Camila Cabello Uses Los Angeles Sidewalk As A Catwalk During Family Lunch

Actress/singer/songwriter Camila Cabello, 22, is known primarily for her singing and performing chops. Whether she was performing for pop girl group Fifth Harmony or going it alone, she'd known to be a wonderful singer who's adored by fans all around the world. But even when she's away from the stage, Cabello's known to act more than a little bit dramatic on the streets.

More recently, Cabello was spotted striking a pose or two during a family lunch in Los Angeles, California. The former Fifth Harmony member was out having lunch with her mother at Verve, a popular restaurant in the LA area. Despite some paparazzi showing up, Cabello decided to have some fun by turning the sidewalk into an impromptu catwalk.

While wearing a simple yet sexy black-and-white monochromatic athleisure look, a low ponytail and big sunglasses, Cabello jokingly gave the unrelenting paparazzi a bizarre yet amusing show of sorts. She started by blowing some kisses in the cameras' direction. Then she draped one hand over her head and the other on her hip in a borderline cheeky pose.

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We can totally understand that having to deal with the paparazzi on a regular basis are one of many annoying parts of having to be a celebrity. Many have complained about it time and time again for years by actors, models, singers and more. But other celebrities choose to not complain about paparazzi and instead opt to mess with them in one way or another. In Cabello's case, she's clearly opted for the latter despite spending what should've been a nice quiet lunch in LA with her mother.

Despite being hounded by paparazzi time and time around wherever she goes, Cabello seems to handle being a celebrity well. We can say one thing for sure- those poses she did on the street would also work during her next music video or concert performance. Will she bust them out again for such an occasion? Only time will tell. In the meantime- keep posing away to your heart's content, Miss Cabello!

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