Bleached Brows & 19 Other Trends That Should Stay In 2018

Fashion gets weirder and weirder every year, although that might just be because even the most young-at-heart fashionistas are getting older and older every year. Everyone seems to get stuck watching as the fashion world develops styles that seem to be created just for the sake of trying something new.

But there’s also the fact that a lot of people just want to express themselves, which can lead to some wacky and wild trends. Pair that with the rise of social media hashtags and online visibility and there’s a new trend popping up every other week!

This year has certainly been full of wacky and wild trends. From some of the more “normal” ones, like corset braids, all the way to up to colored varnish for teeth, the trends just never stopped.

Here's a full retrospective of some of the most unique trends that were stumbled upon this year. Makeup looks, hair hacks, and beauty innovations are not immune to the judges and were all included in this list.

But honestly, many of these are best kept in 2018. Out with the old and in with the new, right? Time to keep these trends in the background and make some space for whatever 2019 brings. But they're worth taking a look at first.

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20 Bleached Brows Are Going Bye-Bye


Popsugar has a whole article on the beauty of 2018’s bleached brow trend, but we’re still not convinced. While removing the eyebrows from a face (or at least bleaching them out of existence) can certainly be a dramatic style choice, it’s not as effective outdoors as it is on the catwalk.

Brows might be a pain to do every morning, but many faces need the furry forehead caterpillars to provide much-needed balance and structure.

Will bleached brows stick around in 2019? Only time will tell, but we’re guessing once that bleach grows out it likely won’t be coming back.

19 Water Bottle Hair Curling (Seriously, Don’t Try It)


With a plethora of YouTube videos touting both the benefits and drawbacks of water bottle curls, we’re here to offer our two cents on the trend. Those two cents are as follows: No. Way. Harper’s Bazaar points out that this trend came as a response to the Dyson Airwrap, which is a two-in-one curler and hair dryer that curled hair using air instead of a traditional curling wand method. It also costs more than our monthly rent, but that’s beside the point. There are already so many hair curling methods out there that we don’t feel like we need another; especially one that involves heating plastic with our hair inside.

18 Remember Fishtail Brows? Time To Forget Them


One of the earlier trends of 2018, this was the first of many funky brows to be created by beauty vloggers and social media makeup artists alike.

The fishtail brow is the first of several alternative brow styles on our list, and we have to say that it’s actually not one we’re totally against.

Harper’s Bazaar reveals that the fishtail brow is typically achieved by concealing part of the tail of a brow and drawing an extra upwards tail. Try it before 2018 is done, but don’t necessarily expect to wear them into the next year. It’s time to just let our brows live.

17 The Neon Noise We Were Seeing On Our Feeds


We’ll admit it: some of the neon styles absolutely have been giving us life. 2018 was definitely the year of the color pop, with celebs are regular folks alike rocking everything from neon eyeliners to neon leggings and windbreakers. We’re not sure if this trend will last, but right now it’s looking like we’re seeing a shift. MyModernMet reported that Pantone announced 2019’s color of the year already. “Living Coral” is a softer coral color. Bright, but not as neon as 2018 seemed to desire. Does this mean all these neon styles will start to fade? Personally, our fingers are crossed.

16 The Wet Look Makeup Is One We Hope Will Get Toned Down


For those that aren’t familiar with this style, we’ll give a little run down of what we mean. With the rise of Glossier’s gloss toppers and the super-strobe-highlighter makeup effects everybody seems to desire, we’re seeing some pretty wet looking celebs walking around out there this year.

High shine is great, but not necessarily when mixed with glossy overlays.

One or the other will do, while both make us look like we’re still drying off from the shower. Glamour mentions how “wet-look hair” was popular on the SS19 catwalks, which means we might not be seeing the end of this trend; just a shift.

15 And Yellow Blush No Longer Gets The Gold


Yellow blush is a trend that we neglected to try this year, but we know people that have. Beauty vloggers everywhere have embraced its golden shine, and people have shifted from adding a golden-hued highlighter as an accent to wearing it loudly and proudly all over their cheeks. Overall, we feel that this trend is hit and miss. Some skin tones can definitely handle a complex, rose gold blush. Some just don’t handle the jaundice well, especially if it’s more of a matte yellow than a sparkling yellow. We can’t wait for this trend to move on. Hopefully it doesn’t follow us after New Year’s!

