Can You Believe How Much These 15 Celebs Changed Before and After Fame

Celebs are put on this high pedestal when they reach a certain point of fame. They're also so heavily critiqued on their looks. So when they reach that point of fame, it's only natural that they want to enhance their look. Change it up a bit as well, so when they are heavily critiqued, it's on their best selves. Some of these celebs (before fame) used to be average in the looks department and probably wouldn't even get a second look. It begs the question, would they get this kind of attention if they still looked the way they used to?

Interestingly, some of these celebs are simply unrecognizable now, they have the money and fame to make alterations, and boy did they ever go for it. We can assure you that the images on this list are not photoshopped, and they're 100% real 'before and after fame' pics! The celebs on this list may not want their before and after pics on the internet, but like we previously said...they've reached a certain point of fame. They can't hide from what's on the internet! These images tell us what we never knew about these celebs (and the alterations they've gotten). There's a nice contrast on this list as well, because some looked so cute before fame, and only got better with age...while others didn't age so gracefully and may have had one too many "alterations" done.


15 Katy Perry: She's Come A Long Way From Her Gospel Days

Pop singer Katy Perry has gone through a massive transformation, not only did she change her name and her style of music, but she changed her look in an extreme way. Katy Perry was formerly known as Katy Hudson and she was into gospel music. She released one self-titled album "Katy Hudson" under her birth name. That was her only Christian album before she changed her stage name to Katy Perry. The "Dark Horse" singer was known for her short shoulder length hair with a slight fringe and her youthful face. Unfortunately, you will never see her go back to her old look. She now has a distinct look and she totally rocks it. The singer has gone to the extreme ends of sophistication and has dyed her hair almost all the colors of the rainbows, and not only that she recently chopped all of her as well.

14 Lady Gaga: Transformed Herself In Front Of Our Very Eyes


Lady Gaga was known for her wild clothing choices, that we rarely even saw her face! But, in more recent years she has toned down her look and we can really see the transformation of before and after fame. While her fashion choices have been more tame these days, she's still has a very specific look. She has platinum blonde hair, even though as you can see above, that was not always the case. She also dresses in clothing that only she can pull off. Yes, we're talking about the way cropped tops, and booty shorts. As for 'unnatural alterations' it's rumored that the star started with some subtle procedures back in 2016. Twitter went wild when Lady Gaga performed at the X-Factor show looking completely different to the extent that one fan said the person performing was an imposter. She has never confirmed or denied fillers or any alterations, but you can be the judge!

13 Adele: More Sophisticated Put Together Look

If we are to talk about this British singer's changing looks, the most dominant change we would talk about is her weight loss. This celeb came into the spotlight weighing a lot more, with a rather plump face. Over the years, her figure, makeup, and hairstyle has completely changed. Although her deep dark eyeliner is still a staple in her look, that's probably the only thing that remains! She has transformed greatly over the years it's insane! Her hair is now a short bob, rather than a 'beehive'. She also is more bold and goes for deeper red colour for her lip. But most of all she has lost a great amount of weight over the years. The weight loss and change in hairstyle has made her a completely different person. If you slept through 2007 to 2017, you definitely would not recognize the new Adele.

12 Kylie Jenner: More Than Just Her Lips Have Changed...


Kylie Jenner has been slapped with far too many surgery and injection rumors that we can't simply leave her out of this list. The 20-year-old star shocked fans when she launched her supposedly 'natural' new look back in 2009. Her face, precisely her lips, screams fillers! But...she admitted to these, so we'll let her off the hook for that one. Her lips were apparently a huge insecurity of hers. And honestly, when you're surrounded by people judging you and your appearance, it's hard not to feel self-conscious. We just wish she would have waited until she's older! A 19 year old getting fillers is a recipe for disaster. We're not going to get into the rest of her body because that's never been confirmed...although come on what 20 year old has hips and breasts like Kylie?

11 Nicki Minaj: Where Do We Even Start?

We are still in shock after revisiting Nikki Minaj's old photos. The star looks far too different. Incidentally, she is one of the celebs most rumored to have gone under the knife. Everything about the rap superstar has changed. Her hair, face, and her famous behind. She has been rumored to have had bum implants and nose job but she denies it. Well, lovely readers, see for yourself, We do not want to be the one saying anything here. However, her bum has definitely grown bigger and it did not happen grow on it's own! Earlier in her career, the celeb was known for her heavy fringe and wild hair colors but we started seeing a lot of change and a more sophisticated look.

10  Ariel Winter: Changed So Much In Such A Small Amount Of Time


Modern Family actress, Ariel Winter, is one actress who has been open about her alterations. The celeb has revealed that she has had surgery in 2015, interestingly, her surgery is the opposite of what several celebs opt for. Ariel had breast reduction surgery to reduce her breast from 32F to 32D. She was 17 years old then and she mentioned that it was difficult to dress her age due to her huge chest. She was glad to have had the surgery done because it makes her feel more confident about her body. Fast track to 2017, the celeb is involved in another 2017 rumor, this time she is rumored to have gotten lip fillers. This time, the celeb is not clearing the air but we hope she does soon.

9 Adam Levine: Hottest Man Alive, Hasn't Always Been That Way!

Adam Levine was named the "Sexiest Man Alive" back in 2013 and he has stayed on top of the list of good-looking men ever since. This is not to say that before 2013 he was any less good looking...we've just seen a lot more of him ever since! Pictures of the singer before he became famous surfaced right after the award and we know you would love to see how this hot dude looked before the fame. The beard and haircut have done a lot to Adam's appearance, his current look suits him best. The singer is known for having a simple look but with a body full of tattoos. And to be honest, we wouldn't want to have him any other way! The look suits him oh so well.


