18 Hot Photos Of Betty VS Veronica

When you first tuned into the first season of Riverdale, the dark TV adaptation of the beloved Archie comic book series, you couldn't help but be super impressed with how much the actors look like the characters. Archie Andrews is just as adorable and cute as you wanted him to be, Jughead Jones is mysterious and has that perfect pointy hat, and Cheryl Blossom is absolutely gorgeous. But there are two other characters that you love and that are exactly the way that you would picture them, and that's none other than Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. The girl next door vs. the bad girl is not a new thing, but these frenemies still stole your heart long ago when you were a kid and you got into the comic book series. Thankfully, on the TV show, the girls are best friends and don't seem to have much of a rivalry going on. Well, at least not yet. Here are 18 hot photos of Betty and Veronica.

18 A Dark Moment


You never see Betty in anything other than an adorable cardigan with her trademark floppy blonde ponytail, which is why this photo is such a hot one. Here, you see Betty wearing a black dress and a shiny green cardigan, which is a step up from her typical fashion look. She's got half of her hair pulled back and the rest is down, and you have to admit that she has amazing hair, so she doesn't always need to wear it in a ponytail. You're pretty jealous of how closely Jughead is holding her here, you have to be honest. You love Jughead and are definitely crushing on him, so it's safe to say that these two are totally #relationshipgoals as far as you're concerned. There's something so dark and mysterious and interesting about this particular photo. Betty definitely looks awesome and it's a pretty unforgettable look.

17 Veronica In The Diner

Hollywood Life

Just look at how perfect Veronica looks in this photo. She's got the typical milkshake in front of her (because no one in Riverdale can go to the diner without ordering a milkshake, apparently -- no, seriously, it seems like some kind of requirement of being a town resident). Her hair is perfectly straight and it's the greatest length ever. It's an in-between length. It's not super short so it's definitely not a bob, but it's not super long either. Needless to say, you wish that you had this hair. You get the feeling that Veronica wakes up every single day and her hair looks absolutely flawless. She probably doesn't even need to pull out the old straightening iron at all. She's just that naturally blessed with amazing hair. Yeah, you're a green-eyed monster about the whole thing, you can't help it. You also love seeing Veronica wear a black dress, and she's got that look down pat right here in this photo.

16 Betty In The Diner


Of course, since there's a bit of friendly (or not-so-friendly?) competition between Betty and Veronica in the beginning of the series over Archie, it makes sense that they would both be sitting in the diner looking beautiful. Here, Betty's got her typical ponytail, but you have to admit that it doesn't seem boring or overdone. You totally get why she loves this hairstyle. It works for her and it makes her look adorable and innocent. But the fact that she's wearing red lipstick in this particular photo proves that she's got a bit more spunk to her than you might originally think. She's still a sweetheart, sure, but she's not exactly as naive as you would probably guess based on the Archie comic series. She's wearing a cool light blue jean vest, and that's not something that you might picture Betty in. It's fun to see her wearing something other than her regular cardigan, that's for sure.

15 The Cheerleader


Yup, this is a super hot photo of Veronica. There's absolutely no doubt about it in your mind. You have to admit that you're pretty jealous of everything in this photo. She's got her typical flawless hair but this time, her hair is a bit wavier than usual, and you would kill for those waves for sure. She's wearing the mandated white and yellow long-sleeved t-shirt, and honestly, she manages to make yellow look really good. It can be a pretty hard color to pull off sometimes. She's also wearing yellow and white striped knee socks and manages to make those look incredibly amazing as well, so that's some serious talent. Do you look good in super high knee socks? Maybe. Maybe not. Probably not, though, because again, those are a tough thing to pull off. You love that Veronica got super simple makeup on as well and is rocking some red lipstick. It just completes the whole look.

14 Betty The Cheerleader


Hmmm, looks like the competition is heating up. While Veronica definitely looks great as a cheerleader, there's no denying the fact that Betty does, too. Betty and Veronica may be wearing the exact same school outfit -- that white and yellow long-sleeved top and black shorts --- but Betty looks pretty awesome. She mostly looks hot because it was such a surprise that she became a cheerleader in the first place. While Cheryl wasn't super into the idea of allowing her to join the squad, Veronica was all "it's her or none of us" and so Cheryl had to agree. You're so glad that she did because seeing Betty as a cheerleader is super inspiring. It just proves that you can do whatever you put your mind to, as cheesy or corny as that might sound, and that you should never give up on getting what you want or what you're dreaming of. And, yes, you can look super hot while doing it too.

