Buckingham Palace Is Officially Decorated For The Holidays

Buckingham Palace is officially sharing this year's Christmas decorations, and that, if anything, means that the holidays are finally here. This year's decorations in the Marble Hall consists of three beautifully decorated fir trees all grown at Windsor specifically to adorn Buckingham Palace with some Christmas spirit. The tallest one is placed in the middle and measures fifteen feet counting the white plinth that is used to support each tree. The trees are all covered with fairy lights, and the Palace staff had to be on ladders to reach the higher branches.

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In addition to lights, the Christmas trees are also decorated with some truly royal Christmas ornaments, but what could be more fit for a queen? The decorations feature different styles of crowns, some of which resemble the Queen's very own coronation crown, and some that read 'Palace' or *Buckingham'. Furthermore, there are also ornaments looking like royal carriages, something there has been a lot of given the two royal weddings of this year. The main staircase in the Marble Hall has also been decorated with a big garland covered in colorful and Christmasy baubles.

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, the Royal family will be spending Christmas together at Sandringham House in Norfolk as usual, so it seems as if there is no actual rift between Kate and Meghan. Media has been reporting that the two are feuding, mainly because Meghan and Prince Harry are moving out from Kensington Palace, where Kate and Prince William also live, to move to Frogmore Cottage.

According to tradition, the Queen normally throws a pre-Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace a few days before Christmas, where members of the extended family are also in attendance. The royal family then travels to Sandringham to celebrate Christmas, and the twenty feet tree that is taken from the estate is decorated on the 24th.

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Those who are keen on Christmas decorations will be pleased to know that the Queen's crown decorations are available for purchase at the Royal Collection Trust's online shop. In any case, it is always interesting to find some inspiration in how the Royal family decorates their trees and just seeing the pictures do make it feel Christmasy!

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