Better Or Worse? 15 Celebs Who Had Plastic Surgery

It’s quite the shame that people in this day and age are so obsessed with looking flawless and young, no thanks to the unfair standards that the media and Hollywood have set on the world. Hollywood, most especially, has certainly embraced these unattainable goals, with celebrities finding any and all means to retain their looks in an industry that demands that they look good at all times and at any age. Admirable are those who try the natural route of trying to take care of their physical appearance, like sticking to a diet of fruits and vegetables, drinking tons of water, exercising every day, and probably getting facials on a regular basis.

But some either aren’t content with going about things the natural way or perhaps are too lazy to put much effort into it. Or they are in denial and don’t ever want to look like they’re aging. So they take the easy and expensive way out by visiting a plastic surgeon to get the job done. Sometimes their surgeons’ handy work is actually pretty good because the actors emerge from their procedures looking better than before. But some unfortunate ones have had their looks (and careers) ruined by plastic surgery. Judge for yourself who were lucky and who weren’t.

15 Courteney Cox: Worse


For 10 years, Courteney Cox was a fixture in our TV screens as the endearingly anal Monica Geller in the hit TV sitcom Friends. She was always beautiful, right along with her fellow female co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow. She has done several movies here and there but eventually returned to the small screen as recently divorced young mom and the town’s “cougar” in the comedy show, Cougar Town. She looked pretty good in the first few seasons of her new show and she really did the term cougar justice, but as time went by and the episodes wore on, she started looking a little different and it was clear that she had gotten some work done. She seemed to have gone overboard with the Botox, as her face looked unnaturally puffy with skin stretched tautly at the 2015 Grammys. It doesn’t help that she’s dating a much younger man either.

14 Britney Spears: Better


During her “Hit Me Baby One More Time” days, Britney Spears was a cute teenager with an enviable athletic body. But as she grew older, she put on more and more weight until she looked to have gained a little too much weight during that phase when she had her very public meltdown. Spears says she has had to work double time to get back in shape and so far, she’s been looking good. But the highly successful pop star didn’t just do rigorous dance workouts, exercises, and strict diets. She apparently went under the knife too, in an effort to look better than good. She admitted to having full lip injections for a more pouty, sultry look. It’s also quite obvious that she had some work done on her nose, as it’s smaller and more slender than her otherwise slightly rounded nose of the past. She looks a bit different and more mature post procedures, but she still looks pretty good as a whole.

13 Renee Zellweger: Worse


She captured the eyes and the hearts of many an audience member for her endearing portrayal of single mom Dorothy Boyd to an adorable little boy in the film Jerry Maguire. Renee Zellweger was nothing short of the perfect girl-next-door with her blonde hair, blue eyes, and gorgeous smile and men and women alike loved her. She was able to transcend from adorable heartbreaker to serious actress when she played critically-acclaimed roles in films like the Bridget Jones’s Diary installments, Chicago, and Cold Mountain, for which she took home an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. After lying low as of late, Zellweger resurfaced in late 2014 for an event, but was barely recognizable. Though she has never confirmed it, plastic surgery experts said she looked to have undergone Botox injections in her jaw muscles and fat removal from her cheeks, among other things. She must have done some corrective surgery to fix things and though her features are a little closer now to her original looks, she doesn’t quite look the same as before.

12 Blake Lively: Better


When Gossip Girl first hit our TV screens, the show took the (teenage and yuppie) world by storm. Turns out, the regular girl on the street loved seeing spoiled rich kids handle their first world problems while strutting around New York’s Upper East Side in their trendy, designer outfits. Arguably the biggest star that came out of the show was Blake Lively and how. She’s beautiful, sexy, a promising actress, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s married to one of Hollywood’s hottest dreamboats, Ryan Reynolds. Lively is one of those lucky people who would look good in a sack. And while her legs, considered her most striking asset, is natural, she has herself taken a trip or two to her plastic surgeon. Though she has never admitted it, the mother of two looks to have had a nose job, as it’s more slender these days than it was during her The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants days. The new and improved nose certainly becomes her.

