Blondes Vs Brunettes: 15 Things Your Hair Color Says About You

We've all heard the saying "blonds have more fun", and some of us have even decided to dye our hair to test out its accuracy. Obviously, hair color is irrelevant in how much fun can really be had, but your hair color can still say a lot about who you are, even if some of it is just other people's perception.

Guys often say they're generally attracted to girls with a certain hair color, but is that because of the personality traits they share, or because they just like the look of one hair color over another? Most likely, it's a little bit of both, and no guy would ever choose to date a girl based on her hair color alone. No sane one, anyway.

Whether its backed up by legitimate science, or it's a completely subjective assumption, here are 15 things your hair color could reveal about you.

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15 Women with fake blond hair are high maintenance


Dark roots are a fake blond's worst nightmare. If you're willing to defy your God given dark hair in favour of being a blond (or really anything that is a drastic change) then you must be willing to hit the salon every four to six weeks for regular root touch ups. Since hair color maintenance is far from a necessity for a lot of people, spending that much time and money must mean it's pretty important to you. Men often say they like a woman who looks natural, so that's not a good sign for all you fake blonds out there.

14 How thick your hair is


It's a scientific fact that natural blonds have more hair than brunettes. Natural blonds generally have anywhere from 120,000 to 147,000 strands, while brunettes have 100,000 to 120,000. Brown hair contains more melanin, which acts as a shield for the scalp from potentially harmful UV rays. Since thicker hair is also a sign of health and fertility, men might also end up being more attracted to women who have healthier looking hair. Of course, with all the volumizing products out there, it's a lot easier to fake thick hair than it used to be.

13 Brunette women are more introverted than blonds


People who want to stand out often like to dye their hair bright, neon, and not exactly natural colors. Blonds also report getting more attention from the opposite sex, meaning men tend often see blonds as very desirable. Brunettes are often perceived as more introverted and conservative, and while natural hair color can't possibly reveal your entire personality, the colors you choose to dye it, might say a little something about how you want to be seen.

12 Blonds aren't as intelligent as brunettes

Of course, the "dumb blond stereotype" has no roots in actual science. Anyone can be dumb, regardless of hair color. So where did the dumb blond thing come from? One of the first dumb blond icons in popular culture is probably the character of Lorelei Lee in the 1953 film, Gentleman Prefer Blonds as portrayed by Marilyn Monroe. Lorelei is the type of woman who uses her looks to get ahead, and is often seen as fun-loving, air headed and ditzy. Ever since then, the stereotype of the dumb blond, however cliche, has been a popular one. Surveys have show that although men find blonds attractive, they tend to think brunettes are more intelligent.

11 Women with highlights are more into following trends


Hair color trends come and go just like fashion and beauty trends. If you're the type of person who likes to try the latest highlight technique, loves to experiment with wild colors, and is always scouring beauty blogs looking to get a jump on next season's hottest styles, that probably means you're a little more into trends than most. Most people will choose a style and a color palate they know works for them, but you will follow along with whatever is popular, and you'll probably look hot doing it. Men, for their part, don't exactly notice subtle hair color changes. You'll never hear a guy complimenting your subtle caramel highlights.

10 Men prefer natural hair colors


The thing about changing your hair color frequently is, it's expensive. If you're willing to drastically change your hair color, then you must also be able to keep up with root maintenance. Coloring your hair can be damaging so you also might need expensive conditioners, and the ability to keep up with the inevitable fading, split ends, and touch ups. Having perfect hair must mean having an impressive bank balance, or else you're frequently debating over whether to spend your money on your rent or your hair. For men, this goes back to the high maintenance thing. They're always saying they like girls who are natural and laid back, so they tend to not be so into women who spend a lot of money on their hair.

9 Blond women are confident and want to stand out


Women who are open to trying new hair colors, and aren't afraid of standing out are usually also pretty confident. They don't mind being the center of attention-- they might even prefer it. Also, women often choose to change their hair color after a big life change, like a break up. They need something new and fresh to get their confidence back up, and hair will always grow back, so it's a safe way to revamp your image a little and give yourself a boost. And men definitely notice the women who can rock a crazy hair color with style.

