Calling All Babes On A Budget: Check Out These Affordable Dupes For Anastasia Beverly Hills' 'Norvina' Palette

If there is one thing most beauty junkies can't get enough of, it's eyeshadow palettes. Whether your preferred color scheme is neutrals, pinks, or bronzes, there is always room for one more palette in your vanity. Celebrity favorite beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills recently dropped a new, limited edition eyeshadow palette called the "Norvina" palette, and we've got all the information you could possibly need - including where to find the best dupes. You're welcome.

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The fourteen-color limited edition palette retails at $42.00 and features a mix of gorgeous mattes and sexy shimmers. The colors tend to belong to the pink or plum families, but it really brings a great mix of lovely shades that compliment each other perfectly for whatever look you want to create. For many, the price tag might seem a bit hefty though. As gorgeous a palette as it is, forty dollars could possibly be put towards something more substantial than an eyeshadow palette. What's more, you might also be interested in just a few of the fourteen shades. Luckily, we've found a great number of dupes that are incredibly similar to the colors of the ABH Norvina palette.

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Each of the fourteen shades can be found close to identical from other makeup brands. Sometimes as a single eyeshadow and sometimes within a smaller palette. Brands like Too Faced, Huda Beauty, Urban Decay, and Makeup Forever are some of the most commonly mentioned brands that offer eyeshadows close to identical to the ones in the Anastasia Norvina palette. But, here is a quick rundown of the cheapest dupes, all below $10:

The Shimmers

"Dreamer": a shimmery light champagne shade, Colour Pop's "Sailor" is an affordable dupe.

"Summer": a warm gold shimmer, Colour Pop's "Reversible" is similar and less expensive.

"Wild Child": a metallic bubblegum pink, Makeup Geek's "Nostalgic" gives more shimmer, but is a good dupe.

"Rose Gold": deep rose metallic shade, Colour Pop's "Posh" lacks a bit of glitter but is quite similar in shade.

"Celestial": shimmery bright purple, NYX's "Volatile" can work in place of this shade.

"Dazzling": coppery bronze shimmer with violet flecks, Colour Pop's "Snake Eyes" is an affordable dupe.

"Drama": a deep purple shimmer, Makeup Geek's "Drama Queen" is a decent dupe, though it is deeper.

The Mattes

"Base": a classic matte nude, Makeup Geek's "So Pale"  is an affordable dupe.

"Soul": purple shade with slight shimmer, Makeup Geek's "Duchess" is a slightly deeper dupe.

"Incense": a matte burnt orange-brown, NYX's "Underneath It All"  is a deeper but similar shade.

"Love": matte pink, wet n wild's "Newport Nights #4" can work in place of this shade.

"Volatile": a warm taupe matte shade, Colour Pop's "The Virgo" is a deeper dupe.

"Eccentric": a matte muted orange with brown tones, Colour Pop's "Freckles" is deeper but can work in place of this shade.

"Passion": a matte deep red-brown, NYX's "Bare It All" is an affordable replacement.

If you love this limited edition eyeshadow palette, by all means, you should go get it before it sells out! However, if you find the price to be a bit high, or if you're not loving all fourteen colors, checking out their corresponding dupes is a great idea. As much as we love shopping, you should only buy things that you love and think you will actually use!

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