13 Betty With The Good Hair


Betty looks super sad in this photo -- because she's got a broken heart, of course, but no spoilers here -- but that's honestly what makes her look even more beautiful. Funny how that works, right?! Sometimes you do look super pretty when you cry, and while that might sound a bit strange, it's honestly one of those facts of life that just can't be explained. Betty's got her hair long and out of that classic and infamous ponytail and you really are digging her long locks. Her hair is wavy but not just that -- it's absolutely perfectly wavy. It's like her hair was meant to be wavy. You could try for hours to get these flawless waves and you might not be that successful, so yeah, you're pretty envious about Betty's awesome hair. You love that she's wearing a pink dress and a lighter pink cardigan because it's just so her. Betty looks absolutely amazing when she wears pink, just like Veronica looks awesome when she wears black.

12 The Cutest Couple Ever


Yeah, you could focus on how cute Jughead looks in this picture, because he does. He totally does. And these two are definitely #goals. You can't wait to check out the second season and find out where their relationship goes next. But you also have to focus on the fact that Betty looks hot in this photo. She's all dolled up in a super fancy and elegant strapless dress and she's got her hair down but pulled back. It would probably take you a while to copy this hairstyle, but hey, you're going to try and give it your all. No one can accuse you of giving up on your dreams and it's always good to have goals, so you can totally get that done. You think that Betty looks absolutely radiant here. Her makeup is perfect, her hair is great, her dress is on point, and she's got the best arm candy ever. It all works.

11 Veronica The Pussycat


It was a happy surprise to learn that Veronica can seriously sing, and it's been even more fun to watch her perform with Archie. Veronica looks super hot dressed up as a Pussycat in this particular photo. She's got her hair long and wavy, which again you love and are totally jealous of, and she's got her usual red lipstick on as well. She's wearing a choker necklace (#90sforever) and a leopard print outfit, of course. She couldn't possibly be a Pussycat and perform without wearing that. It just wouldn't happen. If you want to be Veronica Lodge as a Pussycat for Halloween this year, no one would blame you. In fact, you're probably not the only one thinking along those lines, because this is an absolutely epic costume idea. Better yet, you can be Veronica Lodge and your bestie can be Betty Cooper.

10 Forever Young


Doesn't Betty look the picture of teenage perfection in this shot?! She's got her vanilla milkshake in front of her and her hair is up in her usual ponytail. She's wearing a pink shirt and a light pink cardigan (again, of course) and she's got super soft and natural makeup. This is such a cool photo because although it is from a show that obviously has been on the air in 2017, it's got such an old-fashioned vibe, it could honestly be from the 1950s or the 1960s. Of course, that's because the town of Riverdale is a classic, beautiful small town that hasn't changed much (or at all) since the old days. You can tell that generations of teen girls have sat in that very booth in that very diner and ordered the exact same milkshake. It's a thing. But you can tell that none of them were as beautiful as Betty Cooper.

9 Pretty In Red


If Betty looks gorgeous in light pink, whether she's wearing a causal top, a light pink cardigan, or a fancy dress, then Veronica looks amazing in red. Or maroon. The color of this dress is probably somewhere in between those two colors. Veronica looks super hot in this outfit and there are absolutely no two ways about it. She's got her hair in these amazing, epic waves that seem like they would take a long time to perfect, but then again, Veronica Lodge is so glam, she probably wakes up like that. Which makes you even more nervous of her. Which makes you hate her even more... because you love her that much. Hey, it makes sense to you. She's wearing a really beautiful red dress that has a bow in front, which is a really nice design element, and you definitely wish that you had this dress back in your closet.

8 Little Black Dress


Even though Posh Spice might have made the Little Black Dress (or LBD) a thing, Veronica Lodge is giving her a run for her money. Veronica looks absolutely awesome in this outfit with the best hair and makeup ever. You love everything about it, you can hardly stand it. You love her strong eyebrows. You love her defined cheekbones. You love her dark red lipstick. You love her cool and spiky necklace. And you definitely love her LBD, which has a low, circular scoop-neck. She's got her arms crossed over her chest which just proves how totally and completely sure of herself she is. She's more confident than most people, that's for sure, and you really respect her for that. The thing about Veronica is that she could be wearing absolutely anything (or a paper bag, as the popular expression goes) and she still looks hot. That's all because of her self-confidence.

7 Hallway Beauties


You have to be honest here: you think that Betty and Veronica look equally beautiful in this photo. It also shows that even though Veronica is wearing a pretty girly and innocent outfit -- a plaid dress with a pearl necklace and what seem to be pearl earrings -- she still manages to look pretty mysterious. She's just so elegant and glamorous and sophisticated, you can't even handle it. Whenever you need a boost of confidence, you're totally going to channel none other than the lovely and gorgeous Veronica Lodge. She's going to give you the confidence that you need to do whatever it is that you need to do. On the other hand, you have to admit that Betty looks pretty hot, too. She's got her hair in a lower ponytail than normal and you have to admit that the change is working well for her. She's wearing a really pretty flowery top too that you totally want to steal.

