Blonde Is Taking Over: 13 Celebs Who Flopped (+ 12 Who Nailed It)

Before we know it, summer 2019 will be here, so we highly suggest ya'll reach out to your colorist for an appointment immediately. Why? Because blonde, specifically honey blonde, or bronde (brown-blonde) is taking over, and we want our fellow ladies to sashay around town with gorgeous and fresh locks. Not a fan of the colour combo? There are tons of blonde to go around. Blondes have more fun, right?

There are plenty of hair colours that go in and out of style, but blonde is a colour that will always stick around. For years now, we have seen celebrities sport the blonde ombré, the sandy blonde hair, the platinum blonde, strawberry blonde, and the golden blonde, but not all of them waltzed around town looking fabulous. While some celebrities pulled off the dreamiest shades, others failed.

There are tons of dashing blonde hues on our radar right now, and there are some that will add extra sass to any woman's appearance that is needed for summer. Ready to take the plunge? If a woman is daring enough to try blonde locks, we want to make sure she picks the right shade for herself, and this list of celebrities that nailed it - and those who flopped - will be useful as a guide.

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25 Flopped: Blonde Just Isn't For Kim K

Business Insider India

When Kim K first appeared on the scene, what made us ogle at her most was her tresses. The long and dark brown, almost black, luscious locks of the reality television star became her signature look, and women around the world tried to imitate the Kim K look with extensions and dye.

That is, until one morning when Kim K decided to be playful and surprised the world with a head of platinum blonde hair. We know that KKW could be quite the hair chameleon, but when she stepped out in platinum blonde - which happened on more than one occasion - it just was not Kim. A big change from her normally dark hair, the blonde was too icy for her olive skin tone and it was too bland for her. Thankfully, she came to her senses and got tired of the light locks.

24 Nailed It: But Khloé K Is Icy Hot In Blonde

via Pinterest

Everyone, please make room for Khloé Kardashian, the newest member to join the Super Blonde Team. Khloé K has been the monkey in the middle of a lot of controversies lately, but she is still going around town looking sizzling while flaunting her platinum blonde locks like it is nobody's business.

We have always admired Khloé for her strength and courage, but now, more than ever, she looks like a Barbie doll ready to take over the world. We never want to see her channelling any other colour than the blonde she has right now because she looks like a masterpiece. We can even compare her to the one and only Marilyn Monroe. Although it is an icy blonde, she looks like absolute fire.

23 Nailed It: Queen Bee Is Sweet Like Honey

via Instagram

When done right, the bronde shade will make you look as fierce as Sasha Fierce herself. All the blondes that Queen Bey has rocked are cemented in our minds; if any of you are looking for a blonde guide, looking through photos of the songstress will do.While she has experimented with different shades of blonde, her iconic blonde hair colour is everlasting and does not change. No one can tame Beyonce's flame and mane.

However, she looks like she is ready to take over the world with her new golden mane, that right now is the trendiest blonde. This Foxy Cleopatra is a whole lot of woman with her rich and caramel honey strands that graze her face.

22 Nailed It: Blonde Is Made For Amanda Seyfried

via Pinterest

It doesn't matter when you first laid eyes on Amanda Seyfried, because when you did, we are sure you instantly noticed her impeccable head of hair. Her signature blonde hair is the colour women worldwide try to achieve. So, how does she sustain one of the most enviable manes in Hollywood? With hair care.

We all know that dying our hair blonde can be quite damaging to our beloved tresses, but Seyfried nails it. Her locks always look so healthy and alive, even though she has tried all the blonde alternatives, which is quite surprising. Looking like she is ready to stroll on the beach with her golden locks, Seyfried still manages to look sophisticated and chic.

21 Flopped: We Know It's J.Lo, But Blonde Isn't Her Thing

via Billboard

When Jennifer Lopez, who is now engaged, crossed into new hair-itory, we were not too impressed. We know J.Lo is a beauty inspiration to many, and that she could make even a garbage bag look good, but the light blonde strands just did not do her justice. With her all-year-round bronzed glow, J.Lo needs her luscious brunette locks to look like the goddess that she is.

After over two decades in Hollywood's spotlight, it looks like Jenny from the block is still the same 20-year-old woman we first saw, but the blonde strangely made her look older. No, J.Lo does not have a head full of brown strands, but the above look, with more blonde than brown, is not for her. However, the blonde with her dark base makes us drool.