8 Blake Lively: Contouring Doesn't Change A Nose That Much


Blake Lively has been in the spotlight ever since she was 11 years old. She appeared in a movie, "Sandman" directed by her father. She is known for her pretty face and great figure. But apparently, the "Gossip Girl" actress underwent a procedure to change her look over the years. There are rumors out there saying that the actress underwent two surgical procedures. Fans have noticed a change in the size of the actress's chest and nose. Her nose is now slimmer and her breasts are much bigger, there are definitely natural ways to achieve this look, but to be honest we're not buying it when it comes to Blake. Her nose is way too different to be chalked up to 'contouring'. Not that we're condemning her for getting it done, but don't try to fool us!

7 Amanda Seyfried: Natural Beauty To Slightly Enhanced Beauty

32-year-old Amanda Seyfried has visibly changed over the years. The actress gained popularity after appearing in 2004 movie "Mean Girls". She is rumored to have undergone some minor and major surgeries to enhance her look over the years. Even though she has never talked about it, it is quite obvious that she has enhanced her looks with rhinoplasty, breast implants, botox, and chin implants. Her surgeries are definitely well done because they appear so natural. They have definitely paid off too. Her appearance has earned her spots on notable lists including the list of "Most Desirable Women" in 2012. While Seyfriend is gorgeous in the before photo, she looks so bomb in the second! Who's to say you can't subtly enhance your looks? She's definitely not a victim of a botched surgery!

6 Ryan Reynolds: Boy Next Door Turned D.I.L.F


How did a babyface change so much? Ryan Reynolds is definitely one celebrity who looks a lot more different from when he entered the movie scenes. With Ryan's baby face, he could not land roles that required a man with a matured face. He needed to do something and the results are what we see in recent appearances. It is rumored that the celeb has had a chin enhancement procedure to enhance his jawline. That's unfortunately not the only thing that this star has been rumored to be getting. Apparently he's been on the receiving end of botox every now and then, and also a nose job. But we're not going to hold Ryan to any of these, as getting a nose job and injections is so common in Hollywood, we're pretty sure you get a free voucher after you've done your first movie!

5 Shakira: Beauty Over Forty

Popular singer Shakira seems to have aged with grace. The 40-year-old 'Hips Don't Lie' crooner has changed over the years and we would want to give credit to modern beauty and hair trends. There have been rumors that the former "The Voice" judge has had a nose job but there are no shreds of evidence and she has also not confirmed it, it's also not very obvious if she's gotten one or not. Even though she looks more beautiful now, her appearance before she became successful (when she debuted in 1991) is also not bad. It reflects the sweet girl Shakira has always been. When those 'alteration' rumors had started, Shakira admitted that she has though about getting work done, but ultimately she decided against it in the end.

4 Paris Jackson: Natural Beauty Just Like Her Father


The King of Pop, Michael Jackson's only daughter, Paris Jackson has transformed into a beauty over the years. The 11-year-old who took drove us to tears when her father died in 2009 is now unrecognizable. We love her look but then again, she has always been a pretty girl. There are no rumors that she has gotten alterations done, but we just honestly think she's a pure natural beauty (I mean look at those EYES!).  The star revealed that many people who know her father very well see him in her all the time and we cannot agree more. The King of Pop was one heck of a handsome man till he destroyed his appearance with over 100 surgeries. His subsequent surgeries were meant to correct some of the damages done by some of the previous surgeries. We will be glad if Paris decides not to follow his footsteps when it comes to those alterations.

3 Rihanna: So Much Change, So Little Time

Barbadian singer Rihanna is definitely one of the reasons why this article exists, she has changed so much that we can't not talk about it. The pop singer has gone from a honey brown skinned princess to a light-skinned woman. Not only has her skin changed but her face and her entire body have also undergone some kind of retouch. Her breasts are now bigger, her butts also speaks volume, and her face also appears to be a lot more different. There are evidence of nose jobs, breast implants, and skin bleaching. We would like to attribute her bigger breast and bum to the fact that she is getting thicker but we cannot find a nice excuse for the change in her skin color or the change in her face. Anyway, the fact that we are talking about it does not mean we do not like it, in fact, we love everything about modern RiRi.

2 Jennifer Aniston: This 48 Year Old Is Still As Bomb As Ever


Jennifer Aniston is included in this list simply because this celeb has not changed at all, not in the least bit. Jennifer is a whopping 48 years old but it just does not show. Her toned body is still the same, her hair has not changed much, and her skin is as young as ever. The celeb attributes her ever young skin to a good diet. She also said that she has never taken workouts out of her daily schedules, she works out all the time. On surgeries, the actress said she has never gone under the knife because she has seen some botched looks around Hollywood, and has decided it's just definitely not worth the risk! She, however, admits that she loves to get laser treatments, (but who can blame her!)

1 Angelina Jolie: Still As Beautiful As Ever

A close look at Angelina Jolie photos from 1991 shows a woman who has refined her look over the years. The actress is a natural beauty by all standards and that has attributed to her success. She has however adopted several looks over the years. In the early 2000s, the star darker hair and heavy liner which gave her the vampire look. Her hairstyle has never changed except for the occasional hair coloring. The actress has been rumored to have done something to her nose making it a lot more pointed. There is no evidence of this anyway. The "Maleficent" actress is obviously the beauty goal of a lot of fans and there is even an extreme story of a woman who has undergone 50 surgeries just to look like Angelina Jolie. The A-list actress is simply a beautiful woman whois aging naturally.


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