Big Brother: The 20 Most Attractive Female House Guests

Big Brother is a show that’s all about lying and trying to outplay your opponents. Yes, the character schmooze and form alliances to try to outlast each other, but those alliances never last. The drama is what makes the show fun to watch, which is why it just finished its 21st season in the US. Worldwide, there have been an astounding 448 seasons in 54 franchises. People love to tune in to watch the shenanigans unfold, regardless of what country they live in!

Others like to tune in— mostly guys— to see how good-looking their favorite female houseguests will look that day. With lewd “showmances”, bikini outings, and other ways of exploiting the women's attractiveness, Big Brother producers understand what sells

There have been many gorgeous women on the show throughout its 20-year run, some of whom have even won! It’s impossible to be objective or pick out just 20 of the most attractive women, but we’re here to give it a shot.

20 Kaitlin Barnaby (Season 15)

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Kaitlin Barnaby showed up during season 15 of Big Brother. She’s a Midwest girl who’s quite easy to look at and described herself as tenacious and analytical. She was a bartender before becoming a houseguest, but she had a bit too much good in her to win: she wanted to donate her winnings to a charity, had she won. She was afraid of spiders, the dark, and dying alone.

19 Amanda Zuckerman (Season 15)

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Also on season 15 of the show was Amanda Zuckerman, another successful looker, this one from Long Island, New York. The gorgeous houseguest was single— which was very important— a real estate agent, and she knew she was sexy. With curves like hers, it’s hard to deny. She looks great in a bikini, but the photos are a little risqué without her even trying. That being said, she also looks good in this smart business getup.

18 Becky Burgess (Season 17)

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Becky Burgess was a houseguest from Colorado who was very competitive and an outdoorsy type, which makes sense given her upbringing. She loved weightlifting, soccer, and hiking, and took season 17 by storm. She was strategic and came across as the girl next door, which worked in her favor. By season 17, however, people knew to beware of girls like Becky, and she ended up so emotional that she was a bit of a wreck.

17 Bronte D’Acquisto (Season 18)

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Bronte D’Acquisto looked sweet and innocent, and she was very smart (a calculus expert), which made her very… calculating. Having brains included in the package makes Bronte even better looking, but her book smarts weren’t enough to do well in season 18 of Big Brother. She aligned with the wrong people and placed 14th, which isn’t great. Street smarts outweigh book smarts in this show, unfortunately.

16 Nicole Franzel (Season 18)

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Nicole Franzel was a super cute girl in season 18 who loved watching sports, coffee dates, and cuddling. She was pretty darn basic, but it didn’t matter because she was so cute and easy to get along with. She ended up winning season 18, in fact, by taking on all the liars and beating them at their own games! She took ideas from previous seasons and flew under the radar, allying with the right people, and her innocent looks helped her along the way.

15 Tiffany Rousso (Season 18)

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Tiffany Rousso was a hottie from season 18 that was incredibly attractive, but with a natural beauty that was different from her peers. She was tatted up, her sister participated in season 17 (which gave her an edge), and even though she only ended up coming in 13th place, she did win the only Roadkill competition of the season. She’s a high school teacher who’s into wakeboarding and playing guitar. Her ties to a previous Big Brother houseguest ended up being her downfall.

14 Paola Shea (Season 16)

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Paola Shea didn’t do well during season 16 of Big Brother, which is hard to believe considering the “shorty” seemed to have all the right ingredients for success on the show. She was a DJ, a Maxim magazine model, and she knew how to play the game. But she tried too hard to be something other than herself, and it showed, which ultimately made her finish in 15th place.

13 Liz & Julia Nolan (Season 17)

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The producers at Big Brother struck gold when they found these twin sisters, Liz and Julia, for season 17. Julia didn’t do well, but Liz ended up the runner-up for the season. She stayed low-key and won as many competitions as possible, while Julia was a bit louder and drew more attention to herself. Winning competitions means you can’t be voted off, so it’s a good strategy to win as many as you can. Either way, the two hotties look incredible together.

12 Victoria Rafaeli (Season 16)

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Seasons 15 through 18 had some of the most sizzling Big Brother houseguests of all time, and Victoria Rafaeli was definitely a standout from season 16. The self-described “exotic” gal was the most nominated houseguest in Big Brother history, and she didn’t get eliminated until near the end, thanks to staying low-key and quiet for the most part. She finished in 3rd place. She was into belly dancing, but didn’t utilize that skill nearly enough.

