20 Cancelled Star Wars Concepts Better Than What We Got

For over 40 years, Star Wars has been part of our culture. Fans may argue the merits of some of the movies, but that just proves the passion people have for the franchise. Fans may take the property personally and this has led to complaints when some things don’t work out as planned. There's been backlash from the prequel trilogy to the more recent movies yet fans still love Star Wars.

It can’t be denied how often Star Wars has introduced interesting concepts or new ideas only to never follow through. That’s only natural when so many creative minds get together. Video games alone provide scores of examples as LucasArts had a lot of games in development that never reached players. There were also ideas for TV shows and film concepts that would have been great too. Here are 20 canceled Star Wars plans that would have been better than what we got.

20 Vicious Ewoks


Ewoks aren't bad in concept, essentially being a pack of forest natives taking down the advanced Imperials through guerrilla warfare. The problem was how they were made into cuddly teddy bears, making it unbelievable for them to take the Empire down. Early artwork had the Ewoks looking much fiercer with downright savage appearances and emphasizing how, despite their size, they were vicious in a fight. Keeping to this darker appearance might not have sold as many toys, but would make the Ewoks better regarded.

19 Ragtag


Imagine a Star Wars version of Uncharted with Nathan Drake wielding blasters. That would have been Ragtag, a game concept which came from Uncharted director Amy Hennig and focused on a pack of smugglers pulling jobs that would have involved escaping Jabba’s palace and shoot-outs on Tatooine alongside raiding ships. The game was pretty deep into development in 2017 when EA pulled the plug after various problems. Too bad as this could have been one of the best Star Wars experiences in years.

18 Battlefront III


Saying the reaction to the recent Battlefront games has been mixed is like saying the Titanic had a small ice issue. The problem is the original Battlefront games were terrific with their excellent combat and game design. Plans were underway for a third entry that would have added more space combat and introduced more planets. It also would have had more Jedi in combat and plenty of action. The game hit huge delays with its interfaces and was finally axed in 2010. Given the near-disaster the new entries have been, this would have been much preferred by fans.

17 Darth Maul Game


Ever since his debut, Darth Maul has been a standout character thanks to his awesome appearance. He was revived for the Clone Wars series and many are annoyed there likely won’t be a cinematic follow-up to his Solo cameo. Giving him his own video game is an obvious idea and it would have shown Maul’s origins. The game hit numerous issues with its story and development that kept it delayed until it was finally scrapped. Too bad as playing as Maul in his prime would have been fantastic.

16 Proteus


Star Wars Galaxies was an early but very popular MMO for PC users that gave them a chance to play any character in this galaxy. Proteus was developed as a console version MMO that would have brought more characters and planets into the mix. There had been talk of integrating more combat but the developers eventually gave up as the technology in 2003 wasn’t ready for that challenge. The Old Republic MMO would use many of those ideas yet having that in a modern Star Wars setting might have been better.

15 The Codebreaker More Than Cameo

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In The Last Jedi, Finn and Rose are sent to find the mysterious “Master Codebreaker.” The character looks like he will be a big deal yet ends up being a cameo before they’re captured and meet DJ. The original script called for the Codebreaker to have a bigger role as he talks the duo into aiding him on a job. It would have ended with him leaving them high and dry to get arrested while he takes off. That might have been complex, but still sounds better than just popping up for no reason.

14 Smuggler


A Star Wars game set in the criminal underworld is a concept LucasArts kept returning to over the years. Smuggler (code-named “Scum & Villainy”) was being prepared in 2004. As the title indicates, it would have followed a smuggler character making their way through the galaxy. The developers suggested it could be a cross-platform game with the idea of trading with other players via various devices. It didn’t get much further, although some of the game ideas would be re-purposed for The Force Unleashed.

13 Fett Vs Bane

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Clone Wars would often show a young Boba Fett making his way as a bounty hunter. It also introduced the cool hunter, Cad Bane, who became a fan favorite. Among the many plans for the unfinished sixth season of the series was for Bane and Fett to have an old-styled gunslinging showdown. They showed unfinished animation at a convention that would have explained how Fett got that blaster burn on his helmet. It would have been great to finally solve who the better bounty hunter was.

12 Luke Vs Clone Obi-Wan


Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire was the novel that revived the entire franchise in 1991. It introduced Mara Jade, Thrawn, and solidified the entire Expanded Universe. Yet some of Zahn’s ideas were too much for Lucas. The original plot saw Thrawn discover a corrupted clone of Obi-Wan that was twisted into a monster. This would lead to a climax with Luke facing off against a copy of his mentor. It was vetoed, however, so Zahn created C’baoth and had Luke fight a clone of himself. Luke vs Obi-Wan would have been an epic showdown.

