10 Best Red Carpet Looks from the Avengers: Endgame Premiere

This week was a big moment for fans of the MCU. The premiere of Avengers: Endgame which was held in Los Angeles brought together most of the biggest stars from all of these films. This movie is the culmination of over 11 years of films, and it’s likely to be the biggest, most emotional Marvel film yet. The stars were out in force to talk about their experience being part of the MCU and to work some looks while doing so.

While all of the celebrities on the purple carpet for the premiere looked great, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the best looks.

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The theme of the night overall seemed to be shiny and sparkly. Many of the women and even a couple of the men had some element of shine, sparkle, glitter, or sequin to their outfit.

This is likely in response to this being a big celebration and also that part of the movie will likely take place in space. Elizabeth Olsen wore this dark teal sparking dress with a deep neckline. She looks stunning and happy in the outfit, and her new bangs and subtle makeup pull the entire look together nicely.


While for the most part the men were more subdued in their looks, as is usually the case, many of them worse colorful suit jackets. Sebastian Stan looked handsome in this simple, light blue suit jacket. The color really made his blue eyes pop, and the classic white shirt look underneath was simple but very effective.

It’s always enjoyable to see men wearing outfits that aren’t just the traditional white suit, and many of the Marvel men didn’t disappoint by adding in color to their outfits for the night.


Scarlett Johansson, who plays the only female member of the original six Avengers in the MCU, was also here for the sparkly theme. This dress was covered in sparkles and has a sleek silhouette. Scarlett’s whole look came together well, and the standout piece on this outfit is the hand jewelry she is wearing inspired by the Infinity Stones.

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It’s definitely time for the Avengers to take back the stones from Thanos and win the day again, and Scarlett reminded everyone that women in the MCU aren't here to play around.


It’s safe to say that the internet pretty much adores Chris Evans. He’s a handsome, sweet guy who loves his dog and plays Captain America, so it’s easy to see why. On the purple carpet, he also wore a more colorful suit. The suit itself was a blue color with button up mint colored shirt underneath.

These colors look great on him with his hair, skin, and eye combo. He’s definitely been wearing a lot of blue suits lately, like the blue velvet he wore to the Oscars, and the look definitely suits him. If Avengers: Endgame is his last movie in the MCU, he at least attended this event in style.


Tessa Thompson is definitely a celebrity who has her own unique sense of style. Many of her looks are a little more eclectic or edgy, but she can also do classic well. Her Endgame premiere look was a mix of elegance and edge.

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This black dress had cut out pieces as well as small details of deconstructionist looking colors and patterns. She looked great in this outfit, and she definitely went a different route than many of the looks other celebrities had for the night.


Letitia Wright has definitely come into the spotlight quickly after her breakout role as Shuri in Black Panther. If you follow her Instagram, she is quite the fashionista with a broad range of looks that range from very feminine to more androgynous.

She shows that women can rock a suit here in this shiny look. The cut-off pants add some visual interest to this look, and her short, slightly edgy hairstyle is the perfect compliment. Letitia seemed glowing in this super badass look.


Chris Hemsworth is another one of the men who was all about a blue suit. His suit was mostly all blue with some black details added in.

The suit had a paisley pattern that added visual interest, and it’s always exciting to see men wearing more than just a solid color suit. He even added a few rings to finish off the look. The suit definitely complimented him and was a great color.


Taika Waititi is a delightfully strange celebrity with an eccentric style and delightful personality. He came to this purple carpet event to have fun, and he also did so with a lot of flash.

As the director of Thor: Ragnarok, it’s clear he has a great sense of humor, and last night was no exception as you can see from this video. He also wore a lavender suit, a color not often seen in men’s fashion. He looked great in it, and it was fun to watch him having an awesome time.


Robert Downey Jr. really kicked off the MCU as we know it with his role as Iron Man in the first Iron Man film. This might also be his last movie, and RDJ isn’t going to let his last premiere go without adding a lot of flash and style. He wore a black suit but with a twist.

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The suit was covered with shiny silver material, making him one of the few men that went along with this theme. He also wore his signature colored lens glasses and finished off the look with an Iron Man inspired ring.


Brie Larson’s role as Captain Marvel is one of the most recent additions to the MCU, but she has already had a big impact. This character will likely have a big part of the franchise going forward, and Larson is clearly embracing this. She looked stunning in this simple, silky lavender dress.

The dress was fairly simple but was pulled together perfectly by her gently wavy hairstyle. Just like Scarlett Johansson, she also wore jewelry modeled after the Infinity Gauntlet. As Captain Marvel will likely play a big part in helping defeat Thanos, the jewelry was especially fitting.

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