Broke Girl's Guide To Beauty: 20 Websites Makeup Enthusiasts Can Visit To Stay On Budget

Every makeup guru probably knows the downside that comes with constantly keeping up with makeup trends: it isn't always cheap. Actually, it isn’t most of the time.

And while sometimes that money is well-spent, it’s also not so rare for makeup enthusiasts to spend a huge amount of money on products that don’t satisfy them the way they should have. Or that simply aren’t worth their prices. Long story short: makeup can be quite expensive - so when the opportunity to save some serious bucks comes, we don’t mind taking it.

If you’re anything close to makeup obsessed, then you need to check out these 20 discount beauty websites. What's great about these discount beauty sites is their wide selection. Usually, you can find everything from drugstore to high-end options and cult favorites without ever leaving the same website. Who needs to spend hours negotiating their budget or lining their pockets with free samples at a department store when you can get it all online for less? It's basically any shopper's dream come true.

Excited about the possibility of new, inexpensive beauty products yet? And remember the more money you save, the more money you can spend on makeup.

20 Shop Miss A

Slashed Beauty


For all the makeup lovers out there: take note of this website’s name and never lose it! On Shop Miss A, you can get anything for $1. No, you won’t wake up in your bed, because this is not only a beautiful dream!

It might take some time to receive your order, though, but from the reviews on ‘Influenster’, we can pretty much say people are happy with their purchases from this site.

“I definitely recommend shopping here!! I discovered it through a friend and it is amazing. I recently got a concealer, elf brush, nail file, angled brush, small eyebrow comb, scissors to trim my eyebrow hair all for around $7/$8!!! Everything is a $1!!! Super great deal especially if you're on a makeup budget. They don't just have makeup they have accessories as well which are super cute.” - Ingrid M.

19 Beauty Bay



Beauty Bay is another great site for makeup obsessed on a budget. This website stocks a lot of brands that you can find at Sephora for a little cheaper and, especially when buying heaps of makeup, this can make a huge difference. Plus, you’ll get free delivery for purchases over $60 - and you can buy brands not found at Sephora, such as Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Makeup Store, and Eyeko.

Another point in favor of Beauty Bay is the fact that you don't have to deal with any crowds – and you can use any discount codes that come your way! Waiting for delivery from this site is definitely well worth it for your wallet.

18 iHerb

While this website could be particularly convenient for Australian residents, as it sells genuine makeup items for much cheaper than what they retail for in Australia, it can also be a great choice for Americans because iHerb carries many unique brands you might be interested in.

“Fortunately I live in the states and many of their products are readily available in my area at about the same cost. BUT they do have some off-brands, unique brands, and Korean skincare brands that spark my interest plus they're at reasonable prices. They're not low, but reasonable considering my area doesn't sell them. I do wonder how they're able to sell some certain brands at such low prices.” - Sarah O.

17 Catch Of The Day

Catch of the Day definitely earns a spot on this list, as it’s specialized in selling brand-name items at hugely discounted prices.

It's smart to keep an eye on the site, not only because deals are updated as regularly as popular items, but also because really cheap items tend to sell out most quickly. Catch of the Day stocks an array of low-end and high-end beauty products and tools, so there is usually something for everyone. Warning: it can cause addiction, at least according to this customer:

“I have made many purchases from Catch of the day and saved so much money with their fantastic deals. Everything I have ordered has been in great condition and postage times have never been an issue. I am definitely addicted to looking through catch almost every day, love it!” - Amy

16 Madame Madeline

Carrying popular brands like Red cherry, Eylure, Revlon and Duo (along with many more!) Madame Madeline is the first website you need to visit when looking for false lashes on discount.

Considering that false lashes in Australia are pretty pricey when compared to the cost in the US - where most averages are under $4 USD a pair - this website is particularly suggested for Australian residents. For instance, Madame Madeline actually allows you to purchase Ardell lashes at a fraction of their Australian price. Lastly, they offer free shipping on orders over $100.

15 eBay

Probably the most well-known site on this list, eBay is actually a fantastic place to find cheaper alternatives to brand-name items (but you have to know what to look for!)

This website could be a gem for everybody’s wallet - and not only for buying makeup products! - but you need to be careful when using it.

