Bride Skips Vows, Reads Cheating Fiancé's Texts To Another Woman Instead

One Australian bride is making headlines after she got back at her cheating fiancé' in the fiercest way. Instead of saying her wedding vows, she read text messages from her man to his mistress for all their guests to hear.

The woman, who has chosen not to reveal her identity, recalled her story to the Australian outlet Whimn. In a personal essay, the bride recounted how what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, turned out to be the end of what she thought was a dream relationship. Her happily ever after was crushed with one text message the night before her wedding.

She was with her bridesmaids celebrating her last night as a single woman when she received a message cluing her into the fact she was set to marry a cheater. When her phone buzzed, the woman was not prepared to see a slew of screenshots from a random number. In the screenshots were messages from her fiancé' to another woman. The photo was accompanied by a message that read "I wouldn't marry him, will you?".

The text messages featured screenshots with days and times ranging from months before days before that night. As she read the messages, the bride suddenly realized certain moments in her relationship now all made sense. She felt like a fool, but despite her bridesmaid telling her to call off her wedding, she did not.

Instead, as she lay awake that night, the bride devised the perfect plan. She would not call off the wedding, but she would not be getting married. The woman would use it as a way to out her lying, cheating fiancé'. When it was time to read her vows, the woman pulled a phone from her bouquet and began reading all of the text messages. One of the tamer messages read "This weekend. You and I. It is on hot stuff. Bring your A game."

Her now ex-fiancé' rushed out of the church as the bride was left to face their guests. However, she turned the day into a positive by announcing that instead of a wedding reception, there would be a day of "celebrating honest, true love, and following your heart even when it hurts." It was not the party she had intended to have that day, but the bride did admit that it ended up being one heck of a celebration.

Well, that is one way to get rid of a cheating man. He definitely deserved what she did to him, don't you think?


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