Camila Mendes Has Started A New Beauty Trend By Using A Pancake To Buff In Her Makeup

Actress Camila Mendes might be trying to create a new beauty trend as she was recorded on the set of CW drama Riverdale doing her makeup using a pancake. Camila was shot by fellow actor Cole Sprouse's, who shared the hilarious clip of Mendes casually buffing in her makeup with one of the pancakes from her plate as if she was blending in her foundation. The shenanigans took place on the set at 'Pop's Choklit Shop', which any Riverdale fan will be more than familiar with, and Camila Mendes is clearly in costume as her character Veronica Lodge.

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Although this shows the twenty-four-year-old as both crafty and funny, actually using a pancake as a makeup tool is not a good idea so don't get too inspired. What most people, and most likely Camila Mendes too, tend to use for blending in their makeup is a sponge, a brush or even their fingers. However, lately there seem to have been a trend in using other objects for this very matter; remember the woman who used a marshmallow as a beauty blender?

As reported by Cosmopolitan, using a pancake to buff in your makeup, or for any other reason putting it on your skin, will leave a greasy layer of oil, and this is very rarely something anyone aims for with their makeup. If it wasn't already clear, this is not something anyone should be getting too inspired from.

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All of the Riverdale actors seem to be having a lot of fun on set, and they appear to have become really good friends since the program started. Some of them have even taken their friendship to the next level, and are now out of the friend zone and in a relationship. Camila Mendes is dating Charles Melton, who plays Reggie on the show, and Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse are as much in love as their characters Betty and Jughead.

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Camila Mendes appears to be a genuine, relatable young woman with a great sense of humour. She is known to have a few beauty tricks up her sleeve, like using lip balm for blush and covering her acne with bangs, but as far as pancakes go, it's probably best to just keep to having them for breakfast.

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