Billie Joe Armstrong Loves Shakira’s Cover Of Green Day’s “Basket Case”

At first glance, you probably wouldn't be able to find another pair of extremely different artists than Shakira and Billie Joe Armstrong. The former is a Columbian-born singer who's known all around the world for her English and Spanish Latin pop songs. The latter is the lead vocalist and guitarist of Green Day, a successful punk rock trio. But just because they're so different doesn't mean that they don't like or respect each other musically.

This was proven to be the case recently when Shakira covered Green Day's "Basket Case"- their hit song from the band's 1994 album Dookie. The rock song became more of a pop song when Shakira took it on, which wasn't all that surprising. Yet despite this noticeable change in genre, her cover turned out to be an incredible rendition of this extremely successful hit song!

"Me, being a basket case with my producer," Shakira wrote as a caption for the video, which she posted onto her Twitter profile late last week.

via The San Diego Union-Tribune


Fans immediately flocked to the cover, and they weren't shy about sharing their love for it. The video was liked, Retweeted, and reposted many times over. It even appeared on other social media platforms, too. Needless to say, this "Basket Case" cover was a hit with Green Day fans and Shakira fans alike!

Armstrong eventually noticed the video, and it appears as though he really liked it! He ended up sharing the video on his Instagram page as his way of promoting it further. The caption he added to it was simple: a couple of exclamation marks, tagging Shakira to get her attention and then concluding with a black heart emoji. Shakira shared her love for Armstrong's response by commenting on his post with a black heart emoji of her own.

This whole exchange just goes to show that two artists can still respect each other and enjoy their music- even if they're so different. But will Armstrong now have his band cover a Shakira song? We can only hope that this will happen sooner than later!

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