Blake Lively And Meghan Markle Share Some Fashion Sense

With the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry quickly approaching (May 19th if you haven't marked your iCal yet), people have their eyes closely focused on Markle's ever increasingly stylish wardrobe. It looks like the retired star's former fellow Hollywood actresses are no exception.

Enter Blake Lively who sources say attended an Easter celebration at her pal Martha Stewart's house in Bedford, New York. Lively was photographed walking with her adorable daughter, James (with handsome hubby, Ryan Reynolds), carrying a couple of sets of bunny ears and paper plates which we can only guess contained some yummy Easter goodies. But what Lively was wearing was much more exciting, because she chose a long beige button-up coat to pair with her beige turtleneck, long skirt, and boots.


If you get a feeling of deja vu looking at Lively's coat, it's probably due to the fact that Markle has been photographed in an identical coat in London as far back as this January. Though the two famous women chose to style the coat very differently (Markle went for a proper, all business look while Lively chose a more casual and soft style), they both looked great in the garment.

We're told that the coat is from the brand Smythe, and it happened to sell out in mere hours after photos were released of Markle wearing it. This is no big surprise since most everything that Markle is photographed wearing sells out almost instantly. Similarly, the same thing happened to outfits and brands that Kate Middleton wore when she was in Markle's stylish shoes, a "commoner" about to marry a royal prince.


If you want to look as sophisticated as these gals while keeping warm at the same time, you can browse similar coats online or simply wait for Smythe to restock this creamy button-up wonder to which celebrities seem so drawn.

If you're like us, you're probably hoping that more celebs copy Markle's looks because that just means double the style ideas for us. After all, as a future princess, she probably has a whole team of stylists at the ready!

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