Butterfly Pool Floats Are A Summer Must-Have

If you still think the old flamingo or doughnut floats are cool, you need to get with the program. There is a new inflatable pool accessory in town, and it is going to be taking over Instagram feeds this summer. Luxurious pool float company Funboy has released the ultimate, must-have piece for your (eh) pool, and we have honestly never seen anything more photo-friendly. This gorgeous butterfly is literally all we've ever wanted in a pool float, and if you weren't sold already, perhaps the fact that it's been designed in collaboration with the Italian fashion brand Missoni will help change your mind.

via: Cosmopolitan.com

Just imagine how amazing your Instagram will look with this bad boy in your pictures. Oh, and did we mention it's reversible? The two sides have different color schemes, so you basically get two floats in one and who doesn't love a good deal? Also, this means that it will match any of your swimsuits, plus it will make your Insta content more diverse.

As reported by Cosmopolitan, Funboy released this magnificent piece with a statement explaining how the wings will rise gracefully out of the water while your laying on it, and that it will make you feel like you're flying across the water. So basically it's as if these are your wings, and you ARE the butterfly!

Funboy is a family run provider of pool accessories, founded in Los Angeles, California in 2015. Their floats have been seen on several celebrity Instagram posts, for instance, both Kylie Jenner and Rihanna have posted photos of themselves with Funboy's uniquely designed pool floats. If it's good enough for Kylie to post (Fun fact: her Instagram posts and stories are worth US$1million. Each.) it's good enough for us.

Now, not everyone has their own pool, but you can also bring the stunning Funboy x Missoni butterfly with you to the beach or on your holiday. Funboy's mantra is all about living a life that is spontaneous and adventurous, and they market their floats to adults who don't want to grow up, all perfectly visualized in this beautiful butterfly. It is the perfect summer accessory for you to have the best time, and obviously, for you to take amazingly Instagram-able photos.

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