“I’ve been using eBay for about 4 years now. I use this app very frequently. It’s so easy to use and so convenient. They have a multitude of different products. The perks of it are that you can customize your settings to either fit your budget, narrow your search even further, or only see items that offer free shipping. The cons would have to be that you have to inspect each sellers profile very carefully to see the feedback they have received to make sure you don’t get ripped off. I would definitely recommend using it though!” - Kennedy A.

14 Dupe Up

Even though Dupe Up is not a website you can directly purchase from, wait till you scroll down because here you will find cheaper alternatives to often expensive or hard-to-find beauty products.

Are you feeling the need to get that latest Kylie Collection’s Lip Kit? No more worries! Here you can find drugstore alternatives ranked by real customers and save some serious bucks while still looking ‘expensive’.

Along with providing the closest alternative, Dupe Up also offers other similar products that members of the site have found. Another good thing about this site is that they have a ‘blog’ section with even more products reviews and even makeup tutorials and tricks.

13 Chemist Warehouse

One of the main retailers that hold big beauty sales is Chemist Warehouse, with its whopping 50% off sale which applies to cosmetics as well as hair care, skin care, and fragrances at times.

A good way to keep informed and catch the best deals is to regularly check the official website, subscribe to their newsletters, follow them on social media, or join beauty discussion groups online. Also, if you can’t go and buy from their physical store, the website is the best alternative.

“Good range of products, but not all the specials show up on the website!” - Alice Kwan

12  Cosme-De

This international company is headquartered in China but was founded by a Japanese entrepreneur about 10 years ago. It ships luxurious high-end makeup and beauty products you already love to every corner of the world at great prices. Chanel (yes, we’re not kidding you!), Lancôme, Christian Dior and Bioderma are only some of the luxury brands you can shop on Cosme-De.

“I'm able to use beautiful products that I wouldn't normally be able to afford. I love this website. I have purchased skincare that normally is too expensive for me. The specials are awesome!! The range is huge and the shipping is very efficient.” - Trich

11 Rue La La

With their ever-changing range of discount products, you'll be refreshing this website constantly.

The only catch to the website is that you have to sign up with your email before you can view any of their deals. This means that you'll receive daily emails on the site's hottest discounts, but I can’t see any downside coming with it (especially if you buy tons of makeup every month!)

“I LOVE this site! I would do all of my shopping on here if I could. Unbelievably good deals on expensive name brands on products that are currently in stores. I always check rue la la before buying any big purchases and more often than not save a boat load finding them on the site.” - Taylor N.

10 Hautelook

Similar to Rue La La, Hautelook is another pop-up sale site - which means that the site will have a fire sale on a specific brand for a few short days. With different beauty-based sales happening every other day, this is great for those makeup lovers who are looking for an instant deal.

“I love finding my favorite designer brands for cheap! I have been an avid shopper on HauteLook since I discovered they are a NORDSTROM Company. The only thing I could complain about is that depending on what you buy, sometimes it takes weeks for “the sale to end” before your item ships. Definitely would shop there again. I also enjoy that you only pay for shipping once per month.” - Aimee H.

9 Glambot

Looking to buy or sell gently used makeup? Check out Glambot! This website is awesome for those who want to try out trend beauty products or invest in gently used pieces. If you're looking to sell some of your own collection, then the site will send you a free shipping label and review your products. If they like what they see, then they'll offer you cash or store credit for your products. This basically means that if you bought some products that left you disappointed, you can get part of your money back and spend it on something else instead. How great is that?

8 All Cosmetics Wholesale

All Cosmetics Wholesale is great for those who are looking to get their hands on a discontinued product or collection. You can even find great staple items, such as the NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo for insanely cheap. You’d better go ahead and bookmark this website ASAP.

“I have purchased HUNDREDS of lipsticks from All Cosmetics Wholesale for my nonprofit/charity, Find Your Fabulosity (findyourfabulosity.org). They offer name brand, top quality, great discounts on makeup products. I have been very satisfied with every order. Only one time, 2 lipsticks were damaged, which ACW immediately replaced. Excellent customer service, excellent buying experience. I highly recommend purchasing from ACW!!!” - Sheryl Kurland

7 Beauty Encounter

If you're looking for a mix of drugstore and high-end beauty products, then this is the site for you. This website has a huge selection of products (not only makeup!), so be warned: this is not for the faint-of-heart shopper.

“I have read a few customer service complaints about this company and I have to say I could not disagree more. They are added to the list of only 3 online perfume retailers that I trust to buy from. I have ordered from them now a few times and my package came very quickly. I want to add that when I purchased my latest perfume from them, I happened to find it advertised on Amazon for $100 less shipping from their company and they didn't even hesitate on doing a return and honoring the Amazon price. Quality A+, customer service A+. The fact that this is a family run operation makes me want to purchase from them even more.” - Renee DiDio

6 Buy Me Beauty

Besides having an adorable - and pinky! - page layout, this site has an amazing selection of products. Buy Me Beauty has everything from discontinued products to cult favorites, in the makeup and beauty area. With $5 shipping, you'll become a beauty and makeup addict in no-time (if you aren't already!).

“I've bought from this website a couple of times and my experiences have been great so far. Their products are very affordable and shipping is fairly fast. I have gotten a shattered eyeshadow in one of my orders however the site did offer me a complete refund which I very much appreciate!” - Briceyda S.

5 Image Beauty

You don't have to waste your money buying hair care products retail any longer. Get them discounted instead. Image Beauty has an amazing selection of hair care - as well as makeup and beauty - products that will definitely leave you swooning for more.

Also, with such a professional-looking website like this, shopping for beauty products can be even more fun than usual.

“I stumbled upon this site by a friends recommendation after my complaints of a bad hair day. They've got a lot of products for my hair and their prices are awesome. It did take me awhile to find what I needed though. They have an "ethnic" category under "other" which I didn't think to look at first, but I found it eventually. There's always specials and coupons going on.” - Krista J.

4 Drugstore (Aka Walgreens)

The simplicity of this website is what makes it outstanding from the rest of the online shops emerging in the digital realm nowadays. It might be a bit slow at times, though.

The products available on this site are the typical items you can find in a drugstore or convenience shop but, of course, with good deals and benefits. This site is also tied up with Beauty.com (the next site on this list).

“Introduced by my friends, I went to this site, the goods esp. the cosmetics always have a special discount. Oh, I love shopping in here. But it only allows PayPal & visa card.” - Bob M.

3 Beauty

Free returns - something very uncommon for discount makeup sites - incentives, and thousands of products to choose from - what more could we ask for? Also, because of their affiliation, your purchase in Drugstore.com and Beauty.com can be put in a single bag. And don’t forget the free samples that this site gives to their customers. Two thumbs up!

“I have purchased from beauty.com a few times. I haven't made any large purchases. Usually just a lipstick or other makeup item. They definitely have great prices and believe me I shop around for the best prices! I just started buying from beauty.com recently but I know I will purchase from them again!! For sure!” - Carmine M.

2 Overstock

Even though you can buy basically everything on Overstock, the best part of the site is without any doubt their awesome makeup collection. They carry discounted versions of your favorite products so for instance, you can buy some Nars eyeshadows for only $16 (!!!) instead of $25 (from the Nars official site).

“I was very impressed the first time I shopped with Overstock.com. They have closeouts so the prices and shipping are usually very reasonable and they have different things than what you see in other online stores. But I’d like them to have more sizes of certain items but I suppose they have no control over what they get in inventory. Other than that, I had a very nice shopping experience.” - Susan of Parrish

1 Makeup Mania



According to their official website, MakeUp Mania is “the love child of the film industry and eCommerce.” Its story is quite interesting, indeed. The founder, movie makeup artist Eva Marie Denst, noticed the brands she loved to use on film sets were nearly impossible to find outside of L.A. and NYC.

That’s when she decided to launch a website with all the products she adored and used for extremely cheap prices. There are no discounts on this website, but the products themselves are extremely reasonably priced, and great quality.

“This site has some really good prices on makeup supplies. I bought the palette lab and I love it. It was $40 for 12 colors. You get to custom make your palette with the colors you want.” - Katherine W.

Makeup Mania is definitely one of the top choices on this list.

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