Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani: 20 Pictures That Make Us Swoon

When they first got together, country crooner Blake Shelton and pop princess Gwen Stefani seemed like an unlikely pair. Proving that opposites do attract, the two popular musicians made their love story last. They're still sticking together and are stronger than ever. Whether they are performing on stage, chilling with Stefani’s kids at home, or walking hand-in-hand in the city, the good-looking couple is showing fans that true love can stand the test of time, even in the glare of the spotlight.

Those who adore these two can’t get enough of them together. They make a super-cute couple and it is evident that they are over the moon for one another. Each left a previous relationship on less-than-good terms, so once they felt that spark again with each other, the two became inseparable. And their love just won’t quit.

Check out these 20 perfect pics of the twosome looking more in love than ever. Fans go crazy when these two are canoodling or simply smiling while looking deeply into each other’s eyes. It is hard to pick a favorite photo, so why not find something special in them all? Scroll down and see why it seems like Shelton and Stefani will be together until the end of time. And that’s saying a lot for a celeb couple!

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20 Peering At Perfection

Via: Intouchweekly.com

Shelton simply can’t take his eyes off his beautiful girlfriend. She always looks amazing, but he sees her through an even clearer lens. There are plenty of other people in the room surrounding the stars, but the country singer only has eyes for the pretty pop star by his side.

And who could blame him? Stefani is a stunner, with her long blonde hair and perfect profile. Let’s hope Shelton never stops looking at his lady with such tenderness and love. If he remains this enamored, they will stay together for a long time to come. That’s if she stares at him with the same sense of pride, of course.

19 Sporty Meets Stylish

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

When they are not all dolled up for red carpet events and on-stage performances, Shelton and Stefani know how to dress down and get comfortable. With their matching hats and laid-back looks, the two are on the same page fashion-wise. While Stefani usually pulls out all the stops when it comes to style, Shelton isn’t exactly runway material. But he always manages to look cool, especially when Stefani is on his arm.

Even when Stefani isn’t in a glittery gown or something off the pages of a fashion magazine, she still loves to go for that pop of red on her lips to liven up her look.

18 A Peck For His Princess

Via: Today.com

With a big smooch on Stefani’s cheek, Shelton is showing the world that he’s madly in love with his woman. She’s smiling from ear to ear, so he knows his kiss is worth a thousand words. Standing in front of a big crowd, these two seem to think they are the only ones in the room as they embrace and share their feelings for each other.

Of course, everyone is looking in their direction, but Shelton and Stefani don’t care who’s watching their loving gesture. If they get this close in front of hundreds, even thousands, imagine what’s going on when they’re all alone!

17 A Guitar And His Girl

Via: Billboard.com

Performing together on stage must be so much fun for the flirty couple. Stefani looks super-cool in her fashionable dress and thigh-high boots. And her man doesn’t miss a beat in his jeans and plaid country look. While their sense of style may be a mismatch, the love these two share couldn’t be more perfect.

With a smile folks can see for miles, Stefani is obviously smitten with Shelton and he feels the same way about her. Not only do they get to sing as a pair, but they get to go home together too. What could be better?

16 Having Some Family Fun

Via: celebrityinsider.org

While Shelton has no kids of his own, he is more than happy to take on a fatherly role with Stefani’s kids. She’s a busy mom, so when her man can lend a helping hand she must surely appreciate the effort. It seems like the kids are taken with Shelton, so they can do all sorts of family-friendly things when they’ve got the kids on an afternoon off.

Perhaps Shelton hadn’t planned on playing “pop,” but he seems to take the role to heart and adores those cuties. Lucky for Stefani that she found a guy willing to go the extra mile!

15 Business Meets Pleasure

Via: etonline.com

The Voice is the special place where Stefani and Shelton fell in love, so the black and red set must hold a special place in their hearts. While they judged others’ singing performances and coached their teams towards victory, these two were struck by Cupid and couldn’t shut their feelings off.

