Big Brother Evictee Omarosa Dishes Dirt On Trump

Omarosa may not have won the Celebrity Big Brother competition on Sunday, but she certainly caught the attention of audiences wanting to hear all the exploits surrounding the swamp-draining efforts of White House staff. The reality TV villainess, who was briefly a communications aide as part of the Trump administration until January, managed a fifth-place finish on the CBS unscripted series, which was won by actress and director Marissa Jaret Winokur.

Omarosa, whose full name is Omarosa Manigault Newman, first caught the attention of TV audiences during the first season of The Apprentice in 2004. She competed for a plum job in the financial empire of Donald Trump, who presided over the NBC reality show. Although she didn't win, her backstabbing strategies and frequent confrontations with fellow contestants caught the attention of Trump, who asked her back for subsequent seasons, particularly on the revamped Celebrity Apprentice.


The impression Omarosa cast on Trump was the deciding factor in hiring her when he officially became President in 2017. But on Celebrity Big Brother, Omarosa revealed to her competitors that the atmosphere in the White House was anything but Camelot. The vibe she related was one of chaos and tension, not unlike a reality show environment. She claimed she felt overwhelmed by Trump's tweets, unsure of what he would do next, and felt besieged by other Trump aides who barred her from having a private audience with the President.

"Donald will tweet something, insult somebody's face," she said when she revealed one priceless nugget. "The press will be on that for three days, and we push through 16 unfunded mandates and nobody would notice."

When one contestant asked her about the future of the country helmed by the current president, Omarosa offered a glum response. "It's going to not be OK," she said. "It's not."

She also felt her race and gender were factors in the negative treatment during her tenure in Washington D.C. Stating she was the only female African-American in the White House administration, she claimed colleagues ignored her ideas and suggestions. On the day Omarosa left, the celebrity said she felt like she was emancipated, akin to being let go from a plantation.

Although press secretary Sarah Sanders revealed that Omarosa left on her own accord, rumors in the White House have been percolating that her departure was in the works for some time. Before taking the position, Omarosa was campaigning on behalf of Hilary Clinton in her bid to lead the Democratic Party. That was until Omarosa claimed a new campaign administration left her hanging once Clinton elevated her focus to run for President. When Trump came calling, Omarosa immediately jumped at the opportunity.


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