Britney Spears Is Taking Time Off Following Concerns For Her Father's Health

The popular artist, Britney Spears, 37, has announced that she's taking some time off for an indefinite period.

The announcement came in the form of a Twitter post that explained that she was canceling her new show, Domination.  She also mentioned that having to do this really caused her to be emotional.

In a statement that was obtained by PEOPLE, she went into further detail on the topic and actually said that she wanted to focus her energy on caring for her family. On top of that, she went on to say that she would like to be there for them, just as they are for her.

What Britney is referring to is how her father, Jamie Spears, 66, had a little bit of a scare when he had a threatening colon rupture. According to MSN, two months ago, he was rushed to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, where he was admitted to surgery immediately. Jamie spent 28 days in the hospital and had a complicated post-operative time but is still expected to recover.


As for the issue of refunding tickets that she sold for the Domination show, they'll apparently be refundable at the point of purchase for those who bought them. This is a good move as it shows that she's not going to postpone the tour, as she might have to take several weeks or months off. If she hadn't gone for the refund aspect, there would likely be a lot of complaints set against her.

What Britney Spears has done is not an uncommon thing to do in the world. Many people will take time off work to help a family member recover, especially if it's a close one. The only thing she would likely need to worry about in the back of her mind is keeping the show relevant. Marketing tactics can technically only work for so long and if she takes to long to launch the show, people won't care. This means that she has to take time off to help her father but also incorporate ample time to remarket the show.

All in all, Britney is making a decision for herself and her capabilities to help out the family when they're in a time of need. As a result, she wants to essentially be free of any complications that might reduce her ability to aid her family and has likely canceled her show due to that.

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