Once fans learned that these two were lovebirds, tuning into the show made it even more fun to watch. Musical acts and a real-life relationship made for must-watch TV. Were the other coaches jealous? We’ll never know, but it seems like they were genuinely happy for the made-for-television twosome.

14 Coasting Along - Look At That Smile!

Via: today.com

What could be more fun than a day at the amusement park with that special someone? Looks like Stefani and Shelton are about to have a blast as they go on rides and smile all the while. Are they with Stefani’s kids or is this just a day for one-on-one rollercoaster romance? It’s unclear from the pic, but either way they’ll have tons of fun.

The other people on the ride must have been surprised to see the celeb pair doing “normal” things, but having fun is universal. Let’s hope they didn’t scream too much…they need to protect their vocal cords.

13 Gorgeous Couple Selfies

Via: Wetpaint.com

Stefani and Shelton are all smiles as they pose for a fairly plain picture. They look genuinely happy to be together and share their love with the world. Neither one looks like they’re about to perform or do something celeb-worthy; they just come across like an everyday couple who wants to get a good photo for their IG feed.

Hanging out is something these two probably don’t have a chance to do very much since they live such busy lives, so this moment must be one to cherish. Even if they don’t do anything at all!

12 What Are They Laughing About?

Via: countryliving.com

When aren’t these two having a great time? Here we see Stefani and Shelton laughing and smiling while they’re backstage and looking beautiful. Stefani’s outfit is super-cute and Shelton doesn’t look half bad himself.

Candid pics like this one prove that Stefani and Shelton are not putting on a show for their fans. Their love is the real deal and folks can tell when they see photos like this.

They probably have no idea that their photo is being snapped, so those smiles are genuine. It must be nice to be so in love and as happy as can be!

11 Sharing The Spotlight

Via: ibtimes.com

This show is all about Stefani but she is happily sharing the spotlight with her main man as he proudly stands next to her. She is smiling brightly and Shelton is just as thrilled to be there supporting his special lady.

Stefani looks absolutely stunning in her sparkly dress covered in elegant jewels and intricate details. Shelton does not look quite as flashy, but he provides balance for her beauty. Together they share the scene even though it is evidently Stefani’s big occasion. But she would not want to celebrate without her country singer sweetie standing by her side.

10 Lady In Red, The Color Of Love

Via: bustle.com

Looking ravishing in red, Stefani is applauding for someone else, but she is the one who deserves the standing ovation! While her other half claps along, he is surely wowed by his girlfriend’s timeless beauty. It is probably hard for him to look away from her while he shows his appreciation for the person everyone is saluting.

But let’s get back to the stunning Stefani. She wears red, a bold choice with her golden hair, and it complements her style perfectly. Those long red nails match her dress, those rings are divine, and her makeup looks sublime. Her stylist ought to get a raise.

9 Road Trip!

Via: elle.com

Shelton, Stefani, and a couple of friends are all in the car ready to take a road trip. By the looks on their faces, it seems like they are headed somewhere fun, and the couple can take it easy while they’re off from work for a while. With her signature bright red lips, Stefani’s smile is the first thing we see, along with her dazzling white teeth that are nearly blinding.

While we don’t know where this foursome is headed, it’s sure to be a great time. How could those friends not have a party with the fun-loving Shelton and the always-entertaining Stefani?

8 A Romantic Winter Wonderland

Via: YouTube.com

Dressed for winter and looking wonderful, Shelton is sprinkled with snowflakes, but his girlfriend seems to be perfectly dry. He must have stepped outside in the snow while she waited on stage for her sound check. Needless to say, Stefani looks terrific in her black turtleneck and Shelton looks like something of a lumberjack with his heavy coat and rugged facial hair.

These two aren’t two peas in a pod when it comes to how they dress, but they both have their own style they love to show off. Let’s hope Shelton isn’t too cold, but something tells us he warms up right away whenever he sees his beautiful babe.

