Beyoncé's Entertainment Company Is Being Sued For Discrimination

Parkwood Entertainment, founded by popular singer Beyoncé, is being sued for discriminating against those who are visually impaired.

According to Entertainment Online, Mary Conner, a fan of Beyoncé who happens to be blind, claims that the official website is in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

One aim of the lawsuit is to ensure that Parkwood Entertainment redesigns its website so that it becomes far more accessible for those who are blind. However, Conner would also apparently like to go after compensation for any legally blind U.S. citizen who was subject to unlawful discrimination. What this means is that she'd like to see a fix to the problem and then a possible form of payout for the issues specific individuals had gone through.

The reason behind this idea is that Mary was on the website but found that the online store couldn't be used with screen-readers. What this means is that any visually impaired person can't technically read certain things on it since some images are not coded correctly to allow the tool to do its job. As in tell the impaired individual what's on the screen.


This isn't the only issue that was found on the website though. The suit also mentions how certain features simply don't seem to work for the visually impaired. These include the links to purchase concert tickets, merchandise, music, videos, and exclusive news.

In all of this, there does seem to be some level of good news and that's the fact that this isn't a huge deal. You see, the solution is quite simple, just find some programmers and then code the stuff that should have been there in the first place. However, where this lawsuit might hurt Beyoncé is the fact that, she'll likely need to settle and fix the issue. This means that she will ultimately have to fork out even more money in the long run, all because something was missed or overlooked in the creation of the site.

Overall, this is a unique case and is certainly going to play out in the courts in such a manner. On one hand, there's a case about certain people not being able to see a website for specific reasons. Then there's the idea that this is a private company, who may not have had an intention to do this in the first place.

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