8 Women who try make drastic hair color changes are risk takers


If you're willing to make drastic changes to your natural hair color with no guarantee it will turn out well, it's pretty safe to say you're a risk taker. Women who have wild, neon colored hair are often considered to have wild, spontaneous, unique personalities as well. The way we present ourselves on the outside is a reflection of how we see ourselves and how we want to be seen, so taking risks with your appearance could also mean you're open to taking risks elsewhere, and there aren't many guys who aren't into that.

7 Brunettes are more approachable


Women with brown hair are often seen as the most easy going, girl next door, approachable types. To men, they seem safe, reliable, and most likely to be a good romantic partner. According to Men's Health and a survey done by AskMen and Sunsilk, men are more likely to marry a brunette woman because they are seen as the most steady and even tempered. Of course, in order to get married, you have to meet people, and in order to do that you have to be approachable.

6 Brunette women are more career-oriented


Women with brown hair are seen as more serious, career oriented, and responsible. Bonus points if you have a short, more structured hairstyle as well. If you work in a more conservative industry, keeping your hair simple and polished is probably better for your image. First impressions are a big deal when you're networking with new people, and a bright hair color might give potential employers the wrong idea about you (even if it's actually completely wrong). In more creative industries on the other hand, a unique appearance might actually help you get ahead. Dating tends to be all about first impressions as well, so if a guy is looking to settle down, he might gravitate more towards brunettes, but if he's looking for an adventure, a blond, or neon-haired girl might be more his type.

5 Red heads have a lower pain tolerance


Researchers at Southampton University Hospital in the UK set out to figure out if redheads and people with pale skin are more sensitive to pain than everyone else. They found that while they might not be more sensitive to all types of pain (like the electrical induced pain used in the study), they are more sensitive to thermal changes. It's also been determined that a lot of redheads require higher amounts of anesthetic, but lower doses of certain painkillers. A mutation in a hormone receptors of natural redheads is the likely culprit in their variations in the tolerance of pain.

4 Blonds like being the center of attention


Similar to revealing how extroverted and confident you are, your hair color is a pretty good indicator of how much you like being in the spotlight. If you don't mind changing your hair whenever the mood strikes you, and you find a way to make anything look good, you're probably the type that likes being the center of attention. While bleach blond, or rainbow hued highlights probably make you stand out as it is, you like to push the envelope even further and might opt for a neon green mohawk at some point. The differences in the types of guys you'll attract based on your hair color will probably be just as drastic as your hair itself.

3 Premature grey hair means you're stressed


We've all heard that too much stress can start to turn your hair grey prematurely. Supposedly, Marie Antoinette's hair changed from blond to grey the night before her public beheading. But there is no conclusive scientific evidence than stress alone will cause you to go grey. It has more to do with the melanin present in your body, and hereditary factors. So don't worry, a few stressful weeks at work won't do anything to your hair color. Unfortunately for us, women with grey hair tend to just look old, while men with grey hair are seen as distinguished and even more attractive.

2 Brunettes attract men who want a commitment


Everyone has a bit of a type. Guys often say they love blonds, or they're generally attracted to brunettes. All the personality traits you're unconsciously projecting through your physical appearance is attracting certain types of guys. According to surveys, men who want to settle down go for brunettes, while guys who just want to hook up go for blonds. Of course, this isn't a universal truth-- it's just a noticeable trend. Wild hair colors might attract more punk rock-loving, free spirits, but again, hair color can't possibly tell you everything about someone.

1 Your hormone levels


The texture of hair is directly related by hormonal issues that relate to thyroid as well as estrogen and testosterone levels, but it can also affect your hair color. Pregnant women often report their hair growing in a different color than what they've had their entire life. It's usually a subtle change that only you yourself would notice. Women also report having difficulty coloring their hair when they're pregnant because their hormones won't allow the dye to penetrate into the hair follicle.

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