This Face Mask Is So Good At Removing Blackheads That People Can't Stop Raving About It On Amazon

Here's a statement that most anyone can agree on- no one on planet Earth can tolerate blackheads. They're disgusting to look at and are nothing more than an unsightly reminder that your pores are horribly clogged. Fortunately, there are plenty of products on the market that claim to banish blackheads- with prices ranging from crazy cheap to extremely expensive. But one product has managed to attract a ton of attention from consumers.

As revealed by Cosmopolitan this past Tuesday, the product in question is the Vassoul Suction Black Mask. Available on Amazon, this particular mask has gained plenty of attention in its own right. Just how much? Well, it's managed to garner well over 3000 reviews on Amazon from consumers who praise its ability to remove blackheads. You read that right- over 3000 reviews from consumers who are loving this specific black mask.

via Cosmopolitan


But while consumers can't stop praising this product, dermatologists aren't convinced that this black mask deserves all those reviews. They revealed that a good blackhead removing product would contain retinoids or salicylic acid- and the Vassoul Suction Black Mask doesn't have any of that. In fact, nothing in the product's entire ingredient list contains anything that actually removes blackheads properly. This mask only removes the top layer of skin; which, according to dermatologists, can irritate the skin enough to create more oil and, subsequently, more blackheads.

So if that's the case, why is this black mask getting so much consumer praise? Well, despite its sketchy ingredient list, the product can still remove some blackheads and oil from your skin. That can make a consumer happy enough to leave a glowing review. Yet this short-term result pales in comparison to the long-term result, which isn't as great. If you truly want to banish blackheads for the long haul, you're better off finding a product that contains the proper ingredients. That way, your issue with blackheads will slowly but surely be an issue no more.

If you're still interested in trying this product- be it for serious use or just for kicks- you can purchase the 60 g bottle of Vassoul Suction Black Mask exclusively on Amazon for  $14.49 USD. Of course, consult an expert before trying any new skincare solution.

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