20 Flopped: We Only Want To See Leighton Meester As A Brunette

via Allure

Just like Chuck Bass, when we first saw Leighton Meester, we could not take our eyes off the fashionista. Mostly known for her portrayal of Blair Waldorf on the television series Gossip Girl, Meester did not gossip about everything IRL, including her hair. Many of you may not know that Meester is actually a natural blonde - no, she is not the striking chestnut brunette we know her as.

However, last year she decided to go back to her roots and debuted a brand-new hair colour, aka platinum blonde. Meester is a playful young woman, and the white-blonde looked like it sucked the soul out of her; it just did not do anything right for her. With her fair complexion, she looked like a ghost and it took away from all her standout features, like her eyes.

19 Nailed It: The Beauty Mogul Can Pull Off Any Blonde

via Pinterest

Who else in the KarJenner clan tried out the blonde lifestyle? The self-made billionaire herself, Kylie Jenner. If we had to decide who wore blonde better between sisters Khloé and Kylie, it would be a tough decision.

We have seen Jenner sport countless wild hair colours, but the moment she opted for platinum blonde, the universe started trembling. Why? Because she started a fire with her icy locks. We know that the KarJenners love to make statements, but when Jenner stepped out in her birthday outfit for her 21st, with her extra-long blonde strands, we wanted to make her our real-life Barbie.

When she sports a blonde mane with voluminous and retro waves, she looks like she is about to make old-Hollywood glamour a thing again. So bold, Kylie!

18 Flopped: Anne Hathaway Must Never Go Blonde Again

via StyleCaster

Our eyes still hurt from the time that The Princess Diaries star decided to be funky and go blonde - yes, we disliked it that much.

We know that actresses have to sometimes dye their hair for movie roles, but when Hathaway made this decision, she was sober and not filming a movie, which really made us question the yellow-blonde even more.

Hathaway's trademark brunette hair is flawless on her, and with the blonde, she just looked funny and totally out of place. For years, we did not see her do anything too different with her hair, and although we give her props for being brave and trying, the blonde hairdo was not right for her. Blonde hair should add some spunk, not make a woman look unrecognizable.

17 Nailed It: Margot Robbie Makes Any Blonde Look Sophisticated

via Celebrity Insider

If there is a hair colour shade you need to copy right now, it is Margot Robbie's. Men go gaga for the Australian beauty with chic, but still sometimes edgy, locks. No matter the colour, Robbie's hair always looks stunning; she nailed the cool blonde, the platinum blonde, and her usual golden blonde.

With so many dreamy shades to choose from, this famous actress has the most perfect shade of blonde. Robbie has proven to us that she has the look, whether her hair is brown, red or blonde. We vote for this blonde all the way!

16 Flopped: Ariana, The Blonde Is A Thank U, Next

via Allure

When Ariana Grande debuted her platinum blonde locks, it was quite the big deal. So used to seeing the songstress, who is taking over the Billboard chart, with a thick and long brunette coloured ponytail, we could not understand the big change; it was hard to swallow.

Not only did fans go into full freak-out mode when she and Pete Davidson split, but they also did with her new look. Grande decided to take her signature caramel hair all the way to full-on blonde. And it was not your ordinary blonde - no, Grande went big and went for a really bright and icy blonde. Her new look certainly caused an uproar for those who know Grande for her classic chestnut-brown locks. Thankfully, she said "Thank U, Next," to that blonde hair - it just wasn't her.

15  Flopped: Why Did Jordyn Woods Think Of Going Blonde?

via Bossip

Is Jordyn Woods trying to look like Kylie Jenner with the platinum blonde or...? Whatever the case may be, we are not digging it.

With all the drama she has faced in the last month, we guess she decided she should try out a new and fresh 'do, but we all know that the white-blonde is not made for her. Woods debuted a new platinum blonde hairdo in London while promoting her collaboration with eyelash beauty brand Eylure, and the hair colour caused quite the stir.

Whether she was trying to channel her bestie or ex-bestie, the curvy model looks best without the blonde. It may have been her first step towards a new life, but the blonde is a no-go.

14 Flopped: Not Digging The Blonde Mane On Jada Pinkett Smith

via Instagram

The sandy blonde is definitely a hit, but on this bona fide babe, it is not her best look. Although it was not the first time Mrs. Smith switched over to the blonde side, this comeback was a miss.

