Bridesmaid Fails: 16 Times Famous Stars Didn't Have A Choice

We are used to seeing celebrities looking gorgeous on red carpets. They are wearing one of a kind dresses that make us green with envy. All eyes are on them. Every inch of them looks fabulous - from their gorgeously coiffed hair to their stylish heels. They are perfection.

And that's why it is so strange to see our favorite Hollywood celebs looking a little less than perfect when they are demoted to the role of bridesmaid. It's strange to see someone we usually see in the spotlight, pushed off to the side and stuck in a boring, if not hideous, dress just like everyone else around her. Celebs like Rihanna and Kate Upton don't often blend in with the crowd. But when the friendship bell rings, these women, whether A-list celebs of not, answer the call. They gladly put on the ugly matching dress and stand dutifully by as their friend finally gets the spotlight. In fact, it's one of the few times where we feel that celebrities are just like us. If they can blend into the background and suck up wearing a frumpy frock for a few hours, so can we!

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16 Emma Roberts: Salsa Dancers


You would think a clothing designer, like the bride here, Kara Smith, would have drop dead gorgeous bridesmaid dresses picked out for her girls, right? Wrong! Or at least wrong according to my taste. I don't get the trend of putting bridesmaids all in ivory or white gowns. Honestly, it just confuses me and I have a hard time spotting the bride. Plus, white is a tough color for anyone who is figure conscious or prone to spilling their red wine. And then she added these hideous ruffles. I'm not a fan of these tiered dresses. There's just so much fabric! It kind of looks like one of those swishy salsa dresses got hung out to dry too long. And then you add these oversized bouquets and it basically looks like all the girls are drowning. Sorry, that's harsh. But that's my honest opinion. If anything, it looks like Emma got the nicest dress of the bunch - and that wasn't a high bar to meet.

15 Rachel McAdams: 12 Year Old Formal


Rachel McAdams is beautiful. So it's really saying something that she agreed to put on this ugly blue halter dress to be her sister Kayleen's maid of honor. Of course, Rachel is probably an awesome person and even better sister. She probably didn't say a peep about how wearing periwinkle blue over the age of 12 is ridiculous. And she probably kept tight lipped about the fact that a bunch of eighth graders would be wearing that exact same dress to their semi-formal. Nope, Rachel was a total class act! She wore her draped halter dress with pride. She was even seen crying during the ceremony. Now were those happy tears for her sister's nuptials or sad tears because she finally realized how hideous her dress was?

14 Snooki: Gothic Looking


If you're having trouble finding Snooki, or Nicole as she likes to be called now, she's the little one with red hair in the front row off to the right. I wouldn't be surprised if you had a hard time spotting her - you did have 12 possible bridal attendants to choose from. Who needs 12 bridesmaids (or 11 and one bridesman)? No one! That is way too many people around you. Worse than the number of bridesmaids that J-Woww (Jenni Farley) had for her wedding is the awful dress she picked out. Here we have a dark, almost gothic purple, with what appears to be a leopard print over top. Purple leopard print? Yeah, that sounds like a Jersey Shore wedding all right. I'm surprised there's not more hairspray and high slits on these dresses.

13 Lena Dunham: Far From Flattering


Lena Dunham was the toast of Hollywood when she started her series, Girls, in 2012. As the creator, writer, and star of the show, Lena managed to create something completely new for TV audiences. Since then, she's fallen off Hollywood's radar a little bit but always seems to come back in when she says, does or wears something controversial. Lena got a lot of praise for representing "normal" bodies on TV and not caving into demands to lose a ton of weight. But many feel that she struggles to dress her body. Sadly, her friend Isabel Halley didn't do Lena any favors during her June wedding. Lena was put into this grey Reformation dress that is far from flattering. The little cap sleeves and neckline make the outfit choice seem super dated. And the shapelessness over her mid-section doesn't help at all. It seems the other two bridesmaids picked out much more flattering silhouettes of the same dress. So why did Lena get stuck in the ugly version?

12 Lena Dunham AGAIN


Poor Lena Dunham. Not only was she stuffed into an awful bridesmaid dress once - she was forced to wear an ugly bridesmaid dress AGAIN. What a good friend. This time it was to be in her longtime friend Audrey Gelman's wedding. Audrey decided she wasn't going to be like the other brides we see. She didn't want to be conventional and have her maids in long flowing dresses or matching sweetheart neckline frocks. Nope, Audrey was going in a completely different direction! Sadly, that direction was horribly unflattering for most, if not all, of her bridal party. For some reason, the bride decided on nude-colored turtle necks and personalized pencil skirts for her wedding party. Um, why? This is not a great look on most people! Also, it looks like these women are on their way to a day at the office, not a wedding! They look like they're about to get on that school bus and head to secretary school. I guess the only cool part is that the bride did let them personalize their J Crew skirts with flowers, sequins, and graphics, but they're still not a good wedding look.