14 Rhinestone Eyes Should Keep Their Sparkle In 2018


We’ll admit it: this was one of two 2018 trends that we rocked this year. Parties deserve a little bit of sparkle, and rhinestone eyeliner can definitely be done well, despite what we might have seen on some of our social media feeds.

Rhinestone eyes will likely never leave, but we definitely think they’ll be keeping most of their sparkle in 2018.

They’ve had their time in the sun, and 2019 seems like we’ll be focused more on clean and clear looks anyway. Rhinestone eyes are just too over the top for everyday wear anyway. Rock them on New Year’s Eve and then pack them away until the next holiday season hits.

13 As Should All Of The Casual “Glitter Face” Looks

bjournal.co / @heatherlinesmua

The other questionable trend we’re guilty of rocking this year? The glitter face looks. Harper’s Bazaar reports that this trend became popular “when models hit the Giambattista Valli fall runways in Paris wearing a face-full of duo-chrome glitter.” The trend then shifted to consist of everyday makeup artists layering patches of glitter over contour, concealer, or eyeshadow looks, creating a trend that was half high fashion and half midnight beach disco party. While it’s certainly not a daily wear kind of trend, it was a nice addition for a few parties. While glitter will always exist in some way, we’re likely not going to be seeing it as much next year. It’s had its time.

12 We Love Watercolor Hair, But The Upkeep Is Just Too Hard


One of our favorite trends of this past year was the trend that came out of everybody’s pastel hair obsession. Trends tend to twist and change as time goes on. Not only do we inevitably get bored of the same thing, but curiosity and self-expression are two constants in our society that mean we’re always innovating; especially when it comes to beauty.

The watercolor hair trend, as dubbed by Harper’s Bazaar, was pastel hair upgraded.

Many pastel colors mixed and swirled in people’s blonde hair, giving it the appearance of a watercolor painting. Is it awesome? Yes! Is it hard on the upkeep? Very much so. Unfortunately, it’s likely going to be too much for many of us in the new year.

11 Rainbow Teeth Was A Low-Key Trend That Hopefully Disappears


We admit that we didn’t even see this trend until fairly recently, which we’re a little worried means that it’s still on its upswing. Not only does the rainbow teeth trend raise a lot of questions for us, but it also makes us curious about why it took so long for someone to think of it. Glamour mentions that CHRŌM was the brand that developed this tooth varnish. They report that users are supposed to paint the varnish on like nail polish, and then brush it off when all the rainbow-teeth-fun is done. Did it catch on as wildly popular? Not to our knowledge. Time will tell if it keeps flying under the radar, though.

10 Garden Brows Are Beautiful, But Best Left Behind


Garden brows were a trend that came out in 2018 that we’re on the fence about. On one hand, we think it’s a really neat example of brow art. On the other hand, we worry that people might actually seriously consider wearing this trend out into the world.

Mashable points out that this trend can actually be really ethereal and dainty, which we have to agree with.

However, no matter how much people love bushy eyebrows, we don’t think they’re served any better with the addition of flowers. Could this be the trend that persists into the new year? Maybe, but we’re hoping it shifts back into the realm of art.

9 Corkscrew Nails Kept Cropping Up This Year


Give people an inch of acrylics and they’ll go a mile. At least, that’s the case of these questionable corkscrew nails. Not only did we see these babies everywhere on the internet this year, but we also found that people were combining them with other nail trends, like unicorn nails and holographic polish. Harper’s Bazaar reminds us that, while they might look super practical for all those wild party nights, we can’t actually open any wine bottles with them. Then again, most $10 wines don’t use corks, which means we definitely don’t have a use for them. Our advice? Stick to the straight acrylics and try a shorter nail.

8 ... As Did Ombre Lash Looks


Is it possible to find a more subtle trend? We don’t think so. Ombre everything seemed to be popular this year. From ombre hair to ombre nails, and even some ombre lipstick styles, artists were obsessed with fading colors into each other. It’s beautiful but doesn’t always fit the situation that we’re in.

Luckily for those of us that were craving color, ombre lashes became a thing.

Whether they were achieved by extensions or by slight swipes of colored mascara didn’t matter. The whole point was adding a little color to our eyelashes. Those that love it really love it, and we’re sure that the trend will be embraced by some (but fewer) in 2019.

