20 Canceled Game Sequels No One Will Ever Get To Play

Hearing news that a long-anticipated project has been canceled can be heartbreaking, and it's even more painful when that project was planned to be the sequel of a fan-favorite game. While it's an unfortunately regular occurrence, it's still a tough burden for some fans to bear, and there are still those out there desperate to know what games like Scalebound, Star Wars 1313, or Doom 4 may have been like.

Of course, sometimes when games get the ax, it's for the best. It may be for the best that we never get to play the followup to the fairly mixed Mega Man Legends 2, and who is to say that TimeSplitters 4 would have lived up to the hype? Here are twenty game sequels which were, for better or worse, canned before they ever saw the light of day.

20 Fez II

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Helmed by infamous indie dev Phil Fish, Fez was a beloved 2012 action platformer which, alongside, The Binding of Isaac & The Stanely Parable, can be counted as one of the most important small-budget games of the early 2010s.

Unfortunately, though a sequel was in the works, Fish had something of a meltdown on Twitter following fan criticism, prompting him to abruptly cancel Fez II, and fans are to this day wondering what could have been.

19 Kirby Tilt N' Tumble 2

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Kirby Tilt n' Tumble was a 2000 Game Boy Color title that utilized sensors built into the game cartridge to track players' movements. A game way ahead of its time, a sequel was planned for the Nintendo GameCube which would have been controlled via sensors connected to the Game Boy Advance. Sadly, Tilt n' Tumble 2 never saw the light of day, and its cancellation may have been the result of the unorthodox control scheme.

18 Doom 4

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Back in the late 2000s, Id showcased snippets of what was to become the fourth Doom title to journalists behind closed doors. Though what was shown looked promising, the project would be scrapped before ever officially being unveiled to the public.

The game was allegedly scrapped because it didn't "feel as much like a Doom game." Some elements of the project seem to have morphed into what would become 2011's Rage, however.

17 Conker's Other Bad Day

Back in May of 2019, Chris Seavor, the project lead on the original Conker's Bad Fur Day N64 title, released design documents indicating that a sequel to the raunchy platformer was, at one time, in the works. Apparently tentatively titled Conker's Other Bad Day, the sequel would have kept the same wit and gameplay mechanics will introduce new characters and environments. The project was likely snuffed when Rare was purchased by Microsoft in the early 2000s.

16 Prey 2

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Planned to be the follow-up to 2006's FPS cult classic Prey, Prey 2 would have taken the series in a drastically different direction and greatly revolutionized what was already a fairly revolutionary game. Said to be much more broad in terms of gameplay and narrative, Prey 2 bounced between development studios before Bethesda formally announced the game's cancellation in 2014. We did, however, get a reboot of the property in 2017 simply titled Prey.

15 The Thing II

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A sequel to the oft-forgotten The Thing title for fifth-generation consoles, The Thing II would have taken place following the events of the game and 1980's John Carpenter-directed movie. A survival horror experience roughly akin to Resident Evil, The Thing II was set to introduce new locations and enemy types to the series. However, the project fell through due to legal issues.

14 Split/Second 2

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Published in 2010 by Disney Interactive, Split/Second was an intense arcade racer that revolved around destructible environments which altered track layouts in real-time. Though the first game was well-received, the followup, Split/Second 2, was canned for unknown reasons, though it likely has something to do with Disney's lack of enthusiasm for gaming.

13 Resident Evil 1.5

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Resident Evil 1.5 is the name given to an early version of Resident Evil 2 originally scheduled for a 1997 release. The game would have featured a college student named Elza Walker instead of Claire Redfield, though it retained many similarities to Resident Evil 2. The title was eventually scrapped because the dev team was unhappy with what they had, eventually working the concepts into what would become the first Resident Evil sequel.

12 Star Fox 2 (SNES)

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Star Fox 2 was the planned followup to the groundbreaking Star Fox SNES release. Though the first title was highly praised among gamers, Nintendo opted to cancel the sequel for fear of comparison to the visual fidelity of the upcoming PlayStation console. That said, the game did eventually see release on the SNES Mini, though an official SNES adaptation would never see the light of day.