Smith is something of a hair chameleon, which is totally cool because not every hair colour will suit a person, and luckily, no dye is permanent. Recently though, Smith went to IG to post her new look: the same mohawk pixie, all voluminous and curly, but in a buttery blonde. Captioning the photo, "When that Sandy blonde drip you used to rock in the ['90s] still goes hard," it is clear she attempted to channel her inner '90s nostalgia, but the blonde is too, well, buttery for her.

13 Flopped: Why Is Katy Perry Blonde?

via Instagram

Katy Perry's career has been jam-packed with hair colour transformations; over the past 10 years, she has been at the hairdressers quite often switching it up. However, she seems to be sticking to blonde lately, and we are not sure why - we totally prefer it over the blue and green hair though, do not get us wrong.

With such striking facial features, like her ocean eyes, the blonde hair does not do her justice - it is too light. Remember how her eyes stood out with her dark locks? You probably do not because she has changed hair colours so many times that keeping up is nearly impossible. Did she always change because of breakups? Or because she likes change? Whatever the case may be, the platinum blonde is not Perry's best.

12 Nailed It: Ashley Tisdale Was Always The Perfect Blonde

via Instagram

Ever since her High School Musical days, we have adored her as a blonde. Anything else just did not work for us. Ashley has had quite the beauty evolution, even though in your heads, we are sure you always thought she was blonde because that is what looks fabulous on her.

Just take one quick glance at her IG feed and you'll notice that just recently, she had a flirty and soft-pink mane. She has coloured her hair nearly every shade of blonde and brown, but blonde all over, like above, is her best look. It suits her bubbly personality and still makes her look playful, classy and chic. The honey blonde enhances the perfect bronzed skin tone she has and adds warmth and definition to her face.

11 Nailed It: Selena Gomez Owned Her Short-Lived Blonde

via Mane Addicts

Do you know what they say? Nothing is more empowering than change after a breakup. Pop star Selena Gomez certainly tried that theory out when she decided to go from brunette to blonde overnight. Fans never expected her to make such a big change, and when she debuted her platinum blonde look at the AMAs, she set the internet ablaze.

She stood out among the rest and rocked her new 'do with a fierce and confident attitude. Although we love Gomez as a brunette, we would not mind seeing her with a platinum blonde bob again because she slayed. The dramatic makeover made her look like the edgy girl next door, and she also proved that blondes have more fun!

10 Flopped: Rose Byrne, Is That You?

via Elle

Platinum blonde will never die, which is probably why celebrities keep on trying it out. Actress Rose Byrne said goodbye to her signature look when she stepped out with a dramatic and unexpected new hair colour last year. The Australian actress must have wanted to find out if blondes really do have more fun, but when she made the change, she was barely recognizable.

With platinum blonde tresses, Byrne premiered her major hair transformation when she attended the red carpet for The Lifespan of a Fact. The edgy and new look was surely brave and cool, but the icy blonde hairstyle that stole the show was not as flattering on her as her dark hair. With her porcelain skin, the blonde was too white for her soft features.

9 Nailed It: When Emilia Clarke Went Blonde IRL - YES!

via Glamour UK

You may have thought that the stunning Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones was blonde in real life, but she had you all fooled until she decided to go platinum blonde officially. Luckily for Clarke, she looks fabulous and could pull off any hair colour, which is why the mother of dragons was able to pull off the icy blonde wig in the hit show while making it look like her own real mane.

In the last season of the show, the actress followed her instincts and went fully into character when she went blonde for real. We became obsessed with Daenerys's ice-blonde luscious locks, so we were not surprised when she took the leap and bleached her natural hair IRL. We hope Clarke keeps embracing her inner Khaleesi.

8 Flopped: Platinum Blonde Just Wasn't For The Edgy Zoë Kravitz

via Pinterest

The beauty and style evolution of Zoë Kravitz is impeccable; she has always been one to push the envelope when it comes to beauty choices. We saw her go from a fresh-faced teen to a dark and edgy glam queen, which is why the blonde pixie cut was not her most flattering look.

We have full faith that she will continue trying new looks, but when Kravitz went platinum back in 2016, she looked like a different woman. The blonde affected the rest of her style, and she no longer looked like the fashion icon with an edgy style. She may have pulled off the red lip more with the blonde hair, but the dark hair she usually sports is more overpowering.

7 Nailed It: Slay Like Gigi Hadid Does

via Instagram

Want to look totes ready for summer? Be like Gigi Hadid and go with a honey blonde hairdo. The supermodel could pull off just about any blonde and brown (she had a run as a brunette), but we've come to love Hadid for her dark honey blonde.