11 Sophie Reade (UK Season 10)

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The UK version of Big Brother had some incredibly good-looking women, too, mostly pin-up-looking models with ridiculous curves, such as Sophie Reade. Just check out that bikini shot, and that’s without her trying to look like a glamour model (which she does very well). Sophie was the winner of season 10, after she parlayed her spread for Playboy into her success. She got sexy with another houseguest, changed her name to Dogface (making her more popular), and also dated Man City player Mario Balotelli.

10 Saskia Howard-Clarke (UK Season 6)

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The UK had another strong female presence in Saskia Howard-Clarke. By season 6 of the show, it was understood that getting lewd with other houseguests was a sure way to sway viewers’ opinion in your direction. Saskia hooked up with Maxwell, maintained a relationship, and when they had an elimination round against each other, she won. After Big Brother, she appeared in some small films and launched a modeling career.

9 Samantha & Amanda Marchant (UK Season 8)

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Identical twin sisters, Sam and Amanda Marchant (or “Samanda” as they were known,) were a female duo who achieved 2nd place in UK’s season 8 of Big Brother in 2007. They were both incredibly cute and sexy, but they were more than that too— savvy, smart, and they knew how to play the game. That’s why they did so well. They appeared in several “naughty” photoshoots that also helped their popularity. After Big Brother, they had a rather successful stint as musicians.

8 Angela Rummans (Season 20)

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Angela Rummans did well in season 20, finishing in 4th place. She was considered the villainess of the season, and a member of the dominant Level Six alliance. She formed some good relationships that helped her out, and ended up winning the Power of the Veto to ensure her own safety until the end. She was one of those girls who was incredibly attractive, but also snooty and mean, which can be a big help in a show that plays off people’s deceitfulness.

7 Holly Allen (Season 21)

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Holly Allen was a ridiculously good-looking houseguest in season 21 who ended up as the runner-up of the season. She was known for her showmance with Jackson Michie and for her relationship with Kathryn Dunn. She was pretty low-key and subtle in everything except the looks department, but that ended up placing her in 2nd behind Jackson, while only needing 3 votes to win.

6 Analyse Talavera (Season 21)

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Analyse Talavera, or “Sis,” was a loyal member of the Gr8ful alliance in season 21. She was a dunce-y, clueless houseguest who got by on her looks for far too long, eventually finishing in 9th place. She was evicted in week eight, which is a shame considering how crazy good-looking she was. Her showmance with Jack Matthews obviously didn’t last beyond the show.

5 Jessica Graf (Season 19)

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Jessica Graf was a Rhode Island-born houseguest who worked as a VIP concierge before showing up on season 19 of the show. She ended up in 12th, which is surprising considering how cute she was. She had a romance with Cody Nickson going on, but it eventually placed a target on both of their backs, and she didn’t add much to her alliances. She ended up getting evicted with a 7-1-0 vote, with only Cody voting to keep her on.

4 Natalie Negrotti (Season 18)

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Natalie Negrotti was a fun-loving and bubbly houseguest from season 18, which was unfortunately (for her, not for viewers) filled with a bunch of other gorgeous women as competition. Even so, she was one of the most popular contestants, often winning the most votes to win America’s heart, and ending up getting in 6th place, which is pretty good. She also looked amazing in a yellow bikini. She allied with Bronte and Bridgette to form the Spy Girls, but that didn’t work out in the end.

3 Shelli Poole (Season 17)

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Shelli Poole was a typical blonde who appeared on season 17 of Big Brother, and she ran the house, The Sixth Sense, for the first half of the game, before floundering. She ended up in 11th that year, and despite being drop-dead gorgeous, her showmance with Clay ended up being her downfall (as it often is). She was eliminated in week 7 with a unanimous 8-0 vote, a week after Clay was ousted.

2 Lisa Donahue (Season 3)

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All the way back from season 3 (which you can tell by her profile shot here), we have the absolutely stunning Lisa Donahue. She had an easy way and look about her, which ended up leading to her winning season 3 after lasting 82 days in the house and receiving 9 out of 10 votes from the jury. She was the first female winner in the show’s history. She’s also remembered for not voting her evicted shormance Eric Ouellette back into the game, which was smart because she wanted to avoid distraction and putting a target on her back.

1 GinaMarie Zimmerman (Season 15)

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GinaMarie Zimmerman was the runner-up for season 15 of Big Brother, allying herself with Aaryn early on. They became infamous for their “mean girl” act, which nearly brought them to the top. She had a strange obsession with houseguest Nick, and was often made fun of for her thick New York accent and inability to say certain words. She lost the final vote 7-2 in the end, but at least she looked good during her entire stay as a houseguest!

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