The 21 Best Supermodel Selfies Of 2019 (So Far)

Supermodels– despite facing immense pressure to fit into societal, patriarchal standards imposed upon the way they should look, the weight they should maintain, and the standard of beauty they should reach– are beautiful. If anything, their beauty lies in their graceful ability to fit into those unreasonable, sexist standards.

There is a lot of vanity in being a model of any kind, but that's not a bad thing. The whole point is that you are beautiful, and you're showing the world that you are beautiful. So, every good model loves a good selfie. Let's take a look at some of the best supermodel selfies of 2o19 (So Far).

21 Irina Novikova

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There's nothing more fabulous than a candid selfie like this, out in the open, in public, while out and about during the day. Here specifically, it's just flawless with the beautiful Irina Novikova, a supermodel who is clearly well up to the task of being just that: a super model.

20 Alexis Ren

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With eyes that beckon, an expression that begs you to bring yourself to her, and a perfectly manicured hand gently tugging at her plump lips, this selfie feels like the full package, but is still just a picture of her face. That's called art. That's called talent. Everything about it is sublime.

19 Anna Speckhart

via coveteur.com

Messy, wind teased hair is always a plus for a supermodel, and somehow it often looks graceful, elegant, and so very enticing. Here, Anna Speckhart is a living breathing example of how effective such a look can truly be. The puffy clouds and blue sky reflect in her wide eyes. Magnificent.

18 Ashley Smith

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Furry coats with fluffy hoods are a classic look for models and regular folk alike, and here is Ashley Smith effortlessly pulling off her winter wear with a stunning look on her face. Those chapped puffy lips, and wide green eyes could swiftly strike the heart of anybody like lightning.

17 Diana Maleson

via elysianglam.com

Sometimes a selfie includes so much more than just a face and a smile, but a look at the entire body. Like in the case of this beautiful model, Diana Maleson, who is clearly in the fittest shape of her life, and wants to show herself off. We're thankful for that.

16 Lilac Shirt Is Stunning

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The outfit is key, and a lilac crop top like this one around a tight skinny waist is a winner, there's no doubt about that– and she knows it too. Her hair, the choker, and her jawline make for a stunning supermodel photo, unrivaled by any and all. Beautiful, and she knows it.

15 Just Do It

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Bathroom selfies are always a little bit low class, but when you're a supermodel living an "influencer" lifestyle like this supermodel is, there's nothing trashy about it at all. Especially with that rockin' body and outfit. The classic stance, and everything about her really, make this a great selfie. Talk about top of the list.

14 J Skriver

via coveteur.com

The sultry bedtime selfie is, when done properly, a photo that could level any man or woman, and this one taken by model J Skriver is one of those photos. Her emerald green eyes and hair hang mysteriously over her face to draw you in– and the pillow over back is so enticing.

13 Jasmine Tookes

via eonline.com

When a model is feeling it, they're gonna take a selfie. We all do it. And here we can see that Jasmine Tookes is feeling it, hence why she took a stunning selfie like this one. Even though there's a strange cluttered background, it's hard to look at anything else but her.

12 So Glossy

via coveteur.com

Her face and glossy eyes are beautiful, her beanie is perfect– that smile, the full frontal angle– it's all a fabulous combo that makes for a beautiful and alluring selfie, the kind of selfie that makes it on this list because it's so mesmerizing, so beautiful, so alluring, and hypnotic in every single way.

11 Karlie Kloss

via vogue.com

It's hard to look so poised, beautiful, and graceful while at the gym and in full splits at that, but somehow this talented model by the name of Karlie Kloss does just that. She's flexible, coordinated, fit, and downright beautiful. She's the full package, there's no doubt about that one.

10 Alla Kostromichova

via coveteur.com

There are a lot of incredible models that hail from Russia. There's something about the women who come from Russia that make them so incredibly beautiful, especially the supermodels like Alla Kostromichova. Here, Alla Kostromichova is posing herself for a flawless, fab, & fleek selfie in the moody monochrome sunshine.

9 But First, A Selfie

via papers.co

This supermodel is such a super model that not only is she taking a perfect and beautiful selfie with her phone that captures the finest details of her neck and face, she is also in the middle of a photo shoot, being documented in her perfection as she takes the perfect selfie.

8 Fleek Brows In The Car

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With a perfectly make-up covered face, this girl is about as glitz and glam as it can get. With her hand up in classic girl selfie mode, she is stylish and poised with crazy detailed eyebrows on fleek to boot. She knew she had to take a selfie, and she knew she was absolutely gorgeous.

7 Aquamarine Lace

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Frame it up perfect. This girl, dressed to the nines in beautiful, soft aquamarine lace with full makeup, hair, and jewelry, knows how to frame herself in a shot, with her face on full display, exactly where it needs to be. It's a talent, and this supermodel is so very, very talented.

6 Skriver At It

via coveteur.com

J Skriver has some seriously techno glasses on, the kind of crazy shades that only a supermodel could pull off, and boy does she pull them off, too. They frame her perfect face, cheekbones, lips, and hair, effortlessly matching her face, as any true model will know how to work what they got.

5 A Pair Of Perfection

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When having your photo taken all day as part of a massive production that celebrates and applauds the male gaze, the patriarchy, and all that symbolizes the objectification of both women & beauty standards, what better way to relax than to take another picture? This time, a selfie with your mate in the sunshine.

4 Alena Blohm

via coveteur.com

There's nothing quite like snapping that perfect selfie, one with a dark background set behind a face resting in perfect relief against the contrast. Especially when the figure in question is one Alena Blohm, a beautiful model in all respects. Show her some respect. She's earned it, she deserves it.

3 At It Again

via coveteur.com

A black and white selfie is often a great choice for showing off and placing an emphasis curves or a magnificently sculpted face. Here, Alena B is at it again with her beautiful hair framing her face, eyes, lips, and soft yet sultry expression. Selfie game is strong with this one.

2 Vintage Beauty

via pinterest.de

This is just a filter, but it's an effective and alluring one, one that allows for this model to pose for a selfie while looking like a mysterious siren from a distant, ancient time where analog photography reigned king. The black and white just highlights her best features as a model.

1 Beautiful Devotion

via sk.pinterest.com

Most supermodels aren't allowed to have tattoos. Whoever decided that rule was probably a man, and imposed it across an industry designed to objectify women. But this woman doesn't listen to that kind of nonsense, and is instead drop dead gorgeous, rocking all of her tattoos– even a face tattoo.

Sources: Coveteur, Elysian Glam & Vogue

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