Ranked: The 10 Best YouTube Makeup Guru Products

Your favorite beauty gurus on YouTube are reliable experts when it comes to the latest makeup products--they'll let you know what works, what flops, what surprises, and what shocks. So, you'd think they'd be the perfect authority figures to release beauty products of their own, right?

That's exactly what many of them have done! While some have started their own exclusive beauty brands, many have opted to collaborate with established cosmetics companies in order to bring fans products that reflect their unique makeup style. Here are ten must have products from your favorite YouTube beauty gurus that you should add to your collection today.

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10 Berries and Cream Palette, Dominique Cosmetics

Christen Dominique's YouTube channel celebrated its 10th anniversary in February, and the beauty guru is finding even more success with her creative beauty brand Dominique Cosmetics.

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The Berries and Cream collection was her third launch since her brand was established in January of last year, and the color tones are both practical and playful. The Berries and Cream Palette contains a variety of whites, browns, and of course, shades reminiscent of ripe, vivacious berries. With 8 mattes, 3 shimmers, and a matte-glitter combination shade, the Berries and Cream Palette provides possibilities for glam looks all year long!

9 Moon Prism Powder, Lunar Beauty

Manny Gutierrez, known online as Manny MUA, launched his own cosmetics line Lunar Beauty in 2018 with the colorful Life’s a Drag Palette. In a little under a year, Manny has expanded the product offerings for his new company, introducing lip glosses and highlighters.

However, his new Sailor Moon inspired Moon Prism Powders have taken the internet by storm! Sold in small prismatic compacts, the 4 shades are named for planets and Sailor Scouts in the series and they work on a variety of skin tones. Fans of Manny and the anime itself will be pleased if they’re looking for a new sparkle in their makeup routine.

8 Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter, Becca Cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill’s first cosmetics collab, the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter was released through Becca Cosmetics in 2015. Reportedly, the collaboration was so anticipated that the launch sold out in a matter of hours!

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The success of Champagne Pop prompted Becca to collaborate with Hill again, leading to the Champagne Glow collection of 2016 that included a face palette, a liquid highlighter, and an eyeshadow palette. Champagne Pop is sought after to this day, and has been added as a permanent shade in Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector line.

7 Born This Way Foundation Jackie Aina Expansion, Too Faced

Jackie Aina has been active in the Internet beauty community for nearly ten years, and her call for more inclusion was finally heard by a national makeup corporation.

In 2017, Aina announced a monumental project involving Too Faced’s famous Born This Way foundation that looked to expand the number of shades for African-American users of the brand. Aina developed nine shades total, bringing the count on the Born This Way line to 35. Aina’s contribution filled a common void in the current beauty industry, making makeup more accessible to women and men with deeper complexions.

6 True Gloss, Em Cosmetics

Michelle Phan started her YouTube channel in 2007, and is considered by many to be one of the original beauty gurus on the platform. In her 12 year ascent to fame, she has garnered nearly 9 million subscribers, co-founded a beauty subscription called ipsy, and also launched her own cosmetics line!

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True Gloss was cited by Refinery29 as one of the must have lip products of 2018 for its “texture and longevity.” There are 12 shades total in the True Gloss collection, and at only $20 a pop, beauty lovers can flaunt their favorite shades with minimal stress on their bank account.

5 Jeffree Star x Morphe Brushes, Morphe Cosmetics

Jeffree Star announced his unique makeup brush set in February 2019 after previously expressing his admiration for Morphe on his channel.

The seven-piece set included brushes for eyeshadow, contouring, highlighting, foundation and more, and sold out the same day they were initially released to the surprise of absolutely no one. Star also released a set of three beauty sponges, perfect for contouring and applying concealer below the eyes. The coveted brush set is currently sold out after a second restock on Morphe’s site, and looks to be one of 2019’s top beauty collabs!

4 Huda Beauty New Nude Palette, Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty is one of the biggest corporations to spawn from a YouTuber. Headed by guru Huda Kattan, Huda Beauty has grown remarkably since its launch in 2013, and the New Nude Palette is one innovative product that fans love!

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The New Nude Palette reinvents the typical “nude” color scheme by including more vibrant pinks, pastels, and beautiful shimmer shades to liven up your makeup routine. The shadows are meant to blend together to create possibilities for both day and night looks, an adaptable palette that avid beauty lovers are sure to adore for its versatility.

3 Jaclyn Hill Palette, Morphe Cosmetics

Riding off the success of her previous collab with Becca, fans knew something more was in the works for Jaclyn Hill, and 2017 brought them what they had been anticipating!

The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe collaboration was revealed by Hill on her YouTube channel after almost 2 years of working on the project. The palette boasts 35 pigmented shades, and includes a wide array of neutral and bright colors. The Jaclyn Hill Palette was released to universal acclaim, and was sold out twice on Morphe’s site within an hour!

2 James Charles Palette, Morphe Cosmetics

James Charles has taken the beauty community by storm these last few years with his innovative and artistic take on makeup. When the James Charles x Morphe collab was announced in late 2018, his fans were definitely sister-shook by the news!

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The James Charles Palette is equipped with a rainbow of colors, perfect for creating everyday looks or something a bit more edgy. James Charles x Morphe has sold out a number of times already, and looks to be one of Morphe’s biggest successes thus far.

1 Blood Sugar Palette, Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Hi, how are ya? Jeffree Star has been changing the beauty industry since the 2014 launch of his company Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and it’s safe to say that no other product delighted makeup enthusiasts as much as the Blood Sugar Palette.

Released in Winter 2018 as part of the Love Sick Collection, the palette contains a number of vibrant red shades, plus a variety of other bright colors, shimmering metallics, and muted nudes perfect for experimenting. The pressed pigment palette was so successful that it led Star to create Blue Blood, a “sister palette,” that was released earlier this year in March.

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