Call Us Crazy, But These 20 Sephora Products Are Really Overrated

Real talk: we LOVE Sephora. Like, spend-all-our-money-and-still-ask-for-holiday-gift-cards love Sephora. With a variety of brands and a solid amount of choices for any and all skin types, Sephora seems to have found that perfect balance of bargain options and high-quality stock.

Not only do we find folks in there who are looking to purchase only a few dollars' worth of lipstick at a time, but we almost always see people picking up a restock on their favorite La Mer products. No matter what, though, everyone gets samples.

Maybe it’s due to the welcoming atmosphere, or maybe it’s just because we love free makeup; either way, Sephora is a winner in our books. That doesn’t mean every product at Sephora is a winner, though. We’re not the biggest fans of a few of their products, no offense to Sephora. They’re just too overhyped! Overrated makeup tools are some of the most annoying products out there.

Here’s our comprehensive list of the products we personally feel are a little overrated, as well as some very reasonable reasons why. Does anyone out there agree? We might not have the most popular opinion when it comes to some of these, but we seriously just need to get it out in the open!

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20 Urban Decay’s “Primer Potion”


Urban Decay is the makeup brand that we turned to when we wanted to break out of our MaryKay phase. Gone were the soft pinks and pastel shadows. Urban Decay was loud, proud, and very much a grown-up makeup brand. Don’t get us wrong for including them on this list; UD is an awesome brand, and really deserves the cult following that it has.

Their Primer Potion, though, just doesn’t do it for us. And we’re not the only ones!

The Odyssey Online also lists their Primer Potion as one of the most overrated products, citing the fact that there are “many better eyeshadow primers [out there] for the same cost."

19 And, Also, Smashbox’s Primer Water


Not to mention this primer as well. Believe us when we say that we’re not bagging on primers as a whole. There are some amazing, skin-saving primers out there that really and truly help when it comes to makeup application. Smashbox even has a couple. Their Primer Water, however, is not one of them in our opinion. We’re really skeptical of mists and sprays in general.

Serums and creams are more our skincare speed, which is why this high-priced spray bottle just doesn’t have us convinced that it has an effect. At least, not an effect that’s worth the price tag!

18 Fenty’s Kabuki Brush Is One We’re On The Fence About


Rihanna is a goddess, and Fenty Beauty is a literal game changer in the industry, as many folks will agree. Our social media feeds are full of Fenty Beauty faces, rocking the amazing variety of tones and shades that make Fenty so special.

Some of the applicators don’t have us convinced, though.

The Kabuki Brush seems like a great way to put on body lava and other shimmery creams, but seriously; how often are we actually doing that? This one is totally due to our personal makeup habits, but we can’t help but feel the Kabuki Brush is a bit overrated in terms of usability.

17 YSL’s Faux Cils Mascara Just Can’t Be “Faux Real”


This overrated classification comes to us from none other than a Sephora employee, by way of a Racked article. They reported on the best and the not-so-great products based on the opinion of a Sephora employee, and this is one phrase that definitely caught our eye: “a lot of luxury brands struggle to justify their costs (Dior, YSL, Guerlain, etc).”

When we’re dealing with a product that we already have to toss every three months, Yves Saint Laurent can’t actually be for real in pricing their Faux Cils mascara this way. It’s overrated to us, but that might just be because we’re still on that sweet student budget.

16 Not To Mention Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara


The same article also happens to name drop this brand’s mascara, which came as a bit of a surprise to us. We’ve personally never bought Benefit’s Mascara, but the consensus seems to be the same as above.

Racked’s anonymous Sephora insider revealed that they don’t like Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara because “the brushes are too big. You have to get to know what brushes you like best, I think.”

Honestly, fair. We’ve all got different eye shapes and sizes, which is why there’s so many different brushes and brands out there. Just because we think it’s overrated doesn’t mean the formula and brush won’t work for someone else, though!

15 One Word: Tatcha


Yikes. We easily spent more than a month’s rent when window shopping for Tatcha products, which was enough for us to note this brand down as one of the overrated ones. There’s no denying that the quality is amazing. With wholesome, rare, natural components, the ingredients list reads more like a five-star meal rather than a skincare routine.

