Can You Believe How These 15 Celebs Look Before And After A Full Face Of Makeup

Every woman goes through this: when we’re feeling too lazy and just don’t even bother to put on makeup when we’re ready to start our day. Pfft to that. And then there are some of us who simply don’t care what others think and will post a makeup-less, fresh face selfie because we’re comfortable in our own skin. Then again, a majority of us aren’t celebrities who are constantly judged by every move we make. These celebs, on the other hand – they couldn’t care less what the world thinks about them and their fresh faces and they’re going to prove it. Here are 15 celebs who aren't afraid to go out in public (or upload that particularly confident selfie to Instagram or Snapchat) and flaunt their flawlessness in spectacular ways before putting on that makeup in order to grace the red carpet.

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15 Lady Gaga Can Look Good In Anything

Lady Gaga is a triple threat celebrity: Not only can she stun us with her vocals, captivate us with her dance moves, but she also can wow us with her acting skills (don’t believe me? Just take a gander at American Horror Story: Hotel). However, most people just like harping and nitpicking the diva’s outlandish looks. Lady Gaga has proven that she can look good in almost anything and doesn’t care what wagging tongues have to say about her being eccentric in her fashion ways. From changing her hair from blue and orange to platinum blonde to walking the red carpet in outlandish outfits, we love and applaud all of Gaga’s statements. ESPECIALLY when she posts an unapologetic fresh face selfie. It all just makes us love her even more.

14 Kesha Shows Off Her "Sun Kisses"

Ah yes, the power of makeup that helps you cover up all those adorable freckles (also known as “sun kisses”), something you should be flaunting all the time if you’re singer Kesha. While I’ve never been the biggest fan of the diva (something about her voice), I’m a HUGE fan of all those freckles she likes to cover up with makeup. Kesha has had a rough couple of years with the Dr. Luke legal dispute (she accused him of physical and emotional abuse while he claims she breached her contract) but has been able to keep her music career somewhat on track. Recently, she released her third studio album Rainbow back in August and has been active on Instagram and other social media platforms. However, those freckles though! She’s beautiful with and without makeup and an amazing powerhouse of a woman.

13 Gal Gadot Is A Wonder (Woman)

Israeli beauty Gal Gadot crashed her way into our world via Patty Jenkins’ insanely brilliant superhero movie Wonder Woman this year. Of course, Gadot played the role of Diana Prince previously in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and managed to capture the attention of the world. Wonder Woman is still breaking barriers and Gadot has been getting offers from producers all over. She even hosted Saturday Night Live this season as well. It’s hard to deny that she is also a naturally gorgeous beauty who clearly doesn’t need makeup in order to enhance her looks, but she looks dazzling with it as well. Gadot is married (sorry, people) to Yaron Varsano and has two children and is simply loving her life at the moment. And why the heck shouldn’t she? She’s Wonder Woman, for Pete's sake.

12 Cara Delevingne Is Bringing Big Brows Back

Young English actress/model Cara Delevingne has the most recognizable eyebrows since Brooke Shields way back in the 1980’s. It was Delevingne that helped usher back in the age of the brow and made it freaking awesome to rock the thickness yet again. Cara has rocked the runway for top designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Jason Wu, Burberry, and Chanel and has sharpened her acting chops in films like Paper Towns, Anna Karenina, London Fields, and Suicide Squad. She’s known to have a laid back personality and is incredibly down to earth for being a world-famous supermodel (I mean, just take a look at her no makeup picture. Who wouldn’t want to hang around with a loving goofball like that?) who is also a high-profile animal advocate. And the thing is, she’s still young so she has a LOT more trailblazing to do.

11 Drew Barrymore Is A Covergirl

Actress Drew Barrymore grew up before our very eyes, so we pretty much know her face just as well as we know our own. She always had one of those “aww, you don’t need makeup” complexions, which didn’t stop her from becoming one of the faces of CoverGirl cosmetics back in 2007 and then again in 2015. “She emulates the iconic image of CoverGirl with her fresh, natural beauty and energetic yet authentic spirit,” Vice President of CoverGirl Esi Eggleston Bracey said of Barrymore. Barrymore has also been one of People’s annual 100 Most Beautiful People and signed with IMG Models as a model at one point in her life. She had posted this makeup-less, goofy selfie without any regrets, which is one of the reasons why we love her so (BROWS FOR DAYS!).

10 Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Have A Care In The World

This former child star has seemingly hit a rather large bump in the middle of her career path. Actress Lindsay Lohan was seen as incredibly talented when she starred in dual roles in the remake of The Parent Trap and everyone thought she pretty much had her legacy in Hollywood already mapped out. She went on to star in other hit films like Freaky Friday, Herbie: Fully Loaded, Just My Luck, and in Tina Fey’s extremely successful movie Mean Girls. Since then, her life seemed to spiral out of control with two DUI incidents that led to her eventual on again, off again rehabbing stints. This greatly affected her work AND her looks, but when she goes makeup-less, she doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. She even looks happy now too, so that’s a plus.

9 Olivia Wilde Has That Love Glow

Actress Olivia Wilde has one of those famous faces that make us mere mortals swoon with envy and awe. She just always appears so youthful and flawless with her smooth skin and exotic eyes. She gives a lot of credit to her glow to her fiancé, comedian/actor Jason Sudeikis. “The best thing about love is that incredible feeling of excitement, the thrill of seeing the person you love,” Wilde told InStyle magazine during an interview. “It just gets your adrenaline going, and there’s nothing like it.” We were first introduced to Wilde’s flawlessness when she starred as Thirteen in the Fox medical drama House, and she moved to the big screen with movies like Alpha Dog, Tron: Legacy, Cowboys & Aliens, and Drinking Buddies. Wilde also has two kids with Sudeikis.