11 Tara Reid: Worse


It’s a shame that Tara Reid was one of the many celebrities who fell victim to plastic surgery gone wrong because she captured the hearts of audiences in some pretty memorable roles. She pulled many a heartstring when she very endearingly played cutesy girl-next-door roles in coming-of-age films like the American Pie film installments and Van Wilder. Reid had so much potential to be America’s sweetheart with her blonde hair, blue eyes, and lovely figure. In 2006, she confirmed what many paparazzi photos were already indicating: that her body got messed up from bad plastic surgery work. Reid said she got a breast augmentation, liposuction, and an artificial six-pack, specifically for a new movie role. The liposuction resulted in deformity, which she tried to rectify by undergoing yet another procedure called doughnut mastopexy. She has struggled with her career since her liposuction days and sadly, she hasn’t quite bounced back from that decision to drastically alter her looks.

10 Meg Ryan: Worse


There was a time when Meg Ryan was one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and for good reason. She was aptly dubbed as “America’s Sweetheart” by some and as the romantic comedy queen by others, raking in the tills with her highly successful romantic comedy films. She starred in such box office hits as When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail. She was endearing and adorable, with her curly blonde hair, cerulean blue eyes, and winning smile. But sadly, her looks started to fade as she grew older, resulting in less roles, which most likely led to desperate attempts to stay young-looking the Hollywood way: by having numerous plastic surgeries. It’s reported that Ryan has had lip injections, face lifts and Botox injections, all of which the media took notice of when she presented at the Tony Awards in June 2016.

9 Jane Fonda: Better


She’s an institution in the business and deservedly so. Not very many actors have had the privilege of being in Hollywood for five decades, but Jane Fonda is one such legend. Born with a silver Hollywood spoon in her mouth, she is the daughter of legendary actor Henry Fonda and the sister of iconic 1960s actor Peter Fonda. The number of awards she has under her belt are nothing short of impressive: two Academy Awards, four Golden Globes, two BAFTAs, and an Emmy. At 78 years old, she looks like she’s in the prime of her life and doesn’t look at all like she’s a grandmother of two teenagers by daughter Vanessa. Fonda admitted to getting plastic surgery so she could keep up with the Hollywood mindset of eternal beauty and youth. She said that she has had work done in her eyes, chin, and neck. Her surgeon must be one of the best because Fonda looks absolutely stunning.

8 Kaley Cuoco: Better


She’s essentially one of the queens of television with her and Sofia Vergara being tied as the highest paid TV actresses for 2015, netting $28.5 million each. Kaley Cuoco is most known for her role as Penny in the long-running comedy series The Big Bang Theory, for which she has won several awards. Prior to signing on to the show, she appeared in other shows like 8 Simple Rules and Charmed, but it was for The Big Bang Theory that she was cemented as an A-lister in Hollywood, even being awarded a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The 30-year-old has been very candid about the exercise regimens she does to keep fit and she has also unabashedly opened up about getting plastic surgery. Cuoco admitted that through the years, she had her nose done and her breasts enhanced and most recently, she had a filler placed in a line on her neck. The work she has had done certainly makes her look amazing.

7 Chow Yun Fat: Better


Asians are generally blessed with naturally youthful looks in comparison to their Caucasian friends. There’s something about the Asian skin that makes them look younger than their actual years and that’s why most of the actors who have successfully been able to break into Hollywood have that natural glow. And if they do have some work done, it’s absolutely minimal to the point that it’s barely noticeable. One such example is Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat. He’s best known for films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and Anna and the King. He’s been in the film industry for several decades now and would anyone have guessed that he’s already 61? He did admit to having a little bit of work done. He said that has he grew older, his eyelids began to droop, so he did some corrective surgery on that. It certainly paid off because he looks great.