11 Cara Delevingne: Out Of Her Style


Here we have bada$$ model, Cara Delevingne, when she stood up at her sister Poppy's wedding as the maid of honor. Cara is a household name in the modeling world. She is known for her thick eyebrows, androgynous looks, and rocker-chic style. So it's very strange to see the wild child of the fashion world looking all prim and proper in a white Chanel gown. Of course, since she's a model, Cara is going to look good in anything. But we bet she was none too pleased when her sister selected this dress for her to wear. It's not her style at all! It looks super dated and old-fashioned. It looks like Cara stepped back into time with this dress. I guess even the wild ones have to be tamed when it comes time to dutifully stand in a sister's wedding.

10 Sarah Jessica Parker: Boring Purple


Sarah Jessica Parker, aka Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City, is the epitome of style. Whether you liked her choice in men or not, you have to admit that Carrie's wardrobe was always on point (at least, it was for the time period). So it's kind of hilarious to see the most fashionable woman on TV relegated to ordinary run-of-the-mill bridesmaid. Nothing screams bridesmaid more than a bright color, sweetheart neckline, empire waist dress that you are never ever going to wear again. And that's exactly what you see here! The ultra-stylish SJP just blends into the background, looking just like any other bridesmaid you'd see at any other wedding. But SJP did it with a smile. She put all her fashion forward ideas aside to stand up at her assistant, Melinda Relyea's, wedding. But why didn't Melinda ask SJP to weigh in on a slightly more fashionable choice for her maids?

9 Britney Spears: Uncomfortable


When you think of Britney Spears and weddings, you probably think of her infamous Vegas wedding with her childhood friend, Jason, that lasted less than 3 days. Well, think again because this wedding Britney was in is not scandalous or plastered all over the media. In fact, Britney wasn't even the star of the day. It was her little sister, Jamie Lynn. Jamie Lynn, most well-known for starring in Zoey 101 and then leaving the show when she became a teen mom, wed Jamie Watson in March of 2014. And of course, big sis Brit served as her maid of honor. While Jamie Lynn looked great and Britney's boys looked dapper, the same compliments cannot be paid to Britney. Why does she look so uncomfortable? Her face looks frozen. And that plunging v-neck is a bit much for a wedding party. The ribbing on the side, silver color, and gemstone collar make the whole thing seem very 90's - as if she reworked one of her old music video costumes into her bridesmaid dress.

8 Jessica & Ashlee Simpson: Tie Dye Mess


Here is a wedding to remember! At this Palm Springs nuptials, not only did we have Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee as bridesmaids, but Adam Brody of OC fame was also there! Lauren Zelman, Jessica's former assistant, sure knows how to pad a guest list. However, she's not the best at picking out bridesmaids outfits. These printed frocks look kind of messy. In fact, I had to do a double take to find the bride because her white dress doesn't really stand out. And whatever print is supposed to be on these dresses just looks faded and distracting. Putting a group of women in the exact same halter printed dress is a tall order. And poor Jessica- she was pregnant at the time! It's hard to look all bridesmaid chic when you're bursting out of your dress, your feet kill and you just need to go pee. That might explain the strained look on her face.

7 Lady Gaga: Crazy Scarf Lady


To be honest, I actually like this lilac-hued dress Lady Gaga sported at her best friend's wedding in New Orleans. Of course, I've also seen about a million other bridesmaids dresses just like it and even wore the same look in pink last year as a bridesmaid, but it's still pretty. The part that loses me is the crazy scarf. What is going on there? Why is Gaga rocking this tied up bed sheet on her neck that totally covers her chest and the dress? In fact, it looks like that fabric was supposed to be the belt, but Gaga decided it might work better as a statement accessory on her neck. Well, it wouldn't be Lady Gaga without a little something out of the ordinary. Besides that, this is a very toned down look for the woman who once wore an outfit made out of raw meat.

