Busted: Your Zodiac Sign Reveals Your Secret Dreams

Okay, so the best thing we love about zodiac signs is that it tells a lot about a person without us needing to know that person. The stars are amazing things, people. And you know what’s our favorite part about zodiac signs? It’s that by reading a lot about it, we get to know someone’s secret dreams. Yes, it sounds crazy, but knowing someone’s sign gives you a vague idea about what his or her secret dream may be. And she may not even know it herself! Don’t you think that’s crazy cool? Well, we sure do. So what is your crazy dream? What is that one thing that you love to be so much that even when you’ve moved on and taken on a different path in life, your subconscious still holds on to that thing… that desire. People, maybe it’s time you give yourself a chance to dive in the pool of stars and discover the secret dreams you got, and discover why Aries, Cancer and Aquarius are the best dreamers.

15 Aries – leader and chaser of big things in life

Aries are dreamers, and they don’t just dream… they dream big. They are the kind of people who can’t stop babbling about what they want when they grow up and when they do grow up, they can’t stop hustling. They hustle even before they realize what the word means. And this is the exact reason why we love Aries. They know they’re not perfect and that they have shortcomings but the best part, they never let those shortcomings dictate their fate in life. So if you’re an Aries and you want to know what your secret dream is (in case you still don’t know), that would be to have an office with glass windows and glass walls and glass everything on the highest floor of a really tall building. The kind where you can eat a full meal in the elevator if you start from the ground floor going up to your office. The kind reserved for people who hustle even in their sleep.

14 Taurus – wealth and perfect family

Just like Aries, Taurus folks also love to dream big. But their big is a little different. They have more emotions injected in their dreams and they tend to include their loved ones. While others are dreaming to buy their own house, Taurus’ version of this is “I want a nice house for me and my family.” And stressing out the “me and my family” part is different. Not the bad kind, just different. Taurus people dream of wealth and a perfect family because while they have their eyes on the money (literal money) they also have their heart and that heart to share the love of their tribe. The only drawback here is that Taurus can be perfectionists sometimes. So even when they have the perfect family, their high standards would make them think they don have it yet. But Taurus, as long as you’re loved and happy and you got food on the table, that dream of yours is already a reality.

13 Gemini – something patented with your name

This may sound insane but Geminis folks have crazy dreams. And one of the craziest, which also tend to be their deepest secret dream is that they want to have something, anything patented with their name. A product, an invention, an idea, anything. See, Geminis are known to be territorial people. If they know this is their place, they will fight for it and you will lose, no matter what you do. Because these people have the territorial blood like no other. If they know something is theirs, no matter how big or small that material thing is, they will claim it. And of course, they’re not ashamed to shout to the world all their success stories. So if you’re wondering why Geminis want something patented with their name, this is just them yelling to the world they achieved something so big they get to put their name on it.

12 Cancer – nomadic partner who is not a cry baby


Cancer people have this unique lifestyle. Sometimes, they are seen as arrogant and the kind who sticks to their rules and schedules and routines. But in case you haven’t noticed, your Cancer friend also has a lighter side. They also know how to laugh and have fun and be carefree people. In fact, they love a romantic and carefree lifestyle. Now what is the secret dream of every Cancer folk? That would be to have a nomadic partner. Not just a best friend or travel buddy, as in partner in like the “in sickness and in health” kind. Cancers know that following rules and routines are important, but they also need someone to love them and pull them out of their comfort zone because they can’t get out of it on their own. This is where the nomadic partner enters the picture. We all need help, you know. Cancer folks just need a little push and a lot of love.

11 Leo – political position

For the Leo readers out there, consider this a huge enlightenment. If you’re a young Leo, then there’s a huge chance you still have no idea what you want to do in life. Which is fine because being clueless means being open to all suggestions and being willing to take on anything that is thrown at you. Being clueless means juggling three different jobs and having little sleep because you think this is how life is supposed to be. But when you grow a little bit more older, you will realize that your one true dream is to become a politician. Leos love to be praised and respected and we love the fact that they’re not picky people. When we say politician, we didn’t mean president. We just mean that most Leo people secretly want to have any kind of political position because this is how they want to contribute to the society.

10 Virgo – real love, for once!

Sad to say, Virgo is the sign most unfortunate when it comes to love. We don’t know what is wrong with these people. There’s probably nothing wrong with them in the first place, but for some unknown reasons, they are magnets of terrible relationships. Sometimes, they fall for someone who don’t love them back. Other times, they love someone who have dirty secrets and are terrible people to fall in love with. And then there are the instances where they don’t love someone but this person loves them head over heels. See how much their love-life sucks? Which is why their biggest dream is a little too obvious but still, it matters. What Virgo folks want is real love, period. It may sound petty but when the stars are not on your side, love can be difficult to find. And because of this, Virgos spend a lot of time dreaming, wishing for real love.

9 Libra – to have everything in life

Libra are demanding folks. And they’re not the whiny kind of demanding. They want so much in life and boy do they know how to work hard to achieve everything they want. They know that they need to exert efforts. But of course, the whiny part is still there so sometimes, they expect other people to exert as much effort as them to help them achieve whatever they want. Which is insane because, hey, we all have individual lives. You can’t expect people to exert a lot of effort so you can get what you want. Which is why most Libras secretly dream of having everything in life – great job at the tallest building, fabulous car, jewelry, the freedom to travel – literally everything. Libras are creatures of simplicity but because they have really high standards, simplicity is not so easy to achieve. And because of that, we need to understand that this dream of theirs has strong roots.