That being said, we just don’t think it’s different enough from some of the other, cheaper brands out there. If we can get the same flawless skin result at half the cost, we definitely will. Tatcha is just a touch out of our league; unfortunately, we’re going to have to call it “overrated.”

14 Dior’s Skincare Is One We’ll Skip As Well


Let’s refer to that great quote one more time: “a lot of luxury brands struggle to justify their costs (Dior, YSL, Guerlain, etc).” Dior has some beautiful products, and we love trying on some of the scents they’ve created. However, skincare is much different.

A full Dior skincare routine can easily fall in the several hundred dollar range based on the Sephora website’s prices.

And the reviews don’t justify the cost. Dior’s Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Eye Treatment had a review that said it best: “for its price and claims, I will not repurchasing after my current one is finished. I think some other more affordable eye creams will be able to provide the same effects.”

13 Laura Mercier’s Setting Powder Is Definitely Overrated


Some people swear by it, but we’re not exactly sold. Not only does this setting powder have a similar staying power to other, cheaper brands, but the quantity might not be worth the price either.

Babbling Brooke, a beauty blogger who shares our view on Laura Mercier’s Setting Powder, had this to say: “it is great [at] preventing oily skin from getting out of control throughout the day, but for anyone with dry/combination skin, it is going to make you skin look crepe-y, settle into any lines or large pores, and age your eyes.” Yikes! We’ll definitely be taking this one off of our “to try” list.

12 The Sephora Collection’s Take On KVD Liner Is A No For Us


Imagine the sadness we felt when we realized that the Kat Von D Trooper Liner we brought with us for mid-party touch-ups had fallen out and disappeared. Rushing to the nearest Sephora the next day caused us to be faced with a choice.

Either we can cough up the money to purchase a new KVD liner, or we can go for the just-to-tide-us-over budget option.

We opted for the latter, and never had we been so disappointed. The felt tip liner from the Sephora collection was dry and didn’t stick on our skin well. While it’s sometimes touted as a KVD dupe, our personal experience makes us think it’s a little overrated.

11 MILK Makeup’s Highlighter Stick Is Just Too Tricky


Highlighter that can be seen from space is definitely #goals, but the product we use to get that shine is anything but straightforward. There are like a million highlighters out there, and everybody seems to have their favorite. Don’t get mad at us, but we believe MILK Makeup’s Highlighter Stick is one that’s totally overrated. The Odyssey Online says that it blends out to “almost nothing,” which is taking the idea of sheer coverage a step too far, in our opinion.

It’s not that we want that brilliant strobe effect. We just want a highlighter that won’t blend out too easily.

10 Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops Are One That We Dropped


They looked like the answer to all our glowy skin wishes. But it turns out that they were actually more of a nightmare, at least for us uncoordinated and heavy-handed makeup-doers.

The drops themselves give a great overall sparkle, but they’re very hard to control if we just want to highlight certain parts of our face.

They also blend out to be quite sheer, which was a big surprise to us. Not to mention the fact that layering it over top of a foundation/blush/contour job can be trickier than deep frying ice cream. All in all, the price point is too high and the product too tricky for our skill set.

9 Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Palettes Aren’t Worth It When It Comes To Blending


This is an overrated rating that comes to us from The Odyssey Online. Not only do we find that eyeshadow palettes can be difficult to purchase (seriously, who likes every single color in an eyeshadow palette?) but the quality can also be hit and miss.

Odyssey says, on the topic of Urban Decay’s most popular eyeshadow palette series, “their shimmers are decent, but their mattes are almost impossible to blend. They rarely budge, and if they do, they end up being patchy.” Hmm. Sounds a little overrated to us, too, though we do love the color palettes they tend to use.

8 Sephora’s “Line Up” Makeup Tape Has A Purpose But Pushes Our Wallet


Real talk, tape is a game changer when it comes to a makeup routine. Not only can we get the perfect eyeliner line every time, but it even helps us when it comes to eyeshadow fall out.

At almost ten dollars a roll, though, this makeup tape is totally overrated.

The product description lists it as being skin-safe and gentle, but most of us can deal with a little bit of clear tape or washi tape, especially when it’s on top of foundation, which doesn’t allow for its full sticking power anyway. Definitely useful, but we’ll stick with our dollar store tape options.

