20 Candid Shots Of Celebrities That Deserve An Award

Celebrities know what they sign up for when they rise to fame. The paparazzi are always watching, and fans seem to appear at every turn in hopes of getting a quick picture to document their celebrity sighting. Top dollar is paid by entertainment sites for those who can produce story-worthy photos of the hottest celebrities, or can produce an image that can generate some buzz.

It’s never shocking to see celebrities posing on the red carpet, posing for selfies, or strutting their stuff for the sake of the cameras. It really is part of the deal. However, the best photos aren't posed or strategized, they're the raw, candid shots that capture the moment of a celebrity’s day... when they didn’t think anyone else was watching. Let’s have fun with 20 candid shots of celebrities that deserve an award.

20 Quiet!

Via PopSugar

Heidi Klum was definitely not anticipating that someone would take her photo at this particular moment. It looks as though she turned around to shush someone in a serious manner, and didn’t realize a photo would be snapped of her disciplining them. This funny moment is absolutely priceless and is a far cry from her usual, posed photographs.

19 Is She Mad?

Via YahooNews

Julia Roberts has a smile that none of us will soon forget, and she’s often seen showing that big, brilliant smile off in her photos. This is a unique image caught of Julia in a very different state. She looks annoyed and upset, it’s possible that this mood of hers may been caught on camera for the very first time here!

18 Cardi’s Coincidence

Via Dazed

For those who will argue that this is not a candid photo, oh boy, are you in for a treat! This was as “candid” as it gets for Cardi B. On this day, she called the paparazzi on herself, tipping them off that she would be out and about in this area. She then made sure to act surprised when the press showed up to take her photograph. Such a coincidence!

17 More Than Friends?

Via PopSugar

It’s nice to see that these “Friends” remain close even long after their TV show has seen its last episode. This candid photo taken of Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry captured an intimate moment they shared over a casual lunch. It stirred up rumors that perhaps there was a romance brewing, which they both denied. This is a winning photo for them both.

16 Does She See Them?

Via Cosmopolitan

This leggy photo of Taylor Swift has us wondering if she is intentionally trying to ignore the crowd of fans that are surrounding her, or if she is truly indifferent to the fact that they are there. They’re poised with cameras in-hand, and the way she is turning her head away from them is priceless. We’re pretty sure they can still see you, Taylor!

15 Pursed Lips

Via GoodHousekeeping

The way Kate Middleton has pursed her lips in this photo suggests that she thought she was in-the-clear and away from the cameras. She definitely does not look impressed at all. Her facial expression captures a rare moment of raw emotion that the royal family is generally instructed to suppress.

14 Is She Grossed Out?

Via JustJared

This photo is absolutely priceless and definitely award-worthy! Jennifer Aniston definitely does not look impressed by seeing a photographer. We’re not sure if she looks grossed out and disgusted by something, or if she was caught in the moment just before she covered her face in an attempt to hide from the cameraman. Regardless of the reason for this face she is making, we think it’s awesome that it was captured on camera.

13 Mannequin Mania

Via VanityFair

We’re not precisely sure what Abel Tesfaye is doing in this photo, but we’re sure glad someone captured this moment. Do you see that hand on the right side of the image? It really seems as though he’s playing hide and seek in-between the mannequins and his cover was just blown!

12 Perfectly Wind-Blown

Via MarieClaire

Meghan Markle could not have posed better for a photograph, no matter how hard she may have tried. Whoever this photographer is, they definitely deserve an award for this perfectly-timed snap. Her hair is windblown, but has separated perfectly in this image. This definitely looks more like a runway photo than a picture of her casually exiting a building.

11 Tooth-Pickin’

Via TheSun

Rhianna is photographed everywhere she goes and we’re sure she’s used to it by now. However, we’re equally certain that she had no idea a camera was poised to snap the pic as she began to pick food out of her teeth. It’s not often we see photos of celebrities picking their teeth during a meal, and something about this humanizes her a great deal.

10 Caitlyn’s Catnap

Via Life&Style

Caitlyn Jenner generates a lot of media attention everywhere she goes. She has appeared in front of the cameras for much of her life, but to capture a moment as intimate and low-key as this one is a really big deal. Seen here with her eyes closed in the most extreme form of relaxation, this image is a rare glimpse into her personal sphere.

9 Angel In White

Via Celebzz

Bella Hadid is one of the biggest names in modeling, and had we not known better, we’d assume this was one of her many perfectly-captured and retouched modeling images. This is, in fact, a candid photo taken by the paparazzi which captures the true essence of her beauty. Using this photo as an example, she seems to photograph well, posed or not.

8 We See-Ya, Sia!

Via WhitSundayTimes

This candid photograph is definitely one of our top picks as an award-winner! This is an absolute slam-dunk! Sia is known to go out of her way to conceal her identity, specifically her face, when she appears in public. She’s established an entire career out of her relative anonymity, which makes this photo absolutely incredible.

7 Double Trouble

Via WMagazine

These two music icons were being followed by security and rushed out of a building arm-in-arm when this photo was taken. It’s not often that you’ll come across such a perfectly crisp, candid image of two celebrities of this stature, out for a night on the town together. We’re not sure how this photographer pulled this off, but this photo is a definite-keeper.

6 Celebrity-Studded

Via PopSugar

This candid photo is a celebrity studded one that packs a big punch. To intentionally strategize to get this many stars in one photograph would be a difficult feat to pull off. Somehow, this photographer got lucky and was able to snap this perfectly-timed moment for all of us to enjoy.

5 Perfectly Beckham

Via Twitter

No, no, this was not a posed photo. This is how great David Beckham looks when he’s just casually walking around, trying to put on his sunglasses. This is a moment captured at the Royal wedding of Harry and Meghan that looks more like he was posing for GQ Magazine, than just walking around. This photographer definitely deserves an award.

4 A Moment Between Ladies

Via PopSugar

This adorable moment between Nicole Kidman and Kristen Wiig is an example of a photographer with a keen eye and quick reaction time. Sharing an intimate moment and immersed in what seems to be a very personal conversation, these ladies look like they are enjoying one another’s company. Perhaps they should be seated at the same table next time!

3 Glam Mama

Via JustJared

Gwen Stafani has her body tilted backwards at the perfect angle as she is snuggled by one of her children in what seems to be the most perfectly-posed photo. She is in fact just naturally cool, and this is a candid camera moment that just happens to be incredibly timed. She may want to download this image and put it on her mantle!

2 Kim K Is Fueling Up

Via Bossip

If we didn’t have this photo to prove it, we wouldn’t believe our eyes either. It seems as though Kim Kardashian fueled her own car, which is astonishing to all of us. We all assumed she had “people” that did everything for her. It’s difficult to imagine Kim Kardashian fueling up her own vehicle, but this photo made it a bit easier to do so!

1 Chilling With Diane

Via Pinterest

Diane Lane is a natural, ageless wonder. She has graced the big screen with many award-winning performances, and her look is always on-point. This rare, candid photo of her relaxing and enjoying some down time in the sun is not one we’ve seen very often. She looks to be right in her element, and we’re not even sure how the photographer was able to get close enough to capture this perfect photograph.

Sources: ENews, TMZ, Hollywood Reporter

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