Cardi B In Talks To Be Part Of 90s’ Sitcom ‘The Nanny’ Reboot

Cardi B In Talks To Be Part Of 90s’ Sitcom ‘The Nanny’ Reboot

Cardi B is reportedly in talks of joining the cast of The Nanny, which may or may not get a reboot in the near future. Actress Fran Drescher, who played the nanny Fran Fine in the popular 90's sitcom, has confirmed that she has been in contact with Cardi's team regarding a role in the reboot. Naturally, Cardi would be cast in Fran's role as Fran Fine, and would without a doubt give the iconic character new life. Fran, who was also the executive producer of the TV show, said that the meeting was just establishing the groundwork for what the show and Cardi's potential participation could mean. However, she was not shy to say that the rapper would be her number one choice for the role.

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The Nanny ran on CBS between 1993 and 1999 a has a lot of fans worldwide who would be absolutely thrilled to see it making a comeback. Fran explained that she would only want to do a reboot, and not a revival or follow-up of the show, which for instance happened with Beverly Hills 90210 and Will & Grace. The actress also said that she thinks this would be an excellent fit for Cardi, even though it means doing the show every week. Perhaps it is just what the rapper needs since the steady schedule would also mean more time with her baby Kulture.

Cardi B In Talks To Be Part Of 90s’ Sitcom ‘The Nanny’ Reboot
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As reported by ET Online, Fran said she could possibly play Sylvia, the mother of the nanny. She also explained she would be more than happy to invite Charles Shaughnessy, who played her boss, Maxwell Sheffield on original The Nanny, to join the reboot. Either way, Fran is convinced they can make something amazing out of the classic show, making it fit with the 21st century.

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Although nothing is confirmed yet regarding a possible reboot, Fran did say that there will be some big The Nanny related news dropping in the coming weeks. Many believe that the statement will refer to the possibility to stream the show somewhere, as it might be too soon to say anything about a reboot. Fans of The Nanny will be thrilled either way.

Cardi B would most definitely make for a fine Fran and given her flair for extravagant outfits; The Nanny's clothes will be a perfect match for the rapper.

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