Beyoncé's Red Lacy Mini Dress Was Perfect For Valentine's Day

There's a reason that many consider Beyoncé to be a massive fashion icon for women. It's difficult, almost impossible to find any examples of the actress/businesswoman/singer dressing poorly for any event or occasion. She knows what to wear to look her absolute best. If you're one of few people who don't believe it, then this most recent example will certainly help change your mind.

As seen in InStyle this past weekend, the outfit Beyoncé wore for this past Valentine's Day was perfect for the love-themed holiday. It was a sexy red number for her date with husband Jay-Z. It was hard to look at the singer and not notice just how amazing she looked in her outfit of choice. Considering the occasion that it chose to wear it for, it's hard to argue that she didn't pick the right dress for this year's Valentine's Day date night with Jay-Z.

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The dress in question came from famous fashion designer Christopher Kane. Beyoncé's dress was a solid bright red, adorned with lace to make it even sexier. It hugged the businesswoman's curves due in large part to its skin tight, almost body con-like fit. The hemline was short and was designed in a way to show off ample cleavage. However, its fancy embroidered long sleeves balanced out the look to leave something to the imagination. Beyoncé tied the entire look together with silver bejeweled high heels, red sunglasses, and flawless yet simplistic hair and makeup.

Beyoncé had no issue showing off her amazing dress on her Instagram, where she posted more than one photo of her wearing it. Fans were quick to leave plenty of likes and comments, the latter of which were mainly positive. Most who commented couldn't stop gushing about just how fantastic Beyoncé looked in the dress she had on. Considering the fact that the singer looked amazing in it- and the fact that she decided to wear it for Valentine's Day of all occasions- it's difficult to disagree with those commenters.

Those who wish to buy Beyoncé's dress for themselves so badly can purchase it for £448 from NET-A-PORTER's website.

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