10 Reasons Every Bleach Blonde Should Consider Getting Shadow Roots

Blondes may have more fun, but maintaining bleached blonde hair is anything but. From damaged hair, costly root touch-up appointments and dealing with ugly brassy yellow tones, getting and keeping your hair blonde can be exhausting.

If you don’t quite want to let go of the blonde, but you want to eliminate the stress of being blonde, you should consider getting a shadow root. Shadow roots blend your natural hair color with your blonde hair. For a shadow root, your colorist will choose a color that’s either similar to, or slightly darker than, your natural hair color. Then they will apply that color to your roots and pull that color down. Once it’s finished, you will have beautifully blended hair.

If you aren’t fully convinced, here are 10 reasons you should consider a shadow root.

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10 Your Hair Will Become An Illusion

When done properly, shadow roots create a beautiful illusion. The contrast between your darker roots and your lightened hair will create a look that’s sure to turn heads. Your roots will be visible, but your stylist will make it look intentional, not as if you skipped out on too many hair appointments.

9 You Will Spend Less Money

Maintaining blonde hair can quickly become costly. Most bleach blondes get their roots done every 6 weeks. At most salons, root touch ups cost anywhere between $50-$70 per session. That’s a lot of money! If you do the math, that’s an extra $400-$600 a year that you’re spending just on your hair. You could fund a mini-vacation with that kind of money. Getting a shadow root will allow you to keep your blonde and save your pretty pennies. Though a shadow root will cost you anywhere from $100-$175, there’s far less upkeep which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

8 Your Hair Will Get A Much Needed Break

It’s no secret that bleaching isn’t good for your hair. While some people’s hair handles bleach better than others, there will always be damage. You may not think bleaching just your roots is all that damaging, but for those with fragile hair, it can cause major problems. Bleach makes your hair dry and more vulnerable to breakage. Because of this, for some people, it can be really difficult to keep their hair healthy. And we all know, unhealthy hair doesn’t grow. Getting a shadow root can feel like a major decision, but if you’ve been wanting healthier and longer hair, it’s a decision you should consider making.

7 Your Hair Will Look More Natural

Achieving blonde hair is a difficult task because adding bleach to dark hair often results in brassy tones. And brassy hair isn't a cute look. The process of eliminating brassy tones is a long grueling process that often involves a lot of time, patience, and toner. By the time you get your blonde looking natural, you will have to fight the same ugly and unnatural looking brass the next time you color your roots.

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While some may say the best way to eliminate brassy hair is through toners and purple shampoo, another way you can eliminate it is by not bleaching your roots at all.

Shadow roots help you achieve a natural look by creating shadows in your hair which helps your natural hair color blend with your blonde.

6 It's Great For Commitment-Phobes

Coloring your hair is a big commitment. Most colors can't easily be changed or reversed. That's why shadow roots are perfect for those who have trouble committing to a hair color. If you're wanting a change but don't want to make it too drastic, getting shadow roots will help you ease into that change.

For some women, getting a shadow root is just what they need to gather the courage to go darker. Others decide blonde is still their color. Whatever you choose, shadow roots will help you make that choice. Just look at Kim Kardashian who has gone back and forth between being a brunette and a blonde. She would save herself (and her hair) some trouble if she rocked the shadow roots look for a while longer.

5 It's Low-Maintenance

The struggles of being an unnatural blonde are very real. While lightening your hair is very thrilling, the thrill from having lighter hair is quickly ruined by the maintenance that is needed to keep your hair light and healthy. Becoming a bleach blonde involves a lot of bleach, money, purple shampoos, deep conditioning treatments, and frequent trims. While the end goal may have you feeling like hair goals, getting there isn’t easy or cheap.

However, with shadow roots, you can still have blonde hair while preserving both your hair and your bank account. Since shadow roots involve a technique of blending and toning at your root base, you can let your roots grow in for up to 6 months before getting your shadow root touched up again.

4 You Get To Have Two Colors At Once

Many bleach blondes think about going back to their roots but are worried about making that big leap all at once. Shadow roots give you the best of both worlds. It helps you embrace and grow out your natural hair while keeping the blonde hair you love. Normally, every bleach blonde dreads when their roots start growing in. But, shadow roots aren’t your ordinary roots. They are roots that are perfectly blended and melted into your blonde. Your hair won’t look outgrown, cheap, or in desperate need of a hair appointment. You get to be both a blonde and brunette for as long as you want.

3 Your Hair Will Grow

Some people have to make a choice between long hair and blonde hair. But shadow roots give you the opportunity to have both. Bleach can damage the cuticle of your hair which can cause breakage and slow down hair growth. It also dries your hair out which makes the need for hair trims more frequent. Thus begins a vicious cycle of coloring your hair blonde and then having to cut your hair because you colored your hair blonde.

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However, shadow roots give your hair a break from bleaching which means healthier hair and less frequent trims. By going without bleaching your hair (even for just a while), your hair will grow in faster and stronger.

2 It's New And Different

Shadow roots are quite trendy right now. Just look up #shadowroot on Instagram and you will see how beautiful and unique shadow roots can be. It gives you a slightly new look without completely changing your hair color. It's different from just letting your roots grow out because it's a blending technique that can either disguise your roots or make a bold statement.

If you’re looking for a more natural look, you can get roots that are nearly identical to your new growth. If you want something more daring, you can color your roots a few shades darker. Whatever you decide, a shadow root is an excellent choice for when you’re wanting to ditch the bleach and do something new (and better for your hair).

1 You Might Learn To Love Your Natural Hair Color

Though you might experience a bit of an identity crisis at first, a shadow root may make you appreciate your natural hair. This is particularly true for those who have been coloring their hair blonde for years. It’s easy to get so caught in the thrill of changing your look that you forget how beautiful your hair was to begin with.

The great thing about getting a shadow root is that it’s the first baby step towards going back to your natural hair. While that may not be what you're going for, you just might learn to love your natural hair or at least learn how to embrace it.

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