11 Clone Wars Spin-Off


Rebels is well-regarded by fans as a great animated series and a good continuation of Clone Wars. There were plans for another Clone Wars spin-off that would have been based off an episode of Ahsoka aiding a young team of padawans. The series would have focused on the younger Jedi as they learned more about their powers and got into misadventures. This would have set up a major move of them surviving the fall of the Jedi and trying to make it on their own. It was axed along with Clone Wars, but it could have been a fun adventure.

10 Wookies Instead Of Ewoks


Wookies were always supposed to play a larger role in the saga. In fact, one original idea for A New Hope was for Wookie pilots to be in the fleet. The biggest idea is that, originally, Endor would have been a home for Wookies who’d be slave labor. Obviously, Chewbacca would work to free them so they’d be attacking the Empire. They vetoed it as Wookies are technological experts and Lucas wanted a less civilized force taking down the Empire. Still, Wookies vs Stormtroopers would have been a great battle.

9 Jedi Outlaw


Among the many ideas for Star Wars games was one that would have moved the saga into the future. Jedi Outlaw would take place 500 years after the events of the movies. The Jedi and Sith would have brokered a peace and joined in one council. Luke’s descendant would find themselves framed for treason, and a Jedi and Sith would become an unlikely team hunting Skywalker down only to find a larger threat. It would have been great taking the saga in a completely new direction.

8 Ventress’ End


Introduced in the original Clone Wars cartoon, Asajj Ventress quickly became a popular villain. She would return in the later Clone series and was pushed as an aide to Count Dooku. Among the plans for the sixth season for the series was for Ventress to fall in love with Jedi Quinlan Vos and sacrifice herself to save him. That season was never completed and while a novel brought the story to life, it would have been better to see Ventress meeting a noble end.

7 Knights Of The Old Republic III


Knights of the Old Republic is possibly the greatest Star Wars game ever. The winner of just about every “Game of the Year Award,” it took advantage of being set thousands of years before the movies in order deliver a unique story and experience. KOTOR II had flaws, but there was plenty of potential for a third game. However, Obsidian hit some financial issues that kept the game from being finished. The Old Republic MMO had some of the storylines, yet fans would have preferred the KOTOR trilogy being finished.

6 Boba Fett Solo Film


For a guy who had only five lines, Boba Fett made a huge impact on fans. The bounty hunter has been an iconic character for years, so fans were excited to hear he was getting his own solo spin-off film. While it looked to focus on a younger Fett, rumors abound it would also show Fett surviving the Sarlacc and making his way through a post-Empire galaxy. Sadly, after the failure of the Solo movie, the Fett one was canceled, robbing fans of the chance to see the bounty hunter finally get the spotlight.

5 Underworld


Back in 2005, way before streaming services took off, Lucasfilm announced plans for Underworld, an entire Star Wars TV show. Set between the first trilogies, it would focus on the criminal element of the galaxy and be an anthology with different characters in every story arc. One arc would have shown a young Han meeting Chewbacca (which was later integrated into the Solo film). While The Mandolorian looks like it’ll be good, this could have been even better.

4 Vader TV Show


There are rumors this can still happen, but it seems unlikely. Among Disney’s various announcements of future Star Wars projects was a TV series starring Darth Vader shortly after the events of Episode III. It would focus on Vader hunting Jedi and asserting his power while showing the early days of the Empire. It got more attention thanks to Vader’s epic scene in Rogue One, but is on the back-burner nonetheless. Giving the Sith Lord his own series would be a huge event for fans.

3 Maz And Leia


Maz is one of the more popular characters of the new movies. The feisty centuries-old smuggler helps Han and Rey and reveals to have long kept Luke’s lightsaber. The original storyline would have Maz travel to the Resistance base. The trailers included a scene of Maz handing Luke’s lightsaber to Leia and the two bonding. It was among the many sequences cut— which is annoying as Maz just vanishes from the film. Having her here would have been a great touch.

2 1313


In the annals of “awesome games canceled at the last minute,” 1313 ranks high. This began as a “GTA Star Wars” clone and moved on to an adventure game set in the Coruscant underworld. As Star Wars fans know, the entire planet is one city and the title refers to a level of it. Even better was that the game shifted its protagonist to a young Boba Fett. But shortly after Disney bought Lucasfilm, LucasArts was shut down and the game was axed. Star Wars fans continue to moan about the great game that could have been.

1 The Lucas Sequel Trilogy


While the new movies are hits, they do have many detractors. There are accusations Disney went too far shifting the plans with the First Order as a new Empire, and the fates of the characters. This has led to talk on whether Lucas’ original sequel trilogy might have been better. There are concerns over Lucas saying he wanted to explore the “scientific basis of the Force” which fans disliked. However, it would have meant ideas like Leia being a full Jedi, a strong Republic, and Luke still a proud Master. Perhaps Lucas finishing up the saga his own way could have won fans back.

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