7 Taking It To The Streets

Via: okmagazine.com

Looking casual and cool, the couple strolls through the parking lot hoping to go unnoticed. But how could that possibly happen? The moment these two are together in public, the paparazzi is on their case, ready to snap plenty of pics of the perfect pair.

Both are in jeans and comfy clothing, something we don’t always see, particularly from Stefani. But she looks great whether she’s in a red carpet gown or if she’s dressed down. Her style still shines through since she makes every outfit her own. Shelton must think his gal looks great when she’s all done up, but since he’s a country boy at heart, he must enjoy when she throws on some jeans and sneakers in a couple of seconds.

6 Sharing Some Elegant PDA

Via: people.com

Stefani and Shelton are blissful and beautiful, both with their eyes calmly closed and seemingly deeply in love. Always affectionate and endlessly thankful for one another, these two lovers are the perfect match.

As Stefani sits on her man’s lap and gets a sweet squeeze, she seems to be head over heels for her honey. He is just as smitten to have his leading lady sitting on his lap, and loves the feeling of her arms wrapped lovingly around him. What’s not to love about these two? They seem to have it all…and they have each other.

5 Chatting With Carson

Via: Today.com

Carson Daly is a staple on Today as well as part of the multi-talented The Voice family. He knows Shelton and Stefani well since they’ve worked together on the music competition show. Here he’s chatting with the couple, perhaps pre-interview or before a live television performance. Maybe the couple is there to talk about The Voice or just catching up with their buddy on set.

No matter the reason why they are together, things seem to be going smoothly, with everyone smiling while they are standing around. Daly must have known Shelton and Stefani were falling in love before the rest of the world found out, but he’d never spill their secret.

4 They Make A Great Duo

Via: Time.com

Stefani and Shelton are belting it out together on stage, but it looks like no one else is around. Perhaps this is a rehearsal for a big performance later on that night. Or maybe the crowd got cropped out of the pic. No matter the size of their audience or lack thereof, these two still put their hearts and souls into their craft.

They practice and put on the best performance they can, proving their professionalism is always front and center. Who would have thought that these two would ever be performing as a duo? A decade ago it would have been unheard of!

3 So Lucky In Love

Via: countryfancast.com

This couple just gets cuter and cuter. With their arms around one another’s shoulders and their heads pressed together, Shelton and Stefani always love to be close and feel comfortable showing their affection in front of anyone.

Here it looks like Shelton is the one who is more formal while Stefani is sporting a zippered sweatshirt and ponytail. Not that she doesn’t look adorable, but it is usually Shelton who is dressed down while she is fitted in something fierce and fabulous.

But forget about their clothing, it’s the thought that counts. And we’re thinking that these two can’t get enough of one another.

2 Putting On A Performance

Via: Billboard.com

It must be a special night for Shelton and Stefani as they are putting on a spectacular show. It seems like a Christmas or New Year’s performance based on the kiddos dressed in mini Santa suits plus the color of the scenery. These two are likely belting out Christmas carols and some of their own hits to wow the crowd.

Shelton looks handsome in his tux and tie, and Stefani is a vision in her form-fitting gown that is bedazzled from top to bottom. When the couple is all dressed up for a big show, they look like a million bucks…and they’re worth even more!

1 A Cute Close-Up

Via: abcnews.go.com

Time for a close-up! Here are Shelton and Stefani giving their fans a good look at their faces as they say “Cheese!” for the camera. Stefani is all smiles with her gorgeous shade of lipstick. Shelton is sporting that scruffy look we’ve all grown to love. This pic was probably taken to be posted on social media for their fans to enjoy, especially those who love seeing Shelton and Stefani as a couple.

This pic sums up the couple’s fun-loving relationship that's always open and honest, and ready for whatever the day will bring. To say they make us swoon is an understatement!

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