20 Candid Macaulay Culkin Photos His Family Doesn’t Want Us To See

Being a child star is not easy. Even those of us who have never had any experience with fame or fortune can understand that the pressures on a child actor are enormous. Aside from the pressure to succeed with each performance, there’s the added pressure of needing to be cast in roles, and having the paparazzi follow them around, among many other issues. It’s simply not a normal lifestyle, and most parents don’t take this into consideration when they’re pushing their kids through talent classes and acting school.

Macaulay Culkin rose to fame as a young child, and is best known for his role in the Home Alone series. Well, we should say that’s what he was “first” known for. He may actually be just as well known for his acting career as he is for his personal struggles. Sometimes, the pictures really speak for themselves. Let’s take a look at 20 Candid Macaulay Culkin Photos His Family Doesn’t Want Us To See…

20 A Glimpse Into His Home Life

via deseret.com

Macaulay is relaxed and very much in his own element…. with indistinguishable take-out littered around him and his coach. His personal issues have never been a secret from the world, but seeing him in this state just highlights the sad reality of what his life is like behind closed doors.

19 Controversial

Via Bernews

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Macaulay’s relationship with Michael Jackson during his formative years. We’re certain his parents would rather keep images like this one under lock and key. While Macaulay maintains that their relationship never crossed any boundaries, the whole thing is likely not a topic they wish to continue to rehash.

18 Bunny-Obsessed

Via BunnyEars

Not only does he have a “thing” for nail polish, but also for bunny ears, it seems. He looks scraggly and pale, and the bunny ears make it really hard to take him seriously in any capacity. The fact that he is seen with bunny ears on, on so many different occasions, really makes us wonder….

17 Not Great

Via TheSun

This is one of the saddest images of Macaulay Culkin that we’ve ever seen. It must be painful for his parents to know this is “out there” in the cyber world, for all to see. Their son looks completely malnourished and is clearly in the path of some very dangerous abuse struggles. Our hearts go out to him in what seems to be a highly painful moment of his life.

16 Fashion Crisis!

Via Ok!Magazine

Clearly in need of immediate fashion intervention, Macaulay is barely recognizable in this photo. The uniquely conceptualized head band is mis-matched alongside his Bahama Shirt. His fanny pack is weird, and his shorts are a bit too long. The way he looks here is not going to be the way his parents would want anyone to view him.

15 Matching Tats

Via PageSix

It looks like Macaulay is frail in this image. While we’re happy to see that he’s having fun, out and about with Paris Jackson and getting matching tattoos, it’s pretty obvious that he isn’t looking very healthy and his pale face is a worrisome sign that things aren’t always as great in real life as they appear to be in the movies.

14 The Homeless Look

Via Refinery29

Macaulay looks more like a homeless man in this photo, and we really wish he would make an attempt to pull his appearance together a bit. There’s no doubt his parents would want their son to present a more refined, put-together appearance than the effortless, sloppy one we see here.

13 Faded

via youtube.com

We’d love to get to the bottom of his nail polish obsession. Regardless of the reason he opts to wear it so often, we’d appreciate it if he could at least maintain it properly, rather than letting it flake off to this degree. He looks unkempt and his eyes seem glossed over. This is not his best look for him, that’s for sure.

12 Hippies

Via YahooLifestyle

We’re struggling to understand how two wealthy, seemingly intelligent young celebrities can face such serious fashion challenges. Macaulay and Paris look more like lost hippies than prominent celebrities, and it’s sad to see. Life has handed them all the tools they need to make more appropriate choices in how they present themselves. This just portrays them as lazy and sloppy.

11 Funny Bunny

via twitter.com

With baggy eyes and looking relatively unstable, Macaulay appears to be coming off a party night as this photo is snapped within the elevator. While the rabbit ears are a nice little touch, this isn’t the greatest portrayal of his person, nor does it do much for his street cred.

10 Wild Radio-Outfit

Via Mandatory

More ears are in this photo – but they may not be bunny ears this time. Whatever type of ears these are, they’d look better on a stuffed animal than on a celebrity! Macaulay doesn’t seem to have all his bearings aligned here. The biggest red flag is that he seems to be in the middle of a radio show with no visual elements, yet he dressed himself up in this manner.

9 Life Comes At You Fast

Via Pinterest

Seen here with his girlfriend at the time, Brenda Song, Macaulay is clearly not in tip-top form. He looks to be a little bit worn out, and a whole lot “out of shape.” With a clear beer gut in this candid photo, it’s evident that he may not be in a great place from an emotional standpoint, but at least he has someone to support him.

8 Scraggly

Via InterviewNylon

With all the success he has seen in his life, we’d have hoped that Macaulay could pull his look together a bit better than this. His old, peeling nail polish is in need of repair, his hair looks greasy, and he’s wearing too many stacked rings. The look on his face is a little off-beat. Someone needs to put his wardrobe back in order.

7 Fashion Faux-Pas

via usmagazine.com

Clearly looking very pale, it’s highly unlikely that this photo would ever see the light of day if it were up to Macaulay’s parents. Culkin is also proudly displaying a huge fashion-faux-pas. If you’re wearing a jacket, it’s best not to wear a turtle neck underneath, folks. He looks haggard and not at all the way we’re accustomed to seeing this child-star.

6 Cig-Stop

via gulf.com

Don’t be fooled by the “Sweet Spirit” message that is being broadcast across his t-shirt. Macaulay doesn’t seem to be making the best life-choices as he goes in to this store to stock up on packs of smokes. There’s no way his parents would condone anything that’s bad for his health, nor would they want these images of his personal life being on such public display.

5 Oh Yeah, I'm Ok

Via OK!Magazine

This looks like an intentional pose, sending the message that “He’s got this.” In an obvious attempt to conceal the truth behind his emotions, Culkin is clearly putting on a good show for the cameras. His weight loss is becoming more visible in this photo, and we are sure that this was one of the photos taken at the beginning of his struggle with addiction and self- image.

4 Grunge

Via ENews

That’s right, he’s wearing nail polish. Macaulay is looking like a bit of a hippie in this photograph, and it’s not an image that he will really want on full display in this manner. He appears to be on some sort of mission to look grungy. This may have been a more widely accepted image if he were a teenager, but we’re sure his folks would expect more from their full-grown son.

3 Colorless

Via USWeekly

There seems to be color that has been drained from his face. Macaulay is looking thin, pale, and rather unhealthy in this photograph. It’s one of those pictures that is just an honest, raw depiction of where he is now mentally. He doesn’t seem impressed to be in this photo, and we aren’t impressed after viewing it, either.

2 Pink Man-Bun

Via JustJared

We’re not sure if he’s struggling with his identity or is so passionate and confident with himself that he just doesn’t base his image on what society dictates. Either of the two sound like they could be possible options with this fellow. The pink hair and man-bun are likely not what his parents had imagined for Macaulay’s future.

1 Fading Away

Via StarMagazine

Culkin is clearly attempting to jazz things up a bit with his fancy clothes, but nothing can distract from the fact that his face is showing clear and present signs of some pretty major health concerns. He looks older than he should, and his skin is so pale here that it looks nearly translucent.

Sources: TMZ, Hollywood Insider

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