'Blonde Roast' Is The Perfect Fall Hair Color For Adventurous Brunettes With Commitment Issues

For all brunettes thinking of changing up their hair color but who want to make the change subtle, the new trending color 'blonde roast' is the best choice. When fall comes along it generally also sparks the desire for a fresh start, and for new beginnings, and a subtle but chic change of hair color is a perfect way to feel renewed and inspired. Blonde roast is a great option for any brunette considering going a bit lighter, but not full-on blonde, and still keep the essence of the natural hair color.

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The blonde roast keeps the darker shades of brown with lighter, blonde elements, but with no unnatural lines or contrast. The colors are well-blended throughout the hair in order to create a dimensional look, and the goal is to create an ashy shade with metallic hints in the finish. So there is no real need for worrying about maintenance of covering up the roots as the hair grows, and this is something that generally seems to be the idea with most hair trends these days.

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As reported by Allure,  it is important for anyone aspiring to try the blonde roast to know that the process might take time. Depending on the state of the hair to begin with, and whether or not the hair has been colored in the past, for example, it could take several sessions to obtain the desired look of a gorgeous blonde roast.

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Although created with brunettes in mind, the blonde roast can also be done kind of in a reversed mode on people with very light hair who wants to add a bit more darkish brown nuances. Since the process of creating a blonde roast is similar to a balayage, on a person with very light hair, it would basically be a reversed balayage, adding darker tones closer to the roots while leaving the lengths in the natural blonde shade.

Going from brunette to blonde, or the other way around, of course, can be scary, but for those who still are adventurous enough to change their hair color, the blonde roast is a perfect middle way. Not too drastic, but with stunningly beautiful results.

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