With legs for miles and hair for days, the chestnut blonde makes the dreamy model look like she is just about ready to hit the beach at any time.

Although she was born with blonde wavy locks, Hadid has tried many hairstyles and hair colours, but the honey blonde gives her the typical California girl look we all love. The beachy blonde locks she has are so luscious and fresh and suit her perfectly.

6 Flopped: The Cool Blonde Doesn't Work For Jaime King

via Instagram

One of the latest celebrities to embrace platinum blonde is Jaime King, but we are hoping she'll go back to her darker mane soon.

It took King quite some time to decide upon the transformation, and although she took the leap, we understand why it took her so long to make such a major decision. With such pale skin, the dramatic and platinum blonde bob is just too harsh for her.

Platinum blonde is not for everyone; for some, like King, it draws the life out of them. With no makeup on, it is hard to pay attention to any of King's gorgeous facial features because the platinum overshadows them. A strawberry blonde would have suited and complemented the model's soft features much more.

5 Flopped: Blonde Isn't For Momager Kris Jenner

via PopBuzz

The Kardashians are hard to keep up with, but thankfully, momager Kris Jenner does not change up her look as much as her daughters do. When we go on their social media pages, we tell ourselves, "another day, another Kardashian hair colour change." And one day, mother Jenner decided to follow her hair chameleon daughters and came out looking a little "too much" with a platinum blonde replacing her signature dark pixie.

On more than one occasion Jenner tricked us with her platinum tresses, and also looked a lot like her daughter Kim Kardashian - twinning at its least finest. In the above photo, she was definitely channelling her inner Miranda Priestly, but thankfully it was just a wig because the blonde hairdo is not for the grandmother.

4 Nailed It: Hailey Bieber Shows Us That Blondes Have More Fun

via Pinterest

We are not surprised Justin Bieber chose Hailey Baldwin as his wifey - who could resist the stunner with beachy blonde locks? The star has been blonde forever, but earlier this year she swapped her golden locks for bubblegum pink hair, and we were not too thrilled with her choice. Mrs. Bieber tried out the rose look more than once, but she quickly went back to her bright blonde signature look; we are sure the Biebs had something to do with this.

She is the "it girl" of the moment, and if you're looking for some blonde inspiration, look no further than Mrs. Bieber's tresses that add a whole lotta honey to her look. She has done the icy blonde look too, but we are delighted that she settled for a warmer blonde.

3 Flopped: Dua Lipa Stunts Harder With Dark Locks

via Glamour Uk

Dua Lipa told us not to answer the phone when he is calling super late, but she didn't teach us much about blonde hair.

The singer is famous for her sleek dark brown locks, but in summer 2018 Dua Lipa made her debut as a blonde. A fashion icon in her own right, the platinum blonde did not match her cool vibes, and fans of Dua Lipa were not shy to share their thoughts about the blonde hairdo. Because her black hair is so iconic, fans were just not having it.

We even had to give the photo of her with her platinum bob a second glance because she looked like just another social media influencer. She is one of the coolest girls on the planet right now but needs to stick to her dark roots.

2 Nailed It: Dove Cameron Looks Like An Angel

via Twitter

This actress finally achieved the perfect buttery blonde, and we need to have her dreamy shade right now! She has gone from an ash platinum blonde to golden blonde and has nailed every hue of blonde that there is. Is it wrong to say that she looks like an angel sent from heaven with her beautiful blonde locks and piercing green eyes? Her flair is so innocent.

She could also easily pull off the role of Elsa from Frozen, even though "this girl is on fire." The blonde-haired, wide-eyed, pouty-lipped beauty keeps on showing all non-blondes how fun it is to be blonde. And since the blonde looks so natural on her, we're quite envious.

1 Nailed It: Rita Ora Has Us Blonde-Addicted

via Instagram

One celebrity who has experimented with many colours and styles over the years is Rita Ora, but right now her honey and caramel combo hair is giving us all the feels. Why? The colour looks so rich on her, so decadent. And we have a thing for Rita Ora because not everyone could pull off a curly and voluminous mane that is completely blonde.

She was once flaunting a platinum blonde and looked dashing, but this sandy blonde is perfect for strolls on the beach. Just picture the sun hitting her luscious blonde locks against her gorgeous golden skin tone; it is not far-fetched to say she looks like a bronzed goddess.

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