Ditch The Blotting Papers But Keep The Oil-Free Skin

Some of us battle oily skin on a daily basis, and anyone who can sign off on that will probably at some point in their lives have bought themselves a little pack of blotting papers. Or perhaps blotting papers are still a staple in their handbag essentials. Either way, they might not be the lifesaver we always believed (or wanted to believe) they were. According to some, blotting papers might even make the oiliness worse. Gasp!

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The truth is, blotting papers do nothing to help oil-prone skin other than making it appear slightly less visibly oily for a short period of time. In fact, dermatologist Dr. Rita Linkner has shared that the biggest appeal of these papers is that they actually show users how much oil is coming off of their skin. This is obviously FASCINATING, but the product doesn't combat oil in a productive way. Should anyone really feel the need to use them, they should be extremely careful if they are planning on buying a drugstore brand since they could contain mineral oil.

So what's the problem with mineral oil? Well, since this ingredient has a tendency to make the skin even oilier, it's probably the last thing that those with oily skin would want to be using.

According to Refinery29, there are much better methods and products to treat this type of skin that will actually help to reduce oil from the source.

First, figure out whether the oily skin is a reaction to a hormonal imbalance, or if the problem lies in using the wrong products. Many skincare concoctions targeting oily skin are too drying, which will leave the skin with even higher oil production. There are also several amazing makeup products that can be used that will decrease the appearance of unwanted shine. Today there are primers, foundations and setting powders with fantastic ingredients that will make anyone look much less oily.

Now, it is important to keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with having oily skin, so if you don't feel like using oil-combatting products there is absolutely no need to do so. However, if you want to make an effort to mattify your complexion, the advice would be to ditch the blotting papers entirely and invest in skincare products and makeup that match your skin type. The skin is our biggest organ, and we need to make sure to treat it well!

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