6 The Dance


Everyone in this photo looks so beautiful, it's kind of crazy, right?! Archie Andrews is definitely one lucky guy to have two gorgeous girls on his arm. On the lefthand side, you have Veronica looking gorgeous in a black strapless dress and what seems to be her fave pearl necklace. On the righthand side, you have Betty with her super perfect wavy hair and her pink dress. You can't really say who looks better because, honestly, they both look awesome. They prove that you don't have to think that what you wear to a high school dance doesn't matter. It totally and completely matters. They look so sophisticated, it's like they're going somewhere much more important than a silly school dance. Yup, you're big fans of these looks and you wish that you had both of these dresses in your regular wardrobe so you could wear them.

5 The New Girl

Movie Pilot

When Veronica showed up in town, she was grabbing burgers and onion rings at the diner for her and her mom... and she ran into Archie and Betty. Her arrival into town (and the diner) was pretty much the worst timing ever for Betty, who was trying to confess her undying love for Archie, who had been her best friend from practically the time that they were born. Of course, that didn't end up working out too well for her, but hey, you're still kind of shipping these two characters. You can't help it. Veronica looks super hot in this photo since she's wearing a black cape. Yes. A teenage girl wearing a black cape. A girl in high school wearing a black cape. And she's not a witch. And she's a super stylish and fashionable popular girl. Yeah, that just needed to be said. You're pretty sure that you would have gotten some pretty weird looks if you wore this get-up back in high school, but that's why Veronica is so much cooler than you (sorry, you're cool too, but you know that she's just the best).

4 Red Hot

Entertainment Weekly

Lili Reinhart, aka Betty Cooper, and Camila Mendes, aka Veronica Lodge, were photographed together and they look absolutely amazing. The 20-year-old and the 22-year-old are, obviously, super young, although they are past their high school years and have left that experience behind them (besides the fact that now they're starring on a high school show). Lili's wearing a white crop top, white shorts, and a red and white striped sporty jacket. Camila is clad in a bright cherry red skirt and a white shirt with a print of cherries on them, along with super cool pink pom-pom earrings. You're not sure if you would have the guts to wear these outfits, but you absolutely love these looks on Betty and Veronica. You're definitely on board with how awesome and color coordinated they look here.

3 Teenage Dream

Hello Giggles

When you were in high school, did you dream of being a cheerleader? Hey, maybe you actually were, but chances are, your school might not have actually had a cheerleading squad. So you were going to have to just get over it (and watch a whole lot of Bring It On for obvious and amazing reasons). Betty and Veronica look equally gorgeous in this photo since they are both in their cheerleading uniforms. They look like super pretty and popular teenage girls, and that's something that a lot of people want to be, since it's no secret that being an adolescent can be a pretty rough ride and sometimes there's nothing that you can do except get through it. You think it's kind of funny that they look so good in this outfit since it consists of a white turtleneck and then the uniform over it. Yeah, a white turtleneck. No one looks good in a turtleneck... but Betty and Veronica do. Of course they do. You knew it.

2 Bathing Beauty

Veronica would look awesome in anything, as mentioned above, and she is killing it in a black one-piece bathing suit. This is a part of a really cool storyline that Betty is also a part of, but for now, let's focus on how hot Veronica looks. What's so cool is that she has an actual figure and that you can tell that she has some curves when she's wearing this suit. It's also even hotter that she's not wearing a super skimpy bikini. She's a pretty mysterious character so she's leaving some things to the imagination, which is honestly the way that it should be when it comes to what you wear to the beach or the pool. It's okay not to wear a super skimpy bikini. Seriously, nothing bad will happen to you if you wear a cool one-piece instead. So when you choose to wear a one-piece this summer, go ahead and rock it with the confidence that Veronica Lodge has.

1 A Different Side Of Betty

TV Line

This is the number one photo on this list because, come on, this is Betty Cooper like you have never seen her before. She and Veronica team up to get revenge on the behalf of a sweet but mousy teenage girl who was the victim of some pretty immature and insulting discriminating teenage boy behavior. Betty decided to don a wig so it looks like she has black hair and bangs (which is actually an awesome look on her) and she's wearing her black lacy bra and a black skirt, plus a black choker. What's so hot about this outfit is that she's wearing something that you would expect Veronica to be in, not her. So it's unexpected, it's fun, and it's elegant at the same time. She doesn't seem like she's baring too much skin or anything like that. When it comes down to it, you can't really say whether Betty or Veronica is hotter than the other one. You love them equally and totally wish that they were your own BFFs (no offence to your actual ones).

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