8 Sophie Turner Is Fire

The world was first introduced to actress Sophie Turner when she was cast at the delicate age of 15 to play the young Sansa Stark in HBO’s critically acclaimed series Game of Thrones. We watched her grow up before our eyes into the beautiful, strong, immensely talented actress she is today. It was her drama teacher who actually convinced Turner to audition for the role and was so dedicated to winning the part, that she ended up dying her blonde hair red (though now she actually wears a wig while in character). Thanks to Thrones, Turner is now gracing the big screen as well and has starred in films like Barely Lethal and X-Men Apocalypse. Anyone who keeps up with Turner’s Instagram feed knows that she’s incredibly down to earth despite the fact that she’s now engaged to singer Joe Jonas.

7 Jennifer Aniston Has A Famous Face

She’s, quite frankly, one of the most famous women of this generation. You rarely meet a human being who doesn’t know who the heck Jennifer Aniston is or her character Rachel Green from the NBC comedy FRIENDS. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re also familiar with her marriage to Brad Pitt, which imploded after Pitt met and fell in love with his co-star in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Angelina Jolie. Since then, Aniston has been focusing on her work and made some hilarious movies (We’re the Millers, Horrible Bosses)) and thought-provoking films (Cake) and is also the fresh face of Aveeno Skincare. Aniston has been known to do whatever it takes for a role, including playing the “plain jane” like characters who are incredibly complex. She’s also now married to Justin Theroux now, so go take a long walk off a short pier, Pitt.

6 Uma Thurman Grew Out Of Caring

She’s known as “Quentin Tarantino’s muse” in Hollywood. Tarantino had revolved a lot of his screenplays around actress Uma Thurman thanks to her talent and her smooth, statuesque looks. Sure, she’s one of the hottest women in Hollywood now, but back when she was a teenager, Uma struggled with her tall frame thanks to kids constantly teasing her about her height. Heck, even when she was 10-years old, a friend of her mother’s told her that she needed a nose job, so she had developed a bad case of body dysmorphic disorder. As we all know now, she grew into a stunning swan who couldn’t care less if you see her without any makeup on. She ended up becoming a model at the age of 15, successfully shutting up all her nay-sayers.

5 Emilia Clarke's Undeniable Luminosity

These days, we know the petite Emilia Clarke as the strong-willed Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones even though she’s acted in some other big name shows and movies. Our Mother of Dragons has been wowing us with her chameleon-like looks and her acting chops on the show and those who follow Clarke closely on social media know and understand her versatility and drive. She’s NOTHING like the stone-faced Daenerys (okay, she is when it comes to her ambition and drive), she’s actually just a giant goofball who loves staying in and playing with her pup. Sure, we see her jet-set all over the globe and work with some top names, but she always does it with a massive smile plastered on her beautiful face. Her co-stars have even stepped forward and commented on Clarke's undeniable luminosity.

4 Gwyneth Paltrow Is Anything But Goop

Back in her heyday, she was known as the Miramax darling. Her career was made by the devil himself (ehem, I’m looking at you, Harvey Weinstein) after she starred in the controversial movie Seven with her then-fiancé Brad Pitt (that dude seriously got around back then). She went on to win an Academy Award for her role in Shakespeare In Love and was one of the most coveted actresses in Hollywood back in the late 90’s, early 2000’s. She ended up marrying (and divorcing) from Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin and had two children with him. Since then, she’s starred as the stubborn Pepper Potts in the Marvel Universe and even guest starred on the TV show Glee. She’s also started a lifestyle company called Goop and is the face of Estee Lauder’s Pleasures perfume.

3 Katie Holmes Doesn't Age

Actress Katie Holmes looks like she literally hasn’t aged an hour since her Dawson’s Creek days. Must be something Scientology helps out with. Holmes famously fell in love with Tom Cruise years ago and became the subject of controversial debate when she married him and had to be converted to the Church of Scientology. During her marriage, she starred in films like Batman Begins, Thank you for Smoking, and Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, and critics were always usually on the negative side of things when it came to her acting chops. However, her face? That’s basically its own institution. She was the face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Ann Taylor Spring 11 collection thanks to her youthful appearance. She finally came to her senses a few years back and ended up leaving Cruise and getting as far away as possible from Scientology.

2 Salma Hayek Must Have Drank From The Fountain Of Youth

Talk about an actress who has appeared to have discovered the fountain of youth and kept it a secret all these years. Actress Salma Hayek has been setting hearts on fire since she starred in the Mexican telenovela Teresa back when she was younger. Now, she’s a 51-year-old producer, actress, and former model who has trailblazed a path for women of color in Hollywood. And not only is she brilliant, she’s a freaking knock-out and will be for the rest of her natural born life. She was actually nominated for an Academy Award back in 2002 for her role as painter Frida Kahlo in the film Frida. To top it off, her charitable work has been off the charts, especially when it comes to donating a great deal of her paycheck to notable anti-domestic violence groups.

1 Adele Makes Us Feel All Kinds Of Things

You can’t listen to her music without feeling an overwhelming rush of emotion and you can’t look at her flawless face without smiling. Even when she takes a makeup-less selfie, singer Adele always rocks the lens of a camera. It was almost 10 years ago that the world was shaken to its core when Adele’s debut album, 19, was released and went platinum seven times in the UK and three times in the states. 19 was followed up by 21 in 2011 and she pretty much swept the Grammy Awards with that particular album. She’s best known for writing scathing songs about lost (and found) love and scorching earth with her cut-to-the-heart lyrics. Oh, and she also has one of the most satisfying sailor mouths of all time. You gotta love a girl who can cuss you right under the table.

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