Beyoncé's Mom Shares Baby Photo Of Queen B To Celebrate Her Birthday

Beyoncé's mother took to Instagram to share an adorable photo of her baby girl for her 37th birthday.

It seems impossible to believe that Beyoncé is only 37 years old because she's been in the entertainment industry for over two decades now. However, it's all because she got her start at such a young age. After all, before she was Queen B, a solo artist absolutely slaying the charts, she was the leading singer in girl group Destiny's Child for many, many years. And by her side for all of those years was her mama, Tina Knowles, who put together the Destiny's Child girls' costumes for years on end. Who could ever forget those coordinated outfits that they'd wear on stage and on every red carpet? Thankfully, Beyoncé's style has evolved a bit since then, but we have a feeling she still turns to Tina every now and again — after all, that's what moms are for!


So, it probably comes as no surprise that Mama Knowles would want to mark Beyoncé's birthday in some way, and luckily for her fans, she did so by sharing an absolutely adorable picture of Beyoncé as a child on social media, with a totally heartwarming caption. Beyoncé can definitely seem a little bit larger than life at times, like an absolute superstar who emerged fully fabulous; it's easy to forget that she was once just someone's daughter.

While Beyoncé is generally a fairly private person who doesn't love to share all of her personal life (unless she's recording incredible songs that throw a bit of side-eye at her hubby Jay Z and Becky with the Good Hair), we have a feeling she wouldn't find fault with her mama sharing a childhood picture. After all, we're betting she'll be tempted to post a similarly adorable message for her babies as they grow up and start their careers and end up rising to the top in whatever industry they decide to pursue.

via: bustle.com

Now, we just have one question — is Grandmama Knowles willing to sew adorable outfits for her grandchildren, or is that something that was strictly for performance wear only? We bet Blue Ivy would absolutely rock one of Tina Knowles' signature creations — the woman definitely wasn't afraid to be bold!


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