11 Afro Samurai 2

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The tale of Afro Samurai 2 is a wild one; pulled from PSN and Steam due to overwhelmingly negative reception, it's one of a very small number of games to essentially have been canceled post-release. What's more, the developer put the kibosh on two planned follow-up titles and effectively killed the series.

10 SiN Episodes 2


Released in 2006 to mixed reception, SiN Episodes: Emergence was an FPS title heavily derivative of Valve's Half-Life 2 which ran on the Source 2 engine and copied many gameplay and story elements from the aforementioned game. Though other episodes in the series were planned, much like Half-Life: Episode 3, SiN Episodes 2 never came out.

9 Sunset Overdrive 2

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Developed by Insomniac Games and released in 2014, Sunset Overdrive was one of Microsoft's most important eighth-generation exclusives, though it would eventually release on PC years later. While a sequel was rumored to be in the works, plans were likely halted when Sony acquired Insomniac in 2019. With that said, a PlayStation exclusive sequel isn't out of the question, though it seems unlikely.

8 EarthBound 64

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Known as Mother 3 in Japan, Earthbound 64 would have been a fully 3D sequel to the SNES Earthbound game. Unfortunately, the title relied heavily on the N64 Disc Drive, which never came out in the west, thus prompting the game's cancellation. Mother 3 did eventually release on the GBA in 2006, but Nintendo halted its Western localization.

7 StarCraft: Ghost

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Announced in 2002 and only officially canceled in 2014, StarCraft: Ghost would have been a third-person shooter set in the StarCraft universe. A title unlike any other in the series, it was said to have included a robust combat system, as well as an extensive multiplayer component. Unfortunately, Blizzard Entertainment eventually canned the project after it spent more than a decade in development hell.

6 Resident Evil 4 Early Build

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Similar to Resident Evil 2, 2005's Resident Evil 4 went through multiple incarnations before release. The original build shown to fans was much darker and slower-paced than what eventually released, so much so that it looks like a different game entirely. Though it wasn't exactly canceled in the traditional sense, this early version of Resident Evil 4 never came to be.

5 Diddy Kong Racing 2

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A potential sequel to the beloved Diddy Kong Racing on N64, Diddy Kong Racing Adventure was allegedly in development for the GameCube at some point in 2004. In 2016, video game historian Andrew Borman released an eight-minute clip of what seems to have been an early build of the game constructed by Climax Studios. Unfortunately, aside from a 2007 DS remake of the original, the property has remained dormant.

4 Bully II

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Rockstar Games' Bully was a semi-controversial 2006 release which saw widespread acclaim and is perhaps one of the most well-remembered titles to never receive a sequel. Rockstar allegedly had another Bully game in the works but canceled it sometime in the early 2010s before it was ever officially unveiled. However, rumors suggest that Bully II may still be in production.

3 The Wolf Among Us Season 2

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The Wolf Among Us was one of the final positively-received titles to be released by narrative-focused developers Telltale Games. Though a sequel was announced in 2017, it, along with all of their other projects, was canned when the company surprisingly collapsed in 2018. However, the studio was re-launched in 2019 under the name LCG Entertainment, and they've managed to retain the rights to the Wolf Among Us franchise.

2 Perfect Dark 2

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Perfect Dark was a 2000 stealth shooter and one of the less well-remember of the Rare N64 games. Though a direct sequel of the game was thought to have been in development at several points throughout the decade, they've all apparently fallen flat, culminating only in the ill-received Perfect Dark Zero on the Xbox 360 and the 2010 eponymous remake.

1 Silent Hills

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Perhaps one of the most infamous canceled games of all time, Silent Hills was intended to be a reboot of sorts to the long-running horror series. Months after the impeccable P.T. demo released to critical acclaim, however, Konami cut ties with Hideo Kojima and buried the project. Today, the only remnants of the title are YouTube Let's Play clips of the playable teaser.

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