6 Kylie Jenner: Worse


Between the two half-sisters of Kim Kardashian, Kendall and Kylie, it’s the latter who looks most like the infamous reality star—but not quite so naturally. Kylie Jenner practically grew up in the spotlight, having been part of the family reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians since she was an adolescent. And since she’s been in front of the cameras almost all her life, it was glaringly obvious the way her looks changed through the years. She was a perfectly pretty girl with big round eyes reminiscent of big sister Kim’s, lovely thin lips, and a decent body with just a hint of baby fat. But as she blossomed into a teenager, she all of a sudden had poutier lips and an overly curvy body. It was her lips though, that got everyone’s attention, with everyone speculating that she had plastic surgery to get that sexy pout. She admitted in 2015 that she has temporary lip fillers because her lips were always an insecurity of hers, which is a pity because her natural lips were perfectly beautiful.

5 Victoria Beckham: Better


She is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest, not to mention the most extravagant celebrities in the world and that’s only by her own merits. Victoria Beckham first came into prominence as Posh Spice, the “sexy one” in the all-girl pop group The Spice Girls, but she made her wealth with the fashion empire she built. She’s also known for her expensive tastes and lifestyle so it’s no surprise that she has splurged to better enhance her assets and features. It’s no secret that she works out and follows a strict diet to maintain her already naturally skinny frame, but she has also undergone plastic surgery to make sure she continues to look amazing. One of the disadvantages of women who are naturally skinny is that 95% are usually flat chested too. Mrs. Beckham was quite tired of not being endowed in the chest area so she bought herself some breasts at the surgeon’s office. Then she realized they were too big, so she had them removed and she looks way better without them.

4 Megan Fox: Better


Megan Fox became every man’s fantasy when she appeared in her breakthrough role in the film Transformers and all she had to do was strut around in skimpy and figure-hugging outfits. There’s no denying that the mother of three is absolutely gorgeous and seems to be getting more beautiful with age. Many have often wondered if her beauty is all-natural and though she has denied having any work done, a timeline of photos say otherwise. She looked much changed from a photo in 2004 as compared to more recent photos. True, she may have lost a ton of weight in the past decade, which accounts for her losing her baby fat. But you can see that her nose is a little taller and her cheekbones significantly more prominent. Also, her skin looks more stretched now that she’s older as opposed to ten years ago. Nonetheless, she’s still beautiful either way.

3 Madonna: Worse


She’s not called a pop culture icon for nothing. Madonna has managed to make herself relevant for more than four decades, which is no mean feat for someone in show business, where a star can fade just as quickly as it shines. Not only does she constantly re-invent her music, but she looks pretty good for her age too. Though it’s true that the material girl looks as good as she does because of a healthy lifestyle, it’s certainly not without the help of a little plastic surgery here and there. Okay, a lot of it, if you go by her more recent photos. Madge allegedly uses Botox injections regularly and has had facelifts throughout the years. As a result, her skin is as taut and smooth as a twenty-year-old’s, her lips are fuller, and her cheekbones seem more prominent than ever before. The changes would look good if only they looked more natural.

2 Nicole Kidman: Better


Who would have thought that Nicole Kidman is a year shy of 50 years old? She doesn’t look a day over 30 and that’s not entirely without some Hollywood magic to help her out in that endeavor. She is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, with her flawless porcelain skin, bright blue eyes, and long red auburn locks of hair, not to mention her statuesque frame. She came a long way from merely being the former Mrs. Tom Cruise, getting many coveted acting roles and even winning for herself an Academy Award for her performance in the 2002 film The Hours. Many have said that one of her most desirable assets is her nose and despite her claim to never have had any work done, her nose seems to have evolved through the years. But it doesn’t matter. Her nose looks pretty good on her right now.

1 Rupert Everett: Worse


Though he has been a distinguished actor in his native Great Britain since the mid-1980s, it was in the late 1990s that the rest of the world took notice of Rupert Everett, no thanks to his role as Julia Roberts’ character’s fun-loving gay best friend in the romantic comedy hit film My Best Friend’s Wedding. His looks were always considered handsomely endearing and he has had a low-key, yet still notable career since his “I Say A Little Prayer (For You)” number in My Best Friend’s Wedding, He has also appeared in films like The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Stardust, and the Shrek sequels. It’s a pity then, that he appears to have tampered with his once-handsome face, though he has denied it. He looks like he’s had Botox with the way his skin is stretched taut across his face and his eyes look pretty different too.

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