The Top 10 YouTube Makeup Reviewers

New makeup trends and application techniques appear every year and it can be hard to keep up with this constant flux of improvement. You might even have a brand you adore, but something else out there might be even better. There are so many things you need to keep up with within this world of makeup, and luckily, there are people out there to help.

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Several YouTube Vloggers review makeup brands and showcase the best way to use them. A simple video can help you in your decision of whether or not you should branch out and try something new, or stick with the same old stuff you have had for years. Keep reading to learn about the top ten YouTube makeup reviewers!

10 Manny Mua

Manny Mua has over 4.7 million subscribers to his beauty channel and he strives to make makeup genderless. He reviews makeup brands, teaches tutorials, and showcases a variety of shenanigans that happen in his everyday life.

He has created over 100 product review videos and even has others that showcase his favorites that he is using at this very moment. People love to watch his spirited demeanor and they laugh along with him as they learn about the different products on the market.

9 Jenn Im

This makeup reviewer incorporates her favorite products that she has tested into numerous tutorials. She covers everything from New Year's Eve to bridal to drugstore makeup looks.

Her goal is to help people learn beauty and lifestyle advice through her channel, and she succeeds with these videos. Jenn is an all-around beauty queen who will prepare you to step into the world with confidence as you showcase your own unique style around town.

8 James Charles

James Charles is a master of design as he takes makeup and uses it to transform himself into an entirely different person. He has done a ton of makeup reviews, pallette reviews, and beauty battles where different brands are rated and discussed to give you the best idea of what you should buy. The way he uses makeup is unlike anything you have ever seen before as the different designs he creates are elementally artistic in their design.

7 Shannon Harris (Shaaanxo)

Her YouTube channel is called Shaaanxo, but her real name is Shannon Harris and she is a makeup reviewer from New Zealand. She reviews products that she has bought off of an app called Wish, but she also does makeup tutorials where she reveals her favorite makeup brands.

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These tutorials are very informational and help you understand the best way for beginners to jump into this illustrious world. Oftentimes she tries new products during these tutorials and reviews them as she goes along.

6 Jeffree Star

You have probably heard of Jeffree Star whether you are into makeup or not, and part of that is because he has his own line of makeup products. He does reviews of lip swatches, makeup tutorials, and even showcases his own first impressions on different brands of makeup.

Jeffree also reviews his products as he encourages viewers to buy his products due to their superiority over other brands. He listens to requests from his subscribers and reviews the products that they are most curious about.

5 Nikkie de Jager (NikkieTutorials)

NikkiTutorials is run by a woman named Nikkie de Jager and she is a makeup reviewer from the Netherlands. She has several series that showcase her favorite and least favorite brands like World's Best Series and Hits and Oh God No's.

Nikkie discusses her issues and how makeup has been used to help solve them. She even lays out the pros and cons of each type of makeup in her videos to help prospective buyers choose a product that works for them.

4 Kathleen Lights

This Youtuber has so many videos to choose from, and a large number of them review different makeup brands. You can find the best products from your local drugstore, or watch as she tests different products on herself and gives you her honest opinion of the results.

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She even has over 200 videos of tutorials where you can learn about the products she uses to pull off her signature looks and stay up with current trends. She listens to ideas from her subscribers and she uploads new videos three times a week, so you are always guaranteed a show.

3 Patrick Starrr

This makeup personality has a wild spirit that understands how to properly review different brands of makeup. He holds challenges that pit different brands against one another or he lets you know what his favorite brands are as he applies them to his own body.

You can learn about new brands and the best way to apply them through his videos which give you a new perspective on different types of makeup that you may otherwise have overlooked when you were shopping for something new.

2 Christen Dominique

This is another YouTube personality with her own cosmetics line called Dominique Cosmetics. She has videos involving makeup hacks, tutorials, and reviews of newly released cosmetics that help her viewers better understand the brands that they might have been hesitant to buy.

Her videos discuss the packaging, name, and how a product works to help you see the full picture that accompanies each product. She understands how makeup should feel and look on your skin, which is why her reviews are so highly regarded amongst other enthusiasts.

1 Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins is from Los Angeles and she has over 3 million subscribers to her channel, which is an insane number of viewers. She produces videos that showcase different collaborations, lists of her favorite products, and some that are strictly for reviewing products.

She is another makeup artist that can create works of art on her face that make for epic Halloween costumes. Her tutorials are very informative as she takes you step-by-step through each of her custom looks and describes the products she is using.

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