7 But Then Disappearing Lashes Took Hold (And We’re Still Waiting For Them To Resurface)


Lo and behold, ombre lashes developed into the disappearing lash look, as Glamour reported. Keep in mind that these aren’t actual disappearing lashes—nobody’s plucking eyelashes, no matter what the trend might call for. The disappearing lash trend is rather a feat of makeup engineering. Glamour says that artists match their mascara to their eyeshadow, giving the effect of the lashes disappearing. Often this is done with soft pink, making it look like there’s truly nothing there. However, we also think blue would be quite striking. That is, until this trend disappears as yet another questionable 2018 choice (which we predict will be soon).

6 Corset Braids Made Everyone Think String Was In


Adding decoration to box braids and twists are nothing new, but string seems to have been the biggest thing this year. Even Lady Gaga rocked one! While Stylecaster’s trending how to was technically released in late 2017, the trend continued and grew over the past year.

More and more vloggers seemed to be stringing threads, yarn, ribbons, and other beautiful rope-like accessories throughout their hairstyles.

We personally love the effect that some of these styles achieve. Most of the time, at least! We feel the style works best with thinner string on thicker braids. Thicker string on thinner braids overwhelms the person wearing it. Will this trend last into 2019? We honestly think it might.

5 Barbed Brows Added Edge To Softer Makeup Looks


It’s all about the juxtaposition when it comes to beauty. We’re fascinated by seeing beautiful gowns against old, decrepit buildings. The same can be said for makeup looks. We’re fascinated by seeing a soft makeup look changed by a dark eyeliner or bold lip. These barbed wire brows were named thanks to the inspiration they drew from barbed wire itself. Glamour listed them as one of the top trends of 2018, but we personally don’t know if we’d ever want to try it. The points and spikes created by the brow usually take quite a bit of product to set, and the results are a little abrasive for our personal taste.

4 Holographic Everything Is Already Starting To Stay Behind


Glamour might have singled out holographic hair specifically, but we paid attention enough this year to know that holographic nails, lips, and eyeshadows were also popular in the makeup world throughout the course of 2018.

We love the shiny and shimmery look and find that this is a color that looks good on pretty much everyone.

That being said, it’s definitely one that draws a lot of attention. Holographic nails are a great option for a holiday outfit, but we’re not exactly sure about rocking a holographic hairstyle or holographic backpack. Believe it or not, there can be such a thing as “too shiny”.

3 Halo Eyebrows Were Pretty Much Only On The Internet, And Hopefully That Doesn’t Change


We distinctly remember opening up the internet one day and seeing the “halo brow” listed as an overnight trending sensation. The first word that popped into our head? WHY. Less of a question and more of a frantic, please-don’t-let-this-be-real cry out, we’ve since been reassured that this is a trend that seems to exist solely on the internet. Mashable lists it as the 4th weirdest trend of 2018, which we might just have to agree with. This trend seemed to be a one and done style, which means we don’t expect there to be many people rocking this in 2019.

2 Unicorn Nails Might Not Be Sticking Around For 2019


The convergence of holographic colors, pastel hair, and a sudden resurgence in glitter was likely the perfect storm that created the unicorn nail trend. 2018 featured unicorn everything, from onesies to manicures. Now, we love unicorns as much as the next person and have been known to rock a unicorn barrette or two.

But unfortunately, there’s been a decline in our collective fascination with these pretty and glittery creatures.

Unicorn nail polish might have sold out in stores this year, but we don’t think the same thing will happen in 2019. At least, not until the glitter finally washes off everything.

1 Christmas Tree Brows Are Likely The Last 2018 Trend We Have To Live Through


Combining several different trends into one compact, holiday-scented package, Christmas tree brows are a hilarious trend that we’re so happy we saw in time for the holiday season. Glamour credits this look to “Vlogerr Taylor,” who also uses the handle “taytay_xx”. This unique style seems to combine several of 2018’s makeup trends all in one: feathered/soap brows, rhinestones, and geometric shapes added to a makeup look. Is it festive? Definitely. Should it be worn outside the comfort of our bedroom? We’ll have to pass on that one, though with that being said, it definitely does make for a cute happy holidays selfie.

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