Cardi B Gets Candid About Her Recent Liposuction And Admiration For Britney Spears

Cardi B gets candid about her liposuction and her admiration for Britney Spears

Cardi B is known for being quite candid with her fans, and most recently the rapper opened up about her recent liposuction. It was at the Hollywood Palladium where the launch party of Cardi's new line for online fashion company Fashion Nova took place, that she made sure to address her recent lipo. The twenty-six-year-old first brought it up on stage at one of her concerts over the weekend, where she told her audience that she probably should not be performing so soon after getting liposuction since all the moving around could potentially mess with her results. The Bodak Yellow singer explained that she wants her fans to know that getting lipo is a huge deal and has a challenging recovery process.

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Cardi and her husband Offset had their first child last year in July, and the mother-of-one has been very candid about how the pregnancy changed her body. Apart from her recent decision to get liposuction, Cardi has also explained that she had her breasts redone after the birth of her daughter Kulture.

Cardi B gets candid about her recent liposuction and her admiration for Britney Spears
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As reported by ET Online, Cardi compares lipo to the process of your body healing after giving birth and does not want any people to think it is an easy, simple procedure. Cardi's decision to perform even though she should probably still be resting comes as no surprise, given the rapper's hard-working mentality, also since becoming a mother.

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Everyone wants a piece of the Like It Like That singer, and so does pop icon Britney Spears who recently posted a video on Instagram that shows her doing yoga with Cardi B's music playing in the background. When asked about it, Cardi gushed over how cool it was for her since she is a big Britney fan, and she made it clear that she would be up for a collaboration with the Toxic singer.

With most celebrities hiding or lying about their plastic surgery, it is definitely refreshing with someone telling it like it is and being completely transparent about what work she's had done and why. Especially with social media these days providing women with an unattainable body standard, Cardi B is not ashamed about spending money to look a certain way.

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