8 Scorpio – some sort of success on something, anything

Scorpios suck at living. We don’t want to be brutal here because we strongly believe that being gentle is helpful but just this once, we need to be brutal. And we’re taking that chance. Scorpios are too much of everything. They tend to be too whiny and too demanding and too perfect and they exert too little effort and talk too much… you know what we mean? We’re not saying they’re bad people, it’s just that if you encounter one, you would be sure in a heartbeat if they're a Scorpio or not. Because of their attitude, they find it difficult to be successful at anything. They think they’re exerting too much effort already when they’ve done only have of the job. This is probably why they dream to have success, any kind of success. Because they believe they’re exerting too much effort already and still, nothing has changed. Life remains the same.

7 Sagittarius – be a boss that makes an impact

Sagittarius people are social people. They want to make an impact and help others and there’s no stopping a Sagittarius from helping. Especially when she knows she can help. So most Sagittarius people out there don’t care about the luxury car and the glass panels in an office. They’d rather be in the field, literally saving people with their hands. They’d rather work with companies and brands and non-profits that are so dedicated in helping other people. Sagittarius secretly dreams of having her own non-profit organization or perhaps a clothing brand that gives back. She dreams to get a lot of chances to make a difference in the world and while that sounds too shallow, it’s not. It’s just as valid as the other secret dreams. So if you plan to bully your Sagittarius friend about this, think again. They don’t really have time to entertain bullying and teasing. They do have time to talk about the bullies and how cruel they are.

6 Capricorn – appreciation from their family

Capricorns are known to be the black sheep of every family. If you don’t believe in black sheep, it’s about time you do. See, every family has that angel person, the one who does everything right and perfect. And then they also have the black sheep, the one who mastered breaking rules even when she’s still in the mother’s womb, If the black sheep is a Capricorn, chances are her biggest dream in life is to be appreciated by her family. Just be appreciated for all the things she’s done because really Capricorns are creative people. They know how to work hard and they know how to figure things out when most people think there’s no solution. They just want their family to see that and to value their unique skills. and they keep this dream a secret because, well, they can be too sensitive sometimes and they think they will be judged by it.

5 Aquarius – to be an artist, or poet, or anything creative

Aquarians are very creative people. Their blood is more ink or paint than blood and they have no problems with it. The problem is, they are too scared to let their creative juices lead their life. They know they have a huge potential in the field of arts and they know they can do it. Heck! Every single nerve in their body knows they can do it. But for some unknown reasons, most Aquarians stick to the regular 9-5 and feeling unhappy about it but they choose not to do anything, anyway. They stick to what is normal and what is typical and they refuse to listen to their creative gremlins. Which is why most Aquarians secretly dream of being a poet or a writer or an artist or any other creative career. They dream about it like their life depends on the dream, because it probably does. We just hope these artsy folks can go out of the norm soon.

4 Pisces – accomplish a scientific experiment

If Aquarians are the artists, Pisces are the scientists. For real, their brain can never stop questioning mother nature and the human body and earth and pretty much everything that has to do with science. They love to experiment and discover things on their own which is great, aside from the fact that, similar to Aquarians again, they don’t allow themselves to experiment as often as they used to. When they were kids. Perhaps Pisces are the living proof that adulthood really is a trap. Which is why if you ask them what their secret dream is, even if they don’t clearly know it, they will say something that has to do with a scientific experiment. And it may not even sound like an experiment because they’re just blabbering away. Pisces are blabber people but once they gathered the right words, they can enlighten you on what their dream science experiment is. And for sure it is not something adults will find confusing. It will amuse the adults.

These signs are the best dreamers

3 Aries- Next to invincible

There is no stopping an Aries from achieving her dreams. She is strong and she knows that. She is smart and yes, she also knows that. Fuse those two qualities together and you can say an Aries woman is next to invincible. But the best thing about this sign is that she doesn’t brag about her strength and wit. She just wants a classy office on the top floor of a skyscraper. That’s it, nothing much. See this sign is all about the great things in life. Not necessarily luxurious, but they do want the best in everything. If you’re an Aries, chances are you’ve spent your entire childhood daydreaming about grand things and not even wondering if such things are possible. For you, they are all possible and you can achieve them. Now that you’re a grown up, you’re going to do everything you can to achieve it.

2 Cancer- Exploring together

We just love how adventurous a Cancer person is. A Cancerian woman does not stop when it comes to exploring this world. She just loves to travel and get to know other people and be part of other cultures. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But of course, travelling is much better when you’re with someone else. When you have a travel buddy who perfectly understands how your brain works. Someone who wouldn’t ask why you get so pissed off on a delayed flight or a cancelled Airbnb or a lost map. It would be great to have a partner in crime, you know… that may sound like a small thing to ask but if you’re a Cancerian who lives a nomadic lifestyle, you would understand how difficult it is to find a good nomadic partner. Which is why most Cancerians wish for this small thing and they don’t really reveal it to the public because, well, small-time…

1 Aquarius- So many bright ideas

These incredibly creative people are just amazing. Period. They love to create and they never run out of bright ideas to make the most of their hands. Literally. But the thing is, because this world can be so complicated at times, Aquarians find it difficult to root for their creativity. Sometimes, they end up getting lost in the middle of this thing called life and the next thing they know, they’re working a job that sucks their energy and makes an 8-hour job feel like forever. Because they’re not 100% happy with it. Thus, most Aquarians are known to secretly wish to be someone creative, and by someone creative, we mean someone who makes a living making art or writing books. These folks are flexible and learning to love a 9-5 is not a problem. But when night time comes, they still wish for something more bold and colorful.

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