7 The NARS Ignite Eyeshadow Palette Didn’t Light Us Up


We’ve got a few different NARS products on this list, but don’t let that color the whole brand. NARS is a great brand, and we own a great many of their products. In terms of their eyeshadow palettes, though, we do have a couple concerns. Jezebel reveals that “their eyeshadows are often chalky,” which is partially what we’ve found when swatching the Ignite palette, among others.

When we’re investing in a whole eyeshadow palette, chalkiness is definitely not what we’re going for. We want to blend, baby, blend! Those smokey eyes won’t craft themselves, after all. We’d definitely recommend a different product than this palette for that, though.

6 Anastasia’s Brow Pomade Takes Time To Love


It might take us a while to fall in love with a partner, but we don’t want to put that same amount of effort into falling in love with a brow pomade.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a solid, high-quality brand, but one that isn’t necessarily for the faint of heart.

Jezebel wrote in their interview with a Sephora employee, “I can't bother with the dip brow pomade because it's so time consuming and while I like brows, I don't want mine to look painted on.” With our bushy face caterpillars, there’s no chance that we’ve got the patience (or the personal style) to paint them on.

5 Too Faced’s Lip Plumper Is A Little Overrated, In Our Opinion


Kylie Lip Kits, Tomato Lip Plumpers, and overlining how-tos seem to have taken the world by storm. It seems like everyone is looking to get those luscious lips. It’s only natural that a company decided to jump onto two trends at once. Too Faced crafted this lip gloss, which has lip plumping properties. The product description says it helps to invigorate the lips, and it definitely looks like it works.

Unfortunately, some of the reviews on Sephora’s website says that it also causes drying and even a mild burning sensation. We get the whole beauty is pain thing, but we don’t necessarily subscribe to it. This is a product that we’ll happily skip.

4 And Their Bronzer Palette Definitely Isn’t Our Cup Of Tea


Bronzer is great for summertime, as well as for adding a touch of sun to our faces on those cold winter days. While we’ve always thought that foundation was the trickiest product to line up with our skin tone, bronzers have actually proven to be difficult as well. Go a shade too dark or a shade too orange and all of a sudden we’re looking like we got stuck in the tanning bed for too long.

Too Faced’s palette works for some, but it’s too dark for many skin tones.

It’s awesome for those that it does work for, but since there’s such a small range of skin tones that can wear it, we’re calling it overrated.

3 NARS’ Liquid Blush Has Us Rushing To Return It


Dewy skin might be in, but there are times when it goes a little too far. Those of us that dislike the streakiness that can happen when layering anything creamy over the top of a powder-based foundation will definitely agree with us on this one. This liquid formula just doesn’t give us the same look as NARS’ classic, signature blush.

We prefer a lighter touch of blush, which is hard to get with this creamy, pigmented formula. Not to mention how some of the reviews mention the pump giving out way too much for one use. Overall, while the product is good, we do believe it’s a bit overrated.

2 And Their Radiant Creamy Concealer Isn’t A Winner For Us


Babbling Brooke gives us this overrated product, and we’re totally on the same page as her with it. She critiques the product and says that it “settles into fine lines almost immediately...Also, while it has a nice, light constancy for comfortable wear, it doesn't fully cover up eye bags or dark circles without the help of a color corrector.”

NARS is a great brand for certain products, but they aren’t necessarily our cup of tea for everything, as this concealer shows.

For those of us who are definitely rocking both fine lines and dark circles, this is basically one big thank you, next.

1 The Whole BareMinerals Skincare Line


Thank you, anonymous Sephora employee, for providing us with such a comprehensive list of overrated Sephora products, including the entirety of the bareMinerals skincare line. We tend to stick to the same kinds of skincare day in and day out. While we haven’t tried bareMinerals, we haven’t necessarily heard amazing things.

They definitely have a reputation for quality, which is a good sign. However, we’re not convinced that they’re one to put on our “must try” list. This brand is a solid staple for many, but the price tag and the lack of glowing reviews mean that we’re going to be getting our skincare essentials from somewhere else.

Sources: Racked, The Odyssey Online, Sephora

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