6 Selena Gomez: Beach Blues


Back in the day, Selena Gomez found herself on a beach in Mexico serving bridesmaid duty for Shannon Larossi, her costume designer on Wizards of Waverly Place. This was back when Selena and Justin were dating the first time. But what's even more dated than their relationship is Selena's dress. I get wanting to go with a nice blue to tie in with the ocean and beach theme, but this dress is way past vibrant. Plus, the tie-in-front halter make it either seem like a beach cover up, or something I would've begged my mom to let me wear in the 7th grade. It's shapeless and kind of boring, which is sad considering the bride is a costume designer! Also, how did Selena end up paired with the 42 year old balding groomsman with a "I'm a cool dude" leather bracelet? At least Justin had nothing to worry about!

5 Keira Knightley: Movie Or Wedding?


At first glance, it may look like Keira Knightley is in a period movie about weddings from back in the day where hoop skirts, tulle, and way too much fabric were in fashion. But no, this picture is actually just from her brother's wedding in 2011. I can't say I'm a fan of this look. And it doesn't seem like the ladies are too impressed either seeing as no one is smiling in this shot. Why do the skirts need to flare out so much? Did we want Keira to look like a cupcake? How does she even sit in that thing? And then the purple color is just way too intense. There's so much fabric involved in the whole thing. The neckline and shoulder straps are very odd and not stylish at all. I just can't understand why anyone would go with that choice. As for Keira, she didn't quite think she lived up to her job as bridesmaid. She said, "I was the worst bridesmaid in the entire world! I don't normally spill things down myself, but every single drink went down that dress." Sadly, even spilled wine wouldn't make this dress look any worse.

4 Kirsten Dunst: Bad Color Blocking


You can tell by the look on Kirsten Dunst's face that she really isn't feeling this bridesmaid look. And we can't blame her - it's not the most fashion-forward frock we've ever seen. It kind of looks like an oversized nightgown. The whole thing is just very drapey and long. You can't even tell where Kirsten's body is underneath it. And why is it 50 different shades of nude? We're all for color blocking but this is color blocking gone wrong. It kinda looks like someone just splattered her with a bunch of nude paint colors - or maybe a few bottles of foundation broke on top of her dress? It's a strange choice. Can't even say I'm a fan of her flower crown, even though I love a good flower crown. The tiny buds make it look more like a crown of thorns than a lush Lana Del Rey-esque flower crown. But despite this not being her best look, I'm sure Kirsten managed a smile or two for her friend's Santa Barbara wedding.

3 Jessica Biel: Awful Brown


Jessica Biel is gorgeous. And she's even more gorgeous when she's got man-candy like her hubby, Justin Timberlake, on her arm. It would take a lot to make this woman look less than perfect. But somehow, this drab brown dress managed to do it! Jessica donned this sad sack when she served as a bridesmaid for her 7th Heaven co-star, Beverly Mitchell. Beverly held her wedding in Ravello, Italy. You'd think a super romantic destination wedding would call for slightly more attractive dresses, right? And since Beverly and Jessica have been friends since childhood, you'd think they could sit down and discuss fashion open and honestly. But, nope! So Jessica had to wear this super loose and ill-fitting brown mess that also happens to have a one-shoulder drapey sleeve. Yuck!

2 Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen


Mary-Kate and Ashley have always had an interesting sense of style. For two very tiny women, they love wearing huge overcoats, dark colors, strange fabrics, and big glasses. But whatever their style, it must work for them since they run their successful couture clothing line, The Row. So here we have the twins serving bridesmaid duty for a friend in Cabo, Mexico. Apparently the bride requested that everyone in the wedding party wear white and go barefoot. Which, y'know, cool if that's what you're into as the bride. Kim Kardashian also threw an all white wedding. But who would have thought the girls would show up in dresses like these ones? Ashley's seems kind of beach-appropriate, except for the fact that it is way too long for her. And MK's is just way too much - why is there a tiered glittery long sleeve top? The Olsen twins were already going to steal the spotlight just due to their size and fame, did they really have to add crazy dresses to take it one step farther?

1 Sarah Michelle Gellar: Blast From The Past


Sarah Michelle Gellar, aka Buffy the Vampire Slayer, played the role of bridesmaid at her bestie's Santa Monica wedding back in 2006. So I guess since this wedding occurred 11 years ago, we can give her a bit of a pass. But not a complete pass. Even in 2006 this would not have been the most fashionable choice. Why do we keep seeing these empire waist dresses? It makes these women look pregnant or 12 years old - there is no in-between. In this case, they look like pre-teens thanks to the baby pink hue, cap sleeves, and super long hem line. None of these ladies look too impressed to be wearing this dress, and we can hardly blame them. It's one thing to not steal the bride's spotlight but it's another thing all together to be forced into the same dress as your middle-school aged niece.

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