Cara Delevingne Shares Her Only Two Makeup Must-Haves

According to actress and model Cara Delevingne, when it comes to a morning beauty routine, all anyone needs is these two makeup products. With fall fast approaching, and trends to keep up with, it’s time to re-evaluate your makeup collection, and go for this simple, yet chic look.

Delevingne is often seen rocking bold looks walking down the runway or red carpet, but the actress has been keeping things tame on Instagram lately, and that’s all due to her belief in using just two makeup products. For many, two makeup products won't cut it, with makeup being such a creative outlet, one would think that only using two is crazy but behold, it works for Cara.

So, which two products does she stand firm on? Well, the model is currently obsessed with just using a good mascara and some concealer. Talk about minimalism! As she begins her new gig as the face of Burberry’s ‘Her’ fragrance, the actress says she is keeping things simple and timeless as she heads out and about. “I like having a really good mascara”, she revealed to Vogue Magazine. “You can’t really go wrong with that. I’m just always a fan of the Twiggy mascara eyes. Or just having a really good concealer”.

Via Hollywood Reporter

When it comes to those two staple products, Cara believes, “it’s all you need”. As mentioned, Cara is going for the signature Twiggy look, which features thick coats of black mascara on both the top and bottom lashes, bringing attention to the eyes. As for the concealer, she says its best to place it under the eyes, to cover up the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. As for the rest of your face, keeping it bare and natural seems to be very trendy in the world of fashion and beauty!

As for Cara, she loves the simple look, which is entirely understandable considering her busy schedule. The star is constantly traveling and believes her schedule places a major strain on her eyes, so a little cover up there is all she needs. Whether it’s to cover up some under eye bags, or simply wanting to keep things short and sweet in the morning, a little mascara and concealer can take you far!


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