Blake Lively Trolls Ryan Reynolds And Compliments Herself

Young, famous, successful, in love, and wickedly savage when it comes to trolling each other on Twitter. That pretty much sums up the marriage of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. These two have been known to engage in some pretty hilarious Twitter wars, and Reynolds is well known for his sense of humor about everything from his daughter to fellow actors. Sources were there when the latest chapter in the ongoing battle between this tweeting wife and hubby was detonated.

Recently, the couple was photographed on the red carpet at the New York premiere of A Quiet Place, along with Reynolds' mother. Wild rumors about the couple possibly splitting were attached to these photos. The Deadpool actor cleverly responded to rumors saying, "We're never splitting. She'll always be my mother."


Reynolds went on to respond once more, this time specifically to the rumor about the actor needing space in his marriage and he joked that he wouldn't mind some "me" time. It seems like his lovely wife, Lively, felt left out from this latest exchange or maybe she just wanted to get him back for the last comment.

She took to Twitter to post a photo of her back facing the camera, with her hand on Reynolds as he looks affectionately at her, and his mother smiles up at her with the caption, "If there's one thing I'm infinitely proud of in this picture, it's the incredible hair styling job that I did on myself."


And indeed, her intricate braid with a black ribbon incorporated does look very pretty, but we're sure deep down, this joking wife and mother of two is also infinitely proud of her successful husband, as well.

On a side note, how sweet is the look that Reynolds' mother is giving to Lively in this photo? It's clear that she has a lot of adoration for her actress daughter-in-law. And how could you not smile at a couple who hilariously jokes with each other... and shares the funny evidence with all of us to enjoy?

You know what they say, the couple that trolls each other, stays together.

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