “Bodak Yellow” and “Bartier Cardi”, was a shoe-in for Best New Artist. Behold she won, and her acceptance speech was definitely eventful... to say the least.

The rapper sported a Christian Siriano dress and red sparkly pumps while accepting her award. During her speech, the star announced her upcoming album’s release month, thanked her fans AND haters, and of course, made a shout out to her fiancée, Offset. Check out the hilarious clip below!

One of the many highlights of her speech was her unique personality that cracked through for all to witness. The entire audience was laughing along with Cardi as she hit the audience with countless “OKRRRR’s” and other gif-worthy moments. The moment Cardi found out she won the category, she immediately stuck out her tongue before approaching the stage.

If that wasn’t Cardi enough for you, before even talking, the rapper approached the mic and did some weird, celebratory hand gestures before gracing her fans with some high fives. Now for the hilarity of it all! Cardi, who was thrilled to have won, immediately thanked her team, her label, and of course, her fans.

Via Vanity Fair

The rapper thanked all those who support her, and mentioned how her fans call her out even when she’s wrong. They say, “well, she’s still right,” the rapper said. When she was done sending out love to her fans, she did the same to her haters. Sh thanked her haters for downloading her music just to hate on her, all while it still benefits the artist.

The camera panned to the audience a few times, wherein one instance you could see Paris Hilton mouth the words, “I love her” as she laughed along to the rapper's speech. To finish off what was an already incredible and funny speech, Cardi dropped her album release month. She told her fans to expect her album to arrive in April.

Mad props to Cardi for winning on Sunday and making us all laugh per usual!

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