Brittany Snow Says She Barely Survived The Backlash After Opening Up About Her Mental Health In 2007

Brittany Snow recently reflected on opening up about her mental health struggles in 2007 and admits she wasn’t ready for the backlash she received.

Over a decade ago, the Pitch Perfect actress bravely shared her experience with an eating disorder, depression, and self-harm. But what she thought would be an empowering experience actually took a toll on her mental health even further. Brittany now says she fully wasn’t expecting the wave of backlash she received from the public and described the aftermath following her public admissions as “awful.”

“I think there was still a stigma around sharing so much truth, and it kind of got seen as me being self-indulgent or trying to gain attention,” the celebrity recently shared with InStyle. “I definitely wasn’t ready for that. I was too young and not prepared for what was going to happen. And it wasn’t even that bad — it just was me feeling like I didn’t have the tools to really be able to help people and help myself.”

Brittany admits the experience worsened her anxiety than it had ever been. Two years after opening up, the actress decided it was necessary for her to step back from the spotlight. “I needed to, for health reasons,” she explained.

She worked on improving her mental health through hypnotherapy and relying on her loved ones. Brittany has also helped found two different organizations; Love is Louder, an anti-bullying group, and September Letters, which provides support to those struggling with eating disorders.

The celebrity is now back in the limelight thanks to her recognizable roles in things like the Pitch Perfect franchise and the new TV show Almost Family. But Brittany says re-integrating herself back into Hollywood was anything but easy. She describes herself having to learn to socialize again with her colleagues on set. “I did the Pitch Perfect movies in the meantime and did a show called Harry’s Law, [during] which I was usually unable to speak on set, and then had to slowly get myself back to a place where I was comfortable,” she revealed.

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Brittany went on to say she’s happier that society as a whole has less stigma towards mental health-related issues and there’s more encouragement to speak up about otherwise taboo issues.

“Now, so many people are so open with their stories, and it’s very, very cool and accepted that people are sharing their truth,” the 33-year old said. “I might’ve spoken too early, but at the same time, it started and was the impetus for so many changes in my life that have worked out really well, so it’s okay.”

She went on to add that she’s proud she was one of the first celebrities to speak out about their mental wellness. “I think that that’s a really nice thing to feel like I was a part of, where I can tell my daughter one day, ‘I was really honest when a lot of people weren’t being honest,’” Brittany explained. “In my thirties, I can confidently say that it’s almost like another life that I look back and [say], ‘Wow, I was so anxious and scared, and now I’m just not.’”

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