Beyoncé Music Leaked On Streaming Platforms (But There's A Catch)

Beyoncé recently had a bit of her music leaked on the audio streaming platforms Spotify and Apple Music. There is, however, one catch, it apparently wasn't anything new.

As reported by Global News, under the name of "Queen Carter", the albums known as "Have Your Way" and "Back Up, Rewind" were seen on services including Spotify, and Apple Music. They contained unreleased songs, previously released ones and even demos.

"Have Your Way" was ten tracks long and had songs such as 'After All Is Said and Done', which was released in 1999. It also had 'Hollywood', which was released in 2006. "Back Up, Rewind" had eleven tracks. Some of those were 'Keep Giving Your Love to Me', released in 2003, and 'What It’s Gonna Be', also released in 2003.

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However, according to The Grape Vine, some music included songs that didn't make it into her other albums or unreleased tracks. There's also the fact that the music was taken down just a few hours later. This means that it may have been an error or just something that was going to be too controversial as they saw that some people may not have been happy with how it went down.

What this kind of shows is a level of recycling that isn't particularly good. You see, if the song was rerecorded or had something new added to it, this wouldn't be an issue by any means but that does not seem to be the case here. This is where the issue lies, people are often paying for these services, so, an instance like this happening, could make some people do two things. The first is to stop listening to the artist's songs, the second is just pirate the music. If these people are paying for a service and they're getting old content, they probably won't be around for too long since they are not getting their money's worth.

Despite that, Beyoncé is not the only artist to get into a little bit of a snag with the release of songs. R&B singer SZA, actually addressed how an album of her older demos popped up under the name of Sister Solana. In that case, it was titled “random scratches from 2015," so, it was more self-explanatory and obvious than Beyoncé's case.


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