All Partied Out? How To Cancel Plans Gracefully This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming at that only means one thing - it's party season. Suddenly, your social calendar is exploding with invitations to wine and cheese parties, Christmas jumper parties, work parties, family parties and basically, any excuse to let your hair down in the name of the holidays. While it's tempting to try and spread your social butterfly wings, it can be exhausting. If the party season is getting a little too rowdy for you and you've already reached your eggnog limit, then you might feel like bailing on plans you've already committed to. Disappointing friends and family isn't exactly in the spirit of the holidays, so you'd be wise to tread lightly on this one. We've got a few tips on how to gracefully bow out of plans this holiday season, from the good people at Vogue.

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Prevention is the best medicine. Accepting every invitation that comes your way may seem like a great idea at first, but don't feel like you have to say yes straight off the bat. If you've got two parties on the same weekend then think carefully about which one would be best to attend. People are much more likely to accept a gracious, "I'm sorry, I'm busy that weekend," at first than a text saying you can't make it the day of.

Gage the situation. People are all different in their own ways, and will most likely react differently, too. Do you have a friend that turns up to every event without fail, regardless of whether they don't really feel like it? They may expect the same courtesy of you, and be hurt if they always make the effort and you don't. Similarly, maybe you've got a friend who tends to cancel when things get too much. The likelihood is that they'll be a little more understanding. Knowing when you're going to hurt someone's feelings might help you make an informed decision. No one wants drama over Jingle Bells.

Be honest. If you're genuinely sick then there's little you can do about the situation other than apologize and promise you'll make it up. However, if the real reason you don't want to go is because you simply don't feel like going out, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and make the effort that you hope other people would make for you. Lastly, if you're definitely going to cancel then make sure you do it in plenty of time. Shooting out a text at the start of the party will probably just annoy people. Don't ignore calls because you don't want to deal with it - that's the kind of thing that will have you struck off next year's invite list